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SUBJECT: Procurement of Additional Aircraft and Crew RE: 8)

Investigation indicates that an additionalbe procuredharter arrangement at aner month. It is possible to lease thisthe nameleared broker and either subleaseicticious firm

or use in the name of the cleared broker. Security would be the determining factor regarding the leasing arrangement which should be used.

addition to theonth which totalsfor the period desired plus an0 to restoreto its former condition after Agency sterilisation has It will be necessary for the Agency to be liable forcost of the aircraft in the event of operational loss onas maintaining commercial insurance on the aircraft woulddetails which is undesirableecurity standpoint. The usual

sale value7 in good condition is soeevhere0 depending on the individual aircraft.

is also investigating the possibility of obtaining athe Air Forceoan basis. Should this prove feasible, therunt is estimated that this sum would bereplace the aircraft to Air Force standards after our sterilization.

h. Procurement of the stand-by aircraft will cost somewhere0 for the period desired if an option is obtained on the commercial market. However, it is felt that arrangements can be made with the Air Force for the use of an aircraftmergency basis with little or no cost involved.

Information obtained to date Indicates that the crew situation does not pose too great problem. It ls considered feasible to switch one of the Cat. pilots to first pilot on thef and utilise the combination Crewo-piloto-pilot on the third aircraft. ould require the recruitment of one additional co-pilot. However, this would notroblem as AHD haa an individual on tap who may be used provided his clearance can be expedited. Further action is being taken to procure one additional crew chief through the channels utillted in procuring the combinationo-pllot.

Therefore, ln view of the above, it is believed that LINCOLN requirement can be handled without tooifficulty.


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