Created: 4/1/1954

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OBJECTiyai To oreato propaganda effeot of possibility Soviet subs are oaohlng arms in Hicaragua*for fifth column porpoaaa, thaa aubatantiating danger of Corssunlsn ln Central America,

COROIlARIt a) Sobseqaent to above and at appropriateimilar expose of Soviet snail eras oaohc will be arranged in Guatemalaame kite end arms aa above, thue providing further Bubetantlatlon Soviet snuggling of eras ln Central lmorlca.

b) Both exposes provide reasonable explanation hov STNCARP received its Soviet srma enabling use of the allegation said srma originated fron oonflecated CP aaches.


Step Twoi TjTtppti)

rumora from Panama that U.aval


aqthorltjeauhw nff Wtmt. Coast Central America. Thle should be preceded by releases ia Mexico. Salvador and Panama, that sob-sightings had been reported. All articles should be re-played in each of the other countries.

Cache ssvsral kits already prepared for burial in PBSUCCESS program. Theeo kite would be buried withknowledge to noo-KUBAM peraonnel andits on the coast bearing sone possible resemblance to that of the photo. Sketches and recovery data to be prepared.

Sub photo released byQ Jto local press with story he hsd obtained ltiearaguan fisheraan in past week. Further that he hsd requeetedof tho photographer.

Ji^iBfiRas otory with photographs of caching. Story explains how upon interrogation of photographer he had placed approximate location of sub when photo taken and lied nottoed snail boat being taken Investigation of area asarby revealedIn sand which lead to discovery of oaohe site. Recovery of site should bs done by fllcaraguan police acting on tip as shove, unwitting persons would then be witness to uncovering and opening of kits, photo's, eye witness accounts, etc.

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- 2 -


bOUt danger

T April) of SorTat laAnariaa aa being raal

apropoa above and nndoubtedly GonnunintB eloenhsre aaro receiving arna thia Manner.


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