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ta Quetosala City

The GufttoGuyoonniitu of four organisational Ouot City A, Ouat City b. Ouot City C, and Ouat, fX, aw, and Kt aootore of uaaejaeala City reapectively, Tho coordinating ataff ooneiatc of Mej, Ollva. MaJ. Qoloolea, Capt. Julio Garcia, Col. Marco Soto, and Capt. Antoclo Mootoaagre. Tbotaff baa aooaaa to tho first TOO and la equipped1 to Junta-Croup and two Handy Talklos to each Sector civilian i Instruction* on consolidation and Inter-eoetor support will ba paaaod froaroup viaathod. Reeupply for any eeetorU unit oan ba arranged via thifi aathod. Inforootioo on the overall outer id taction will ba paaaoda aathod. Consolidation instructions will ea iasuad la accord with tba sd salon aeaignad each eeetor la the followlnf operational plans. Tha signal for tho entire operation will ooananeo with tho action of BLOOM teea whiab is to occurouray. Tbe ooordlnetlng ataff will lnaure that all aaotora coordinate, tha sequence of which will occur aa follows i

ll garrison CALUQIIU: loadora act. ooaao toallut.

a. 0 BLOOM (froa Guat City D) acta.

C At BLOOM signal or0 (whichever ocourdaeam froa Ouat Citycta to cut railea at aoln avltch

D. Batwaso BLOOM signal aad BLOOM tlae pluslnutaa tho two wireaa froa Ouatad one wire ecttar taaa froa Ouatct

BLOOM tlao plotlnutaa enbIron Coat Cityeabfroa Ouat City C) will act againet tha twostations

F. 0 the throe power cutting teaa* (two from Guatnd one froa Ouat City A) will act to out tho city power.

factor operational plans follow.

- Guatonala City General Maff

a. ay

1. i-IG* IS androup

a* Through out-out to first RRQ. FJtO sends to baoe radio oUtlon which releyr tbo neacage to CAUIOUUS and the Junta-Group. Bono Radiotlon willwanty-four bour open circuit to receive all PRO anssagro. RRO willegular eohedJo to rooolvo inooalng Baoo Radiood neesagee. 'XTTH ay the RXO will oeeae eendlrg aadtay-behlnd operator. Ptaff shouldlaodeotiM aaana of ooRtaotlog tho RRO la tba ovont hit earrteea are rw,uiredater data.

Staff to Oaat,

a* Staff to oourier to out-out to oourier to Ouat,.

b. Al torn to aaaaa ofthrough oaotbar eat of oourlere and out-outo.

haargnmj coarualcce by paraonal aasaangai dlreot to Oootf.

5. Staff to Oaat,.

Staff to eourlar to cut-out to oourier to Ouat,.

b. Al tomato ac&na of ooaamloatlon through another aet of couriers and out-outa.

Daarfionoy ooBaunlontions by pcrecnel nescerger dlreot to Ouotf.

fi. ar

to CAlilOOtlS aad Junta-Group,

a- Flrat TRO worke directly with the Ooatoaala City General Staff, Ho sends to tho oaoe Radio Station which relays toand tbe Junta-Group, TRO willwenty-four hour radio guard during tho orlod of aotlon to rooolvo all :iooaing nesoagoa, Uaeo Radio Station will bo on duty twenty-fouray to relay any nssowi tho -SO ooada.

to Ouht,

a, Tho TRO laandy-TaLVy and will bo ablo to courajnloeto direct to lo counterpart with Ouat,.

b. tbe !iaj<dy-?alxy bcooue inoperative tbe itaff win ooxsunioate with Ouet City, Uj# and DJ by ooioier.

3. 3Uff to Goat,.

TECdelky end vUlto fnarimletite direct to In counterpart with,.

the liendy-Talk beooDs Inoperative tbeooaaatnloeta with Oust

indicator Message.

1* On receipt of thle east coco, "laa Hujerea de tote pals aoa eeaaMentey radio aassage the Ottateemla City onoamnd will knoway ie one day hence0 hours. For eaaaple. if thia aemeaee is reoolvad by the radio operator between 0X10 onay la0 oo Tnureday. unt be oerteln to noto on the nessage the ascot tlae at vhlch bo received It.

Visual signal.

1. Thle signal will be by the organiser to paea to garxisoa leader and elledaro. ignal mmm will bo diopetohad to eaoii scoter and all target areas to aot. Mgnel wjM have aane tisdng at, FW5 swiaaaco. lU not know eignlfl-oanoe of act. when signal has been eot&blishod in each oa*e, the sanaarignftl will be included In Attaobawmt 1.

Bequest for aerial re supply.

1. If additional supplies of eras and csulreatet are needed

by any or tho four Oufltoaala city tactical unite tl ay Will request the nooseerryfroa the General Staff vhc will aneage for an aer1*1

The staff will have two white clothnd ana rod cloth panel each acavurlng three feet by fifteen feet.

b. Ourlnc tho hours of daylight the Df will bs taaasMtaal by esiing the correct signal for the day with the cloth panele. During th* hours cf dhrkaesf six lights spaced thirty feat apart uill be usedo tha coiroct signal.

c. ndicotod b; uue of thoel lm.tead of correct white during ciey-ighteti ineteod of correct tdx lighto at night.

<1. citjial pbraee for Baatewla City la "Vievo ndefonao luto." The sl will be narked by making the first letter of one of those word* with thonel* or tho el*r "U" tboiio lettero will be used In tho following cequenooj

is *V"

le "I"

is "V

is "V

io "I"


ply recjuoat vTocedure la ae follows*

City to Base Radiol

Ouateuala City aa.le for re-oupply by date. Seats signal for thor "luto.*

Requests DZ and laterrmto by grid ooordloatea and description of reference land corko. Rouueate needed iteaa.

Gives oeortwee, location, known ctrength encsry,

Radio to Guateaalo Cltyi

Conflraa doto orfeasible alternate Nasou tins or tugges i> fcooible alternate. GlTfes number of bundles. Conflraa DZ and eigne!.

of rre-paclod aerial re-eupply bundloo.

1) Bundle "A"

Bama2da Sam easerog grenadesbs 1STt tie*rollocketon-oloctrlc bloctlng capo

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