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Enclosed herewithranslstlon ofletter to CALLI0ERT3

announcing his resignation fron the Junta and the Group, as wellopy ofItself, Enclosed alao ore two contact reportseworanmtthe letter which explain the clrcunetancea whloh surrounded


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Att. Al Tranalatlon oftopril

Att. fii opy of the Utter In Spanish

Att. Ci Meaorandun for th* Record: Ccoaents of Francis T. hTXXJS 00

letter toprilD: opy ofto Francis T. MILKED,

Att. Ei Contact Report 5ci C ranole T. HTUtFSiHealth.


Att. F: ContactFrancis T.isit of MYLKES

at home-




My very dietlnguiohod PANCHO i

romised you in ny letterent yon these letters In order to enlarge upon my reports of my trip snd of those other matters which are of concern to our endeavors.

1. Viait to MEXICO

CAs too nust know, the Front* Popular Antlcosruniata Hexicano,irect, intends toarge Continental Intl-Commmnist Congress st the end of this easing May. onferred at length with these people shout its organisation, its plans, proposals snd They are very optimistic but lack the necessary resources. They hops toelegation made up of representatives of organisations from this country, Canada and Mexico, especially workers, for the purpose of having this delegation visit tho other Amerioan countriestrong propaganda campaign. This task inclodes conferences, interviews, articles for the press, speeches for the radio, distribution of pamphlets, etc. Then contacts with the anti-coraamnlat organisations of each country In order to discuss the Issues and to determinenions. Thoy asksd my personal collaboration in integrating within this delegation on element of our own for the purpoee of orienting the situstlon with regard to our country and ofavorable climate for our plane.

upon returning from this mission, the Congress will be celebrsted In the city of Cnernavaca, Morelos, with an attendance of approximately SO delegates, among them five American, ex-ambassadors who lived andtheir duties in lands controlled by coesranlRm. The Directors. of the Frente) and Lie. Etequiel PADTJ1A, ex-Minister of Relations snd Chief of the Mexican Delegation at the Rio do Janeiro Conference, are in charge of preparations for the Con prase. An extensive propagandawill be carried out in the press and radio for the purpoee ofthe motives, aims and propoeale of the Congress.

eceived news of the friends referred to above, informing ms thet Uc Congress will be helday and that they are sending me the announcement of the Conpross and tho agenda. They also asked se for imnodiate and urgent financial cooperation for this event. Allave turned over to Our Friends for their consideration.

It Is ny opinion that the Congress will not accomplish anything and that the Important thing Is that we ba Riven all tbe aid which wa need for our endeavors and once these are consummated, we oan contribute in an effective

manner to combat comnunlum. ave neither hope nor enthusiasm for each en event. tho Congress). In the eventecision Isill immediately inform you in order to prepare ouras well as the material we most present.


conferred at length with Don Florenola AVILAvisited, according to the account whioh he gave ne. He toldhe haderies of articles about our country andand that you had approved his plans to go to the North andcampaign in our behalf. Hie Invitation was to meet hin in

Now fork where he could place ne in contact with valuable. will aid us and are sympathetic with ouropresentatlvos of powerful labor organisatlone are among thosefeferred to. We must pay hie ezpsnsosroposed monthly salary which he fixed0 dollars. nasdlately Informed Our Friends of this. Ky personal opinion is that we must not cooperate financially in the venture which this emissary advocates. o not believe In the effectiveness of the endeavor and,ave related in connection with theonsider thst there sre other alms to be pursued. AVILAi- Seereterio de Relaciones of the Frente Popular Antlcomunlsta Hexicano.

regard tox have brought awayoplnloni hereat admirer ox you and is dtpoared toand materially. eslgnatedC

JAnd of theronto j. We calculated the expenses of we newspaper, makinr.eekly edition, with on accounting or description of every item andirculation0 copies, amounting to the sun0 dollars no-.thly. Of true0 Mexican pesos will be set aside as his uersonal fee for, in effect, in order to run the newspaper and the organisation he will havo to dispense with Lis other work fron which he obtains the money noceaGury to live.

The office will be organisedudget well adapted toof the indispensable.umble office, which isroutes for the introduction af *ee nevs/ajtevGuatemalastudied; we decidedvisit the

frontier in order to renew contacts and investigate the concentration of Coasminlst elements in that place.

The orientation of theronto ) has beenths principal overt theae beinp. an attack upon the Coadtede Guatemala with the intent ofem atate whetherfriends of the Communistriends of the Thisad the pleasure

ol reading the firot article tbat lie urota on thia theao. The attack vlllonstant one which, without being personal in its criticism, vlll still try to oblige intellectuals like tbe Rector of the Univoraldad Autonoma and thinkers like VASCONCKLCS, CASO and others,who are not eaamunists, to be receptive polemically andeappraisal. Of course the neve paper will follow our propaganda lines In other natters In order to arrive at collaboration in that coordinated form in which we are carrying on this campaign.

haveemorandum which contains my ideas on

ths Mexican national press, the politics of the government, the forces of the labor organizations which are sympathetic to our cause, the religious organisations which we can count on in an emergency, the position and attitude of tbe Comite Pro-Liboraclon de Ouatcmala and their developing campaign whichoBtile to our groups, the force and organisation of the Frente Popular Anticoraunista Mexicans, etc.all that it can do to aid us and all that lt can" do to prejudice us. The next atep now is that, knowing tho true situation and knowing atlll more thewe can countJflnd the publicity which we can rouse, we must plan our, work for the purpose of neutralising the contrary forces and developing practical, precise, and effective activities. All this information ls now to be found in the hands of Our Friends for dietrosslon* of our action, upon my return to BINCOLM.m now at my hoafe recouperatingancreatic attackuffered oo my journey.

alta^Pro-Iibera:loD ls actually made up of no morepersons and directed bynd la engagedaskour interests within our own land. These people, whocontact withrepresent the very past

Sjffjainst which tho people rose onh ol* October. The civil militarydisplaced then and placed them in the situation in which they find themaelves today; they continue this movoirwnt in an incomprehensible plan andanner in which profound hate* and deep-rooted angers prevail. In tlielr eyos Colonel AhAJlA continues toraitor, thus Justifying the infamous, unjust end criminal death whichasaSjsaV who today- enjoy power loosed upon bin. By moans of our Intelligenceas able tohotostatic copy of an article prepared for the bole tin in vhlch his memory is defamed. Tou can understand the effect snlch theso attacks have provoked in people who are opposed to the regime and the grave cartages which tt csuses among thoee groups whoetter Guatmala but who can never accept the dictatorships, the tyrannies and the despotisms which thoy havo suffered for so many years.


On the other hand they. the Comite Pro-Liberacionhdll never accept you as the Chiefovement much Iobs as Chief of State. In order to determine whereambitions lay, one of our Frienda,reet personality and prestige, hintedovernmental Junta

in whichight bo included; Bueh an idea was rejected, providing evidence to sapport the impossibility of attracting theae people. In order to occoicaodato Our Friends and to demonstrate to what degree our Inclusion will extend, and acting not without knowledge of thesefacts, greed to seek out and confer with C Jr* order to recruit him, convincing hia that ideals must rise shove eny ambition, that the situation of our country demands oacrifle eel,and that he and his friends vould be well received by us. Ifhing did notss to obtaininimum the promise that they would do no damage and ahoold manifest unity at lesst for the Continental Congress ifongress was aotually held. efused to see or to visit with roe, action whicho cancel these negotiations and to show our friends the position and the conduct of each one.

The most painful aspect of thle affair is Our Friend'sof them, upon which these people base their hopes sndthey develop their activities. On various occasions you haveto make this situation clear and to ask that all aid be stopped. thisve not been able to encceed. o not know whatonannot explain to myself what is at the bottom of Weroceedingbsolute loyalty and integrity andidentified ourselves with our ideals and ideas proposed inmemorandums. We have never taken one (Up behind theirmight be ths causeomplainteproach. We are andbe throughout our life consistent because ve are honorableand because velear and definite concept ofgratitude. The onlyan find is that the task ofslander which our adversaries have been directing toward us,been heedod and has succeeded In voakenlnp usi also inwith this point, the recent contacts vithca:Mndisorientation and prejudicing unity arc coniiaajsne In our


your last letter you comnonted on U> controls and limita-

tions which have been placed on every expend!tune, making itack of confidence in our raenarcnent of affairs. This lias been one of the weapons wielded by ambitJouti and dissatisfied elements and this destntctive labor continues and will continue to beat against this target which they consider. against the Junta's misuse of funds). hoved immediate conformity with such controls, mstdnp. budgets and nubnittlnr accounts, for our endeavors have boon open and honorableesired to demonstrate lack of substantiation for the charges of our enea ee. epeatedly wrote to you ebout tltis matter and as you could do nothing elae, you approved it and have suojected yourself to being audited. Well now It ie extremelyto work when you have lost confidence! natters of immediateare delayed and the planning of activities Is difficult to carry out, realistic that one cannot depend oo necessities isnd that finances

have to bo discuaaod even to tha last da tall. Tba reoponaibllity which tha dlraetloa of such deli cat* Batters aa ours aatalla baoaaaa actuallytj cannot ba guided oor oan each guidance be honorably aceeptad. In our negotiations with Oorha responsibility for Tory dal lea te natters waa pat in myeel that In our present workingannot norontinueosition Ino not hare free determination and In which ay ideas, plane, and labors are not realised in immediate fern and along ths Unas of spy proposals. Continuing those standards withinave laid out ay conductayan decided to decline tbe task of dlreotorlear concept of responsibility. Before leaving forlanned the organisation of ouralculated limited expenditureseft in completed form the contacts and connections which were to be made in order to asksask of Immediate and effective results within the clr-ounstances personally evaluated by ae. Up until this day nothing has been done because natters relating to finances have still not been resolved.

submitted documented documented monthly accounts for that sum

which you suggested should be handed over to ne by the month, not for peraonal expendituresave oevsr solicited that, but forrelated to our affaire. Of the0 dollarsad to acquire two money orders in order to send thorn to my brother in Mexico who, you know, lacks funds and whoripission for our organizations and for the purpose of resolving oonfllots which havs arisen. Re had to remain outside our country forperiodonthalf daring which tine bs received instructions, communicated thaa to the Ouatem&lans and received new requirements whloh he transmitted to me and were taken carey aa. onsider that his expenses ahould be covered. The first draftas lostad toew draft for an equal amount, giving Instructions to the bank not to pay the firstiad to figure on the absence of this amount in my accounts in the period in which the value of the first draft was creditred to my account. atersked that they should sendore. On chocking my accounts the remark was made to me that they thought possibly the person to whom those funds had been sent waa one of my family. m will understandelt aboutemark, for you know of my sacrifices, including economic saorlfioes. In ay fight for our ideals) you (now also that Our Friends on one occasion0 pounds (sterling) in my handsefused to accept it, asking later that it bs sent to you directly and in two pacicages, which was done.

my previousadeto the report which

3 PTC-Parcy'l in collaboration viUd which waseport was spiead aboutember of

the Comite (Pro-blberacion) itself.

Jh*bB squandering money in highin one night he hsd spent woreabaret.

learning of the denunciation of DELGADO andto prevent our friends frost eliminating hia,hin money In order that he eight flee, whichyour relations with

opulent life and your exploitation of threeyour own business) and

slenders snd infamies which you aay guessthe form in which you have been attacked.

The friend who was accompanying meOSODA man) received instructions to return immediately which led me to consider this one of the effects produced on receiving the Infomation from the individual referred to above. from the Com!to).

to thatave been informed, during my

absence and at your request the Group approved the trip ofCORONADOropaganda mission to the countries in thethe -resentonsider CORONADO would be very usefulin Salvador and that the investment which this tripbe more useful applied to other matters. Furthermore Isee any practical aim in this mission. m sorry not toagreement butill be done as It hss been plannedupon. Theis urgent end we must resolve

it;ave asked himeport of all the offersmade to him for he accepted oi- the basis of the reJatfe*among ourselves. ucceeded in convincing

to come to IE-SOW. id this at the instigation of Our Friends. Now it appears that it hss been thought done In an unusual manner snd she has written me four letters manifesting surprise st my lack of formality. All this is terribly disconcerting, as you can imagine.


To all theome nowummary of my bad health. On my lastound It rising and falling. Afterfour days in bed sufferingancreatic attack ot up in order to travel to Mexico,ontinued to be ill.ried to fulfill, in the best manner, all the tasks withad been entrusted, organising thatonsidered fundamental and carrying all the information basio to carry out our plans in that country. elt myself weakened by such sicknesseelannot continue to labor in the position of responsibility which has been entrusted to mei this hftbroueH me to the resolution to decline it and to separate myself froaf the taskeave in

my charge. Furthermore my suggestions In military matters hare not been acceptedo not vlen to assume responsibility in mattere Ino not hare absolute confidence, possibly through my lack of knowledge In this kind of affaire.

Given the derelopnent of our labors and the advanced stage which they havo reached, ay uaefullness In our labors ls highly relative. My cooperation in ths direction is illusoryi yon understand that In every other matter of Ourost say that in all the remainder they have treated meeat delicate and fins mannero notnow how to be consistent and grateful and that consistency and gratitude you will always find on ay part.

nderstand that these things cannot go on unless all these arrangements aro broughtead in order that matters can then develop in regularave decided to continue to lend my collaboration untilh of this coming Kay In order to give all reports, orientation and Instructions on those matters now pending, snd after that date to rotlre In order to attend to ay health and possibly to absent myselfinimum of sin months from these hospitable lands which have all my sympathy and inave had,aid before, attentions, considerations and an esteemo not deserve. eg you to give special attention to the resolveave made and to the causes which Justify It; all ssk the Creator to guide you and aid yon in the fight which you are carrying on and that he give yon very soon the satisfaction of seeing realised your lofty and liberalm folng to write to our great Friends, ccaeainlcatlnr to then my resolve,eg you to hav* an Interview with JJ^rt" inform hia about this. If later, when my healthan be useful In samehall be prompt to answer any call you make to me.

With the affectionate remembrances of my whole family for you and for your line Senora and with my respects toriend who is sincerely esteemed and appreciated by

arta'dehoyv'leInfo rises' sbbre*"mi*obrs*'otras

interfia para nuestros

-fen*.< < "

l.-Vlsita- s> Dagoberto.- Cono;TJd.l Prente popular;rig en - J.

lebrar il fines del mes demayo pr^xlno un granntlcoaunistn Con-tlnantal. confer enci* largemanto con estas porsonas soore organ!lanes,inanclnmlnnto. Estfin muyrode los recursos nocosarlos par* poderlo real tzar. Plenaan organ!car mnntegrada por representatives de orgsnlzaclones de este pais,exico, especlalmante obreras, pars, que visits los deaas palses de Affl6rlca en una fuorte campe propaganda, Conferenclas, entrevls-tas, articulos para la prensa, platicas por radio, reparto de impresos. etcv oonprenden eata labor. Luego contoctos con las orgonizacionos antl-comunintas de cada pais, para dlsoutlr loseflnlr cohcluslones He pldleron colaboraolon personal, lntegrar la delegation con un el em en to nuestro quo oriente sobre la.situation deoraeuestros planes.

AX regreso de esta mlsl6n, el Congreso se celobrarla en la eluded de Cuer-navaco, Estado de Morelos, con la asistencia.de un nfimero aproxlnado de qulnlentoe delegados, entre alios olnco ex-embaj adores emorlcanos queesempenaron sua cargos en palses contxo&ados por el conunlsoo, Lael congresoargo de susie* Bzequlel Pad ill a, ox-Klnistro deuienas conferenclas de Rio de Janeiro coao Jefe de la delegation. Gran canpafia de propaganda so harla on lan la radio para explicar los motlvos del Congreso, susrotSositosv

Hoy reclbi not Idas do los amlgos antes indie ados, lnfonnandome que elseabo del:leue ne estan enviando laa agenda. Tambicn ne pidon cooperacionrgento para tal even to. Todo lo heuestros eralgos para su conslderacion.

H! opinion es quo del Congreso no 3aldraue lo Importante es quo so nos do todo el apoyo que nocosltacios para'nuostrosna vos consumados estos, podremos contribulr on una forma efectiva para combatlr el conunlsoo. Jfo tengo pues nlnguna esperanza ni entuslasmo por talo. En ol caso de que se tome alguna dexicldn le informers lnmediatsaen-te para preparar nuestraos trabajos que dobemos presentnr.

onferencle largsmente con don Florencio Avila Sanchez con quien Ud. se entrevlsto on esa^segun las no tic las que mee dijo quo tenia pre-

paradsjs una serie de artlculos sobre nuestra^"sVbre nuestrosue Od. habla. aprobado sus planes de venlr alniclar una. canpafia

uestro'favor. Ke invito" para reunirnos en NUeva York, do:


u designeX"


tda /nfimerd

os cuales'o>indispensable pa-

a.la' soma de.mll-'deU serfinetriDucion'-per tendertros trabajoscuta..y: de lo ra sostenorse. -'

oflcina sera organlrada con un'presupuesto 'muy ajustado para la adV.


isicidn da.lo Indispensable. Uhintroduccldn del ueriddico ax^oritexafia^

nyestigue la concentraclonen vze lugar, cuyo lnforne me llogo de

La llnea del periddico que'dd

os Somites de Amlgos dere obllfon btjIpos del-sI -sM^Bnigo: mldo. G, ^acogid Men esta Ideay^tuve'el.agradoCt mer artlculo que escribid sobre este tema. :'El<ataquev:s'e personal!zar enritlca, pero si tratando denteloc-tuales como elRector de laTjnlversldados pensadores Vas-concelos,tros. que no sonbrirograr una rectificacidn. Desde luego el periddico seguira las lineas de nues-tra propaganda en lol que enviaremos colaboracldri en la forma coord inue llevamos esta caapana.

un memorandum que contieno mis Ideas sobre la prensa nacional, la polltloa del goblerno, la fuerza de las organizaclones obreras que simpatlzan con nuestra causa, las organizaclones cristianas que podemos aprovechar en casos de eaergencla, la poslcidnectores unlver-sitarios en pugna, lactitud delPro Liberacidn dey la campafia bosuestros grupos que desarrolla, larganlzacidn relativas del Frente Popular Anticomunista Hexicano, etc. etc, Todo lo que;puedeodo lo que puede perjudlcarnos. pro cede ahora quo, conociendo la verdaderaonociendo aftn mas las fuerzas que podemosa divulgacadn que podemos encontrar, planAYe-mos nuestroin de neutrallzar a. las fuerzasesa-rrollar actividades practicas, prooisasy eficases. todos estosos se encuentxan ya. en poder de nuestros amieos para, disoutlr nuestrai

Uganda,ulo -preparado/.p^ cxmoria, Ul. coaprondo cl^'efocto,s1vexias*'sa'i;itfg^^

ren nnar Guatemalamajoi>duras,espotismoB que.han BTifTldo'dursnte.ts

meno; iblclonesi7uno

Por otramafl lo. aceptaran ai cooa Jefeara conocer hasta dondeUegan sus de nuestros emigoa, con granamlrox la formaelfin de /una Junta, de Goblerno de la cualodrla sec in toe ran-fee. tal idea fue desechada, .lo que ovidencla la. ioposibilidad desta gente. poruestrosara, deoostrar hasta donde lloga nuostra anplltud. acepte, no- obstante, conocer estos antecodentes.onferonoiarC. * Jd'ln de atraerlonconvonciandolo de que los ideales deben ostar por onclma de cualqulor. aoblcldn, qualasltua -cifln do nuestro pals exlgeue, sua pocos anlgos sorlan Men reclbidos por nosotros. si tal cosa.no.lograba, obtonecpor lo-nono la promosa da,que noihlcieranue manlfestarannnnos para oljCongreao:i-tal Congress XlegabfeSMcei^

-JqQsdntrevistarse conoigo,fj.o';que aoncelaruestrosos'turstyadstjqul

If. -as penoBO do estes quo cl respaldo, en o! te suson el cual desarrollan buse's'es: dado por nuestros proplosn varias ocaslones mo ha pedldo hacer ver estaedlr quo se les retireyuda. Hasta hoy nada he podido lograr. Yo no so que pas a, pero no puedo explicarme que hay en el fondo do or.to asunto. Hosotros procedemos con absoluta leal tad,dentiflcados con nuestrasdoales expuestos en nucstoos memorandums polltlcos. Jonas nemos dado unspaldas deu pudlera sor motive de une un reprocne. Sooos cons ecu enereaos por toda la vida, porque sonos honrados,enemos un co ceptoeflnldo de lo que os lae lo quo os la gratltud La flnloauo oncuentrq, es la de quo la labor does prostiglo quo han venldo haclendo todos nuestros adversarlos contraal fin ha sldoa logradoe ahl loa ultimo3 con-tactoson Ester, que estan causandoerjudicand laonflanzav en nuestros grupos.

n su ultima carta, Ifcl. coraenta losimltacionoa que se han'a todo gasto hacienato vor falta do oonfianza on el mono jo de.ha sldo una de las annas eagrlmldas por olemontos desplazados yy esta laborontinuara. golpoanda constontemente osteque cons id or an efecttvo. ^io manlf este inaedi ataman te ml confonaldadcontrolos. liact>.ndo> presupuestoslndiondo exsaertag pues^nuostroaban sldo. limpoaoaba dooontrar la. falta denofttrac enenlgos. ;'ypor .oso- osctlblsobre eotohbaa,:no podlavser do otra,ee ha.iccollzacidn,

BHibB quo ueoenosCT,eao:-le Iw;poaldb*ne Iriforiao sobrequo. oe-lgV aceptc> por la rolaclon quoeiitro nosotros. dorabajar a

Jacinto, Esta gestidn la nice por insinuacldn de nuestros amigas. Jho-ra parece que so ha pensado. de dlstintae ha puesto cue-tro cartas manlfextando' extranoza porlta do form alidad. Todo os-to como Ud, comprondera os sumamente dosagradable,

o da lo anterior vienojar so mi mala salud. El ultimo via-je lo nice cayespues de permanecer cuatro dlas er

;cama sufrlendo. un ataque pancreatlco, me lovsntfiagobartc donde. oeguimal. No obstante trate de cumpllr con todos los encargos qi llevaba on lamejorrganlzar lora* toda la informacidnara trazar nuestros planes, detrabajo en la casa de dlcho senor. He siento;mlnado por tal do loneonsidero que no podr6 soguir laborando. en el-puesto-dc responsabilidad que se mo ha confiadOjlo que meomBr la resolucidneparam

' de los trabajos que hel cargo, Por otra parte, mis sugeron-clas en los asuntos mill tares no han sldoo quloroosponsabUldades en asuntos en los cuales no tango absoluta conflanza, posiblemonte por mie conoclmientos on esta clase de ncgocios,

' Dado el desarrollo de nuestros coslto nivel que han olcar.zado, mi utllidad en nuostras labores es suaamerte relet iv a, Todo. esta enrganizedlta conclulr lo que se tiene plane ado. Mi cooperacldn en la-Adlreccldn es ilusorla. Ud. puede ontenderse para todo oon nuestros migos, de qulenes debo decir quo en todo lo demos se han portado conmigo en la forma maslna quo yo no merezco. orsase agradecimiento lo encontraran siempre de mi parte.

Como comprendo que las cosas no pueden dojarse sin antesabo todos loe arreglos para que sigan desarrollandose on una forma normal, he pensado segulr prestando mi colaboracldnl dlae mayoentrente, para dar todos los informes,nstruccloce: sobre lo quo se encuentre pendlento, e osa fecha retirarmo p. ra atendor mioslblemente para ausontarme dun ante un minimum de sels meses de ostas tierras hospitalarias que tlenon toda mln donde.



Kemorandom for tho Rooord



of Francis T. fflUB onJ.tter


Paragraph 1

on hie visit to Hsxlaoi

opinion is that the Congress vill' not cone orf in "the manner in whlohlanned, that ths Junta should not send money to it, and that all of the aid snd finances could be usedmcb pore ef foe tiro form In combatting Communism in the actual movenent in Guatemala and against the Coneranists there*

KILOS' oammentai la of this dataeel fiebeen givenregarding the namingelegation nor

hss be been told wnian places those individuals will visit who sre preparing the way for the Congress. He has been advised that CALLIGERIS is already preparing tovo-man team throughout latin America to arouse Interest in the Congress.

Paragraph 2

KIlip1me personally that be

vaa extremely dubious as tcbjJWILA's purported personal contactsof Mexico and that he felt the sum of money vhleh he wasentirely tee Ala*. (See Memoranda (unsigned) (fronattachment to HULAnd

Paragraph li

(For the resoreno'ums referred to herein, aeei )


Paragraph $

KnJttS'i Froa the vary beginning CT lotensa dielikeef any dealing*

end oo various oeeaelooe be baa Minted out to MInaBSngersIn any dealingsIn view of hia previousmisgivings about the Group's e ls nowout the re suite by the reaction In Hazico and tint false senseto the C- roup. Ha advised ae that lt would beto continue further dealings or activities with C ZZvould then proceed in accordance with what C- JH**ie, "to write encouraging and not entirely correct lettersthe support of theothers in Mexico."

The C_ oldant In Hazico unf ortonatsly appears to be the straw that broke ths canal's beck, given the fact that C jnl not

in good pbysleal health when he arrived in Hazico and was probably not too lenient In his opinions. This is evidenced by his statenent to ne that upon arriving in Mexico he folly Intended totinging letter of critic las to CALLIOKBIS and to include with this his flat Intention to resign froa further activities with the Junta.

feels that his prerogative of makingthe-epot

dec la lone in propaganda tasks ls negligible and hie visit to Hexieo has Substantiated his opinion, Furtharmort- tha fact that the Group wasaction which In his opinion was anti-Junta Indicated to him that the Group as well as CAJLIGFHTS was conducting an operation with wh lch he was not in favor nor which he eould prevent. In addition ^U) this, he saw at first hand the results of the Group's collaboration

Therefore lt ia easy to sssuae that having been in the field and having seen there the results of policies with which he was not in aaxeamaut and over which he bed no control, he should bs left with an extremely frustrated feeling and would provide hiaery logleal reason for wishing to relive himself of the responsibility for such activities.

Paragraph 6

KILKKS' commentsi KTLKHS noted the amount sent to

brother in checking over his accounts. Since he had not been prevfabout.this brother's activity in the Junta he

In order to explain the expenditure of these funds. C dvisedhat tiaj that it had been anlfffeancy situation and that upon




hia arrlTal in Mexico ha vould an-anma for the repayment of thesefall to tha Group, howthat thiseflection

upon hia lntsgritv "TIKES had no intention of .Jjaut was interested in knowing ths positionin the Junta in as aooh es he bed received en ssoont

of fire hundred dollars.

Paragraph S

MTLKES" Commontei The neraon who spread these reports isC o beas that he considered the

reports shout IT ending to be true.

Paragraph 9

KTLK>S[ Ccnryntsi dvlmid C f the ARENAS arrangement and stated thatOEKIS hsd asked that ARRNAS be taken out of the Tegucigalpa area and put cone place where he could serve the Junta but at the same timet cause confusion among the other exiledin that area. xpressed tho same opinions about the ARENAS trip to me aa be doee In this Letter to CALLIOERIS. hen asked hlm for hie recommendation as to what we should do with ARENAS. Bs garsery vague answerid wa oould "possibly send hia to Mexico" or "Don't worry about him. He won't cause any trouble."

C- to come to LINCOLN but she has

not jet been advised when she should coma. ere that tbe Group has changed its mind and he is placed In an extremely dlssgreeable position.

V8 nowINCOLN safehouse.

Paragraph 10

MTLKKS' Commentsi It is difficult for me to understand the complete finality of his decision at this time. During my recent trip to his9 April) he mads no mentionossible resignation from the activities of the Junta and the Oroup. The only indicationad was that he did state that while In Mexico he had become so discouraged that ot one point he almostery strong snd bitter letter to CALLIGERIS telling him that he wss finished with the entire cause.



In reviewing the reasons whichC of/ora as oanso for hia separation froa the aovenent, it Beams important to nota that hia pttyslcal condition baa brootht withonsiderable amount of aontal depression which has coincided with bla descending position ofIn CGEEparlson with CxLLIOKaiS, Darlns the oast weeks it has becoao obrlons to anact nan like C tat his position of responsibility is now illusory for all practical purposes* It aust be noted, however, that he has been constantly asked to voice his opinions on propaganda articles and on ate th ode of laproving propaganda lines. However, he has been absent fron LIBOOLM for sore than one south and during that tine the events have noved in swift fashion, particularly In the formation of politioal themee and the developmenttaff at LDCOLH.

Aotlvitiee in Mexico have also moved very fast andorder so that at the tine IT rrived there he wasa sfcene of wild disorder, the oate ior the Congress hadthe sponsors of the Congress had not yet considerednor the delegates to be Invited. Undoubtedly thiswith the fact that he was In contact with *vhnm hean inapt and anatettrlab caae officerhia enthuslasa for tha Congress nor his confidenceongress. The further realisation that the Group was ho vaa villi fylng not only CALUOESMS but otherwith ths Junta thoroughly soured bla on the entire affair.

without having discussed the matter with IT t issay that the atats of his health has caused hia seriousaddition hie wife appeared extremely concerned and morose aboutfor the success of the movement. In sharp contract witha pi rite of The influence of hia wife cannotsinceto be an extxensly faithful family


Xt Beams clear that C s now quite convinced that the operation has becomeilitary affair and that an Individual in hia position is not ss necessary as It had been originally supposed. Therefore lt is hard to imagine that he willuccessor to himself.

Additional Coastsots

C eave the

approximately It ls deemed Mr My neeesaary to reach aoM decision regarding the possibilitiesew propoaal to jj.lt that tiaw.

It is also believed necessary toLIQ.KKI5 bythe situation prior to bla receivingletters. His reaction

wouldeoeesary preliminary to any representative of the Croup's with C fter hie discharge fron the hoe pi tal.

Hia actual physical condition deUrm.oed, It iaa sera careful andore faTorabla review be maceposition. Hia aaotal outlook aay be Tory aueh injured by

favorable results of hia medio al exaaioatlon. In any. event it ie not believed advisable to fores hia to return to his former position sines in the present arrangement It would be Impossible to aooord him that strength of command which he feels is necessary. This demand cannot be reconciled under the present arrangements which now exist between the Junta and the Group. GALLIC OILS' dominant position is all too clear to C ntj bis own secondary position is eaually clear to him. The best theft ess be hoped is to maintain C h an advisory capacity sines his strengthivil administrator ororoe for stability eannot bs overlooked or under-played once PBS ICC ESS has achieved victory in ths military sense.

Francia T. KTLKtS

KTH/ sgwk-HC



i;'. '-

undenego^abraao afoctuoco para Ud. quouenas noticlas do su nuytlrnadal escriblrle enviarle con ni afectuoso.salu-do mis votos'slnceros por su Monaster. No olvidara las fine-zas, delicadasonsideraciones que Uds. tuvieron paraue Ud. sigue teniendo al interesarse por ml salud, .

no me siento Mm v. de acuerdo. con la

proxesa. que.led, visitare

para-n tratamiento formal. mis.

de mi salud me han obligado Pancho en la.forma que lo hago. Le ruego,leerni demented ml i-lobre ml* deaicidn


EStoy,:muy agradecido tv nuestros anigos. an-

tra lbs'due Ud,reame que seguiria en mlrpuesto^de lucha si no fuera por ml estado fisico, puas comprendo que los denies asuntos podrianriontarse. odos les quo-do muy agradecido,bligado.

En cuanto me sea posibleerlo para sa-tisfacer todas las obligaclones finales al puesto que heas responsabilidades que asumi. El Grupo podra ponsar mlen-tras tan to la forma de contlnuar nuestros trabajos sin mi Inter-

uyn tan to que tengo elde verlo. le ratifico una vez mas, mi amlstad,in-cero apreclo,

su afectislmo amigo


1 /

COUTACTi 0pril , C- rt

SUBJECT t Health

ivlsed thet instead of finishing hloon x? April ao originally planned It has boon delayedAprilieh Moo flnnl dlorjiols ofino eg vlll bo madesaid that ho waswith tho conpiotonoss cf tho oznEunrtlona end *oid thatfolt slightly bettor during tho last fow days. C ld

c" Jthat ha hod comnunlcQted to tho Group the etoto of


JjIoo toldC- xot ho would visit hln Inupon oonplotlon of hlc mod leal examinations in order to ^recent resignation letter. C Jsaid that thotnis time did not wish to upsot c" to worrv hlnmatter until he was released from tiiu hospital. c had missed tho past week's wnii but thatbo In CALLIGERIS' hands this coming week.

3* C- Jtold C hat plans for the ^roioet woread on all fronts and that the exploitation of C Will

soon rocoivo tho full becking of the Group for his croup, tho CMexico

hia satlafaction with this end stated

that in addition to thle propaganda activity he wanted to mako sure that the wldoot distribution and tho fulloot exploitation would bo rvfln or tho Gup^-omalan Archbishop's paatorol letter ro coamnlsm* C Jtold c hocl: would bo made to determine the oxect notions vhlch wore taking place. Ho was advised that tho Grouplready boon cdvlaod to use the lottor to fullest advantage.








AC Jjand Francis T. MTLKKS VlClt of KTLKKShome off


1. Tba nurposee oftrip vaa toi scertain tha

condition of oern the results of hia recent trip

to hejdcoj o advlae hia of tha carrant situation at LINCOLN.

Z. It waa quickly ascertalnabla that C ealthfroa the tlaa when he had loft LINCOLN. Throughconversationhia family, lt was easy to see that ha

needed an isaaedleV expert sadloal exasdnatlon. rue aofstate was necessary, HILARS advised

that lt was the- Group's wish that he beosmlet*determine the actual cause of his Illness. eeded totherefore, shortly afterward, wnevs avst* sade

asarttntswnt for fT" Jatiftin thst city. This

C high respect in medical circlea in that city andbelieved to afford C eet facilitiesot piei-heck-up. Por, in addition to Its high professional known to have several Spanishltors andvii, unable toeservation atbefore lb. April.

J^zreed ton the medicalbeing discharged froaccaplsts exsalnatlon la ex-

pected to take approximately four to five days.

3. MTLKS advisedrecent events st UNCOLNi of the

imminent oeceeaity to move ahead In all activitynilitary,intelligence. KTLKES advised nere are now fourthe propaganda safe-house, thst programs are being cut for thenewspaperaent to the Junta's clandestine newspapers.

It was decidedould return to LTbCOLM ImmedJ ately afterfrom the hospital, provided that he fount* #t- impcjjlble totwo or three days prior to his entrance intoIn the event


Ojj P



health will not permit bla to return to LINCOLN it waa

decideu tnat MYLKES ahould attain travel tobaaio

decisionposition would be made at that tlae.

li.on his trip to Hnxlooi

i C eft with anf the Congress to be held in Mexico inbelieves that the money and tlae and eneray whichbe expanded la this Congress could be better spent

on the liberation of Guatemala and Costa Rica. Withactivities other than those connected with theas slightly aore enthusiastic. Ha bellavea that

he has left ths Junta aore firmly entrenched there and be bellavea thst his conversations with C Jh*ve had and willary stimulating affect within Guatemala.

KAK1REZ and the Comit/ Pro-Llberaclori de tated that lie had very littlewho is presently in chargemall splinterGuatemalan, anti-connuniflt rofugess now residing Inadvteed thst only three people comprise thia grouplt held no meetings and was not capable ofamounts of propaganda, particularly into Guatemala,

end that lt had absolutely no influence aaorxg any group of Guatemalans in Mexico.farther that froa all indications thia groupno influence among Mexican antl-ccaoranlata result of these factors C Jsaid that he feltlittle or no purpose for its exlatence whilethst the new groupha has organised

now ba given the full support

of the Juntai he hopes that his recommendation willby the Oroup. He said thathange wasas thereerious ideological snlltand RAMIREZ. As anthe

fact that on several occasions RAMIREZ has printedwere extremely disparaging to General ARANA. JaVriANA waa the principal man of support andwho backed CALLIGERIS before hia ass as Ins tl onFN Z. fore athat lt was probably for this

reason more than anv other thst CALLIGERIS, acting onhad/nto Mexico toors

serious and properly oriented group of Guatemalans.

MJLKKi' ooaaaantBi It appears necessary for the Group toecision aa soon as possible as to whether it will



supportroup under tbe direction

C hich has the support of CALLIGKRIS and C

Jit is also

believed necessary forreconsider tha

Cosdtsruly effeetlve antl-coiasunlet Guatemalan force." The evidence which C Jftis eubnltted shove apparently that the Comlte has little or no reason for its continued existence.

E- the Congresoi -JfcAS left

with the impressionhie assistant,

C- two industrious, fast-talking, verbose menthe eske of personal and/or financial gain weresponsoring the Congreso. He does not believe thatmen can be considered as sincere ideological feel that because of the

personal and financial gain which have accruedesult of their activities, there can be no doubt that these two men can be quite useful in sponsoringongreso. He did indicate that in all dealings with these two men, considerable care should be given to the management of fundsery Oaroful accounting demanded since it Is his impression that neither of these men would be very careful In handling large amounts of money.

WhenC" rrived in Mexioo snd talked

e found that neither of the two men, made plans and were beginning to issuethe Congress, had an spendsrogram for thethese primary ingredientsongress,

properly declared that he was not willing to assist this group financially until ho knew more of the details.

Despite this clear ble in his home two days after his return which esked that funds be sent immediately to cover the expenses of the Guatemalan delegates who would be traveling soon in various Latin American countries. Regarding the exact names of the Guatemala^ delegates to represent the Junta at thie Congreso, CL ald that at this time be hot* not specifically designated anyone. However, he did say that if the Congreso was held and if suitable financial arrangements could bo made he would suggest the names of one or two individuals who would be assets atongreso.




raXKES' comments! It was not known ot this tlae cabled CALLIOPE asking

eiKlidates to make the trip to Latin America and probably asking for money.

Vlalt withextremely

ploaaod with these o ting upon Jcams to visit him la hexioo.

Jjivised 1MB that ha had requested AC" earliest onoortunity to return to Ooatemala sndThe

purpose of this contact would be to galvanise

into action against the ARBENZ Oovernment now that it was known that the Junta was strongly supported snd backed by people who would see the causa through to the finish.

cements i Apparently i extremelyin this manoeuver becauseour or fiveIn Guatemala, contact was

undoubtedly made by c s a

trong anti-ccaatunlat declaration against the Communists.

"reed to the possibility that upon bisGuatemala C- -Jtyould make several contactswho would take part In, or be given instructionsthe entl-'nwimMat campaign and the sntl JfcVas instructed to oontactC" anti-comwunist individuuls for the jaWpoee ofcooperation in utilising speeohee which would beby ths Junta. Ostensibly the speeches would beown opinions but in actuality would bewith the Group. These Individuals willof the source of their material except forthet it isefinite anti-communist natureaoniwcMoo with the movement led by CALL1GSUS

of his enthusiasm and con-

fidence thet tbe Senators would be more than willing to cooperate In this venture.

C. Jwts also told to contactindividual

whoe extremely anti-communist and who,toC- JJ would be very helpful in setting up on



OA 56

intelligence net In Quatesnala- of course not

told the purpose for vhich C eing oonsidsrod but merely thst be ess to sound his out ss the extent that be, r Jwould be willing to assist In the anti-communist movement. un announced his confidence in being able to secure C ooperation In suoh an endeavor.

27 as also told to contact several other individuals known to be anti-communist and who have no previous record ofhey are to be asked to aid In the drawing upolitical progranew an ti-communist government. These individuals are C

Jsndof whom have

reat deal of experience In the industrial, banking and commercial cire lee of Guatemala, They would be extremely Influential in sponsoring any economic-political program developed by the Group.

C d vised KTUES that from'time to

would check with the person uho gave him

(asking him to come to Mexico).

ccwmcntsi It will be possible for Stationenlarge upon and exercise more direct control the futureeault of his favorable Itpecial case

officer should be assigned to C ther than tho PP Case Officer in Guatemala, if this has not already been done. The importance of C inger mane underestimated in developing new talent for both FT and PP nets.

e. Tho remaining incidents oftrip to Mexico are

fully reported by him in separate reports and areinteresting (See attachments to his conversationuardis, aan exile now in Mexico, andcomments regarding

the political situation in Mexico. (MvIicub* coaneati these coKnents are extrenely important for us since they reflect the outsider's viewpoint, of one who has lived for atime in Mexico and who ls familiar with Mexican politics.)

Recommendation 1 It is bcl ieved important to ascertain fro-

its as


FTH/ sgw


Distribution i


In bo laudatoryboth the


Francis T. HYLRKS

Original document.

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