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Chief, Lincoln

of station, uuatemalk


Electric- de Transmittal ofap

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Attached herewithetailed sohematle nap of the plants, lines and system of the Empress Eloetrioa de Chiatemala which was prepared by the subject ofarsonal friend off.

I wish to point out that the subject ofs Identical with theal nenticned infave re suaeheak on him in view of hie spirit of collaboration and bearing in mind the statements made by hlm and reported in

It has since been ascertained that he haa stated the followingi

a* That because of sn attempt made acme time back. In which somepersonaulty grenade at one of the ash transformers, two polioamen are always stationed at the Guards and other main sub-stationsJ

b. That the equipment of the Empresa Flectrlca da Guatemalaastard mixture of Dutch, German, American and Britiah manufacture and nuch of it ahould hare bean Junked yearn ago|

a. That tha company, because of tha uncertain financial future of its in* vestments in thia country, has net Ita ted to purchase new equipment)

d. That he and oflnr company technicians are vary fearful that an attempt

may be made against the installations In caseevolution not because they favor the present government, which ha definitely does not, but be-oausa the electrical system is in euch delicate balance that ssbotaga night easily do nuoh damage that tlx monthse req dred to effect repairs.



new fli' the latterelieve that serious saiiaxderationKlven tor. reported in lowever, it is

to be understood that he ia unaware of nanr circumstances W'.ioP Might sentUl* effect hie tine calculation with c Li of saboter* damage.

thlaiel: tc etroosenttse notand, to the contrary, has sptciflcall; stated that tie ia neverin Knowing ti- reason way tnie atatione tinea desirehe has always beennxloui to ne ol any service vhich he can without embarrassment to ODUKIT tobviously uas as the local reputation and fives tne impraasion of beingar excellent OHuNIT officer but an outstandingly unselfish,devotedly loyal citlaen, ould strongly recorgoent that, if ossicle,unusual andapirit of oooperstioo beatter of

8, uestioned him concerning the possibility thst the subject of 'JUATmight have become auspicious of the interest displayed ln the electric company. ave been assured that such la NOT the ease and that, to the contrary, tha BUbjaot of,ormerE3 officer, oomplelely acoeots the story given him to ths effect tnat compilation oi tucft dataId-wide activity of ODEARL and, naturally, la of particular Importance ir. these trying times whan ve ara engaged in repelling xtr deadly threat of worVl-vide Soviet aggreselooa

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Esrle X, Bannister

Sncli as noted




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