Created: 4/22/1954

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Chief, Lincoln

of bUtioo, Guatemala

Operational Report

tore ooplee of the leaflet containing the textter of Archbishop Mariano Roeeell Arellano. Theae cop leaper your request in.

natter dieoueaed Infss preTloualy dlecusaedM. ontain bymproduot intelllgenoe reportabe relayed to the interested elements of PKUCCKSS. aeby cable.

8. etailed report cnampaign." tttgt_lghU were cabled to Lincoln in. Aa this report is written Essence la still st liberty and If not apprehended bo mil aaas oontaot with Rasanraurther highlights in connection with thia natter will be cabled,

Maria CRUZ, the subject of para.ocl. jlell-known carket woman. The prerlous incident Involving Oscar LUNA, sentioned Inf thia enclosure, was reported inf The (fnu) KORAN Batree mentioned asa olose friend of Luna, isember of the Ccedte Obrero and reportedlyovernment penetration agent. Tou may wish to pass this Information on to Calligerla if any of the parsons concerned ahould reach Honduras.

The miscellaneous report contained inas not bean confirmed, nor do we have any additional Information regardingents or persona Mentioned therein. However, we shall keep theae natters la mind and would appreciate any inforaatlon you nay have received.

George L, Tranger

Snoli aa noted



ashington nol


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