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Chief, Lincoln

Chief of Station, Ouateaala

Info I Washington



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1* In accordance vith9 an effort'waa aade to enter Into contactthrougha had been Suggested by efforts through the Intermediaryrored fruition ESQOIRE had departed the capital,

2. In vir- of thecv ty of the situation vith reapeot

and his plans, Adrian B. I'raveledprilhort but interesting conversation with hin. conversation,tated that following the Salami Incident heewe convinoed that it Mould be better for him to avoid all furtherwith ESCOflSOK, through whom he hid previously reported, and aa ahe had also refrained from contact with anyrepresentativeshe began having aoae labor difficulties in connection with hisof these labor difficulties, he approached the predecessor ofasked to be placed inhknowing something aboutBetters. JMBLUO'e predeoeasor Introduced hia to JKBLUQ-2. InwithSQUIRE gavehatever politicalhad but insists that he did Dot reveal his previous contact withwith

8. During tele first ate ting, ESQUIRE stated* had never net bin, aalntalna content with CALLIGERJS through

Qustemala knbWto hare" contribute a . to

the post."

4. ESQUIRE was aiieetjoned during thlo first meeting

/Be stated that approximately five years ago hefd Intoaaaociation withf Jandirm to make T

Jj ESQUIRE first ddstrotedf^ Jthinking the latter dishonest, out lie statedthat he had subsequently TTarned that he was wrong and now has great truat in hie.

cia historical review program

release as sanitized m/s^

ago 2

^first ouae Into the pioture ^Jjuggested

be oi aid to thea In obtaining financial assistance fron the INFOF. wee done with reipectlittle by Jbegan

telling esquire about statements puiae bito ESQUIRE and

aa beat he understands the uotral, apends

much tine at the letter's hone and confideifin his aa he would not confide eithero-national or, S, citizen.

apparently gave considerable attention to the etatoaents aade bjregard _Jand, knowing about T "Ipaot atandiehe long ago seat* -ord throughr ^tcp hat noaethlng ahould be

done against the coaauniats and staled that desired, he would put

hia in touch wl th people with the necessaryaust be borne Id -Jnd

that esquire bellavas that did not reveal

consideroubtful point.)

Allegedly tolcf_ he did Intend toaa thing withthe coaauniet aeaaoe but that the lack of funds was not the Importantthat he waa simply waiting for the proper tiae to aot.

allegedly toldfj Jthat the time_ was ripe, but he did not dothen aent wordit would be convenient for hia to enter

orking agrees*nt withthat he did not

like calligeris1 methods but he did not explain wny.

esquire again streamed the following pointei (a) that he Is convinced that ]did not revealidentity, and (b) that he, esquire, had acted on hie own initiative in making these

In view of the Information contained innd believing lt extremely possiblethe Intention ofovement against the present government while taking into ewnslderatlon the fact that esquire had previously paaaed inforaatlon through PJ to have fsotttrf.into contact withf and have hia advise

had frisnda who were aware of hia intentions and though Inclined to

favor these Intentions, neverthrless feared that he would be unsuccessful at this tiae and that hia failure would resultleaater similar to the Salaam affair.

6. Accordingly, esquire entered into contact witbTJ ^and gave hia tMlt waa not until mention was made of Colonel gonzaiez Segui

took the matUr serloualy. He then told o thank his friendto tell hia that he would be extremely grateful if he were to bethe future of any such natter. It muat be bonne in mind that esquireto take and apparently took advantage of the opportunity to atresethere waa no desire to cut hia out but that, to tho contrary, he

would be contacted in due course,,


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9, fly error or wisunderstandine on our pert, ve gathered tne Impression that

KX.UIRE had specifically stated top Jtnat he waa representingand In our second westing with ESQUIRE held en the nightApril, lt waa learned that ESQCIRE had specifically sUtod that herepresent CALLIOERi; although esquire vaa of thej

L probably suspected that he had aotedALLIOERIS rep resents tire.

On the night of lOOAprll ong meeting with ESQUIRE and Adrianl dwell took down shorthand notes of the salient polnta of this conversation,

I started off by asking ES0.UIRE to give an account of hovfirst happened to enter into the picture, ESQUIRE statsd that his brother had entered intowho is married to ESQUIRE'c^ Tend haa lived for many years inC bad little to say concerning"^except that be has often aides OuTOKE,with respect to Oeraana prior to World War II,

^iut ESQUlRE's brother in oontaot with an Individualno reooaaendsd hla toP


In these negotiationsbrother wss acting aa the representative ESQUIRE'S brother returned to Guatemala and told RNDIHDLE thatgo to Haw Tork to enter into negotiationsaccident

ESQUIRE wet RJTOINDLE ln New Orleans and they subseo^nTly conversed inintroduced RXDINDLEsaid that he was looking for tcaw*-

one aha- vas prepared to act snd" that the "first *SBURNT dtiseo willing to do son* thing weald get hla backing, RNDIHDLE was desirous of obtaining thisbut TRUJILLO supported Roberto BARRIOS Pane and RJTOINDLE acoeptad tho latter aa the boss.

12. Meanwhile, snd back in WSBURKT,ESQUIRE vaa attamsting to get RNDIHDLEaccordingig opera-

tion Indsseribed by

ESQUIREan American living in Pasadena and the nephew of an Jwho is the ownerlnoa nameIn Ms

re to do something to altar tba si toe tion in WE BUR nt, ESQUIRE appealed to r yor rL,nfici hut he obtained nothing and the only result was that he revealed tt^ ^Knowledge of FKDINDLE'e aotivltiea,

U, ESQUIRE aUtad thsjC- inca and at a

at thla finpa JVjepoke toT_ _old him about ESQUIRE,

thenfor an intej^lew between hla and ESQUIRE, Apparently

ESQUIRE had two or three con tao teduring this period ESQUIRE

suggested that the various groups should work together. aadto ESQUIRE, theae groups coos is tad of thePsfia,roup called Loe Coronelee. ESQUIRE, ftowever, wasIdentify or give any information concerning the last group.

r et


M. In the two or three meetings betweenRJJDINDLE, ESQUIRE, C- _ ^

allegedly agreed in principle to work with RffDIHDLE but3and RNDINDLE claimed that they would reach no agreement without coneiuwng

"jThey agreed, however, that if one groupovement the other would aid this attempt.

IE. ESQUIRE waa asked 3and be gave the followingstateda shrewd, apparently honest, very capable and

highly respected individual who hadon in the struggle against JJapparently was in contact

It waa ESQUlKATa impreaelon that hough dioolaiadng anywas desirous' of naving CALLIQERISovement,

triumph, put niioroii in as proriaional preaidontunta, pacify the country, and J


16n Meanwhile, ESQUIRE met Bob JACKSON and, during hia conversations withreceived the impression (though nothing definite waa told him)and another unidentified companion favored the plans

Though ESQUIRE himself beUeved that RHDIHDEatterwaa willing to cooperate wl th any group desirous of combatting the coanuniata and he agreed to pass along information concerning RNDINDLK's eotivitlea to JACKSON through ESCONSCfl. He remembers that on one occasion he askedhich waa needed butouple of days he received word that it was impossible to give these funds but was promised that some propaganda funds might be availableater date, ESQUIRE says that he eent word that lt waa essential for oomeone outside to prod the various WSBURNT factions into tworking together in the common cause.

Suddenly, ESQUIRE received word throughthe Salami affair had broken out and further that Esquire ahould not only stay out of the matter but that it would be advisable for him to leave the city.

When askedeta ted tfaachead of the propaganda office^. j> is an intimate friend of RNMNDLE'eeen used by RND1HDLEontaot between himself and ESQUIRE, one "islose friend of[_ "Jwith whom both RNDINDLE snd ESQUIRE were aaeooiated. t "thair SBURKT citiaen, highlyverv oourageoua,veara of age, and


I sDeoif ioallyjaked ESQUIRE if he had any suspiciona

L r -eplied that he considered it unlikely that she even advised the|_ oncerning her contact with himself and RVDIKDLE. My belief ia that he Is overly optimistic.


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KOTEi The information given above ia the result of questioning on ray pa rt and vaa given by ESQUIREceewhat disjointed Banner, sines one question vould lead to another. Moreover, hie line of thought would frequently lead to lndirtduals not necessarily of importance in the present sstup. It waa obvious that ESQUIRE hasree-wheeling agent who, in his desire to do something with respect to the local situation, had gone round and round in circles. It was noted with approval that he is well aware of this and that there ia reason to assume that hereat deal from his past and somewhat unfortunate experiences.

19* hen questioned ESQUIRE in da tail concerning4 meeting JESQUIRE stated that he had returned to tha clt^ after hisme and had seerr" Jat. He stated that he bad Jthatr_ nov Uveaof the residential

districts of ths city, fils new hoaebelng Just DaoT; of

res ids nc a. Since f rought up tha faottaxen an-

other house, ESQUIRE than asked hla if he believedplanning

a revolutionary aughed and said that hs was positive such was not tbe case.

ESQUIRE than told him that he had reason to believe such was net the oaeeit would be very wine for him to get in touchtell him

thatpowerful friends who knew that he was Involved in a

plot dusTo explode in the near future. Furthermore, that those friendsa poeition to state thatlot would orobably fail with However, ESQUIRE stressed^u* au*

of the anti-coemraniet movsment and, to the contrary, would be advised in due course,

80. ESQUIRE deliveredrest of his message as previously mentioned ln this the natter much to heart and *eemed Hs made ths following statement (aa repeatedoabla que habia gent tan adelantada en eso." (NOTE* Twobe given to thiei (a) that he did not know that outs ids re might be soof bis plans, or (b) thatnU might bedvancedprspsrstions without bis knowledge.) tatedof *who was completely flabbergasted and vialblyto T Jseemed very pleased to hear that he would bein due Tourse and UiaT" there was no Intention of cutting him out.

21. We have no way of Judging whether or ESQUIRE

along or whether, aa he appeared to be, ho was sincerely grateful andin the in formation which ho received. Tba foregoing statement ison the assumption thatr Jaotually gave his message

ever, ESQUIRE believes ths* 3fa honest and truthful and thereforethat the _Jg*ve him is correct. It also followsbelieverimpressed, grateful, and moveover,

anxious to be contacted.


age 6

22. s sorry that va oannot give greater or more specific detail* concerning


is matter at tnie time, nonetheless, and prior to ESQUIREpproach received independent andevolutionary movement

against the present government during Holy Week. Since SSQUIRE'sue have received no information indicating

plansourse of action.

C" 3

Earle K. Bannister



r ybat/pe jvx

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