Created: 4/30/1954

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Chief of Station, Cniatenala ^HPO: Chief, WD;

Club do Caaaesca


1. In reply to the request inor data regarding subject group, tho following supplementary information is submitted. It was furnished by ESPERANCE.

Subject club is located next door so the Cine Norte and at the point whore 4th Avonueead end as it Joins 1st Street Jocotenango. (See attachment 1)

The building has two doore opening on 1st Street': composed of glass bricks leading Into the bar and another, of solidnehos thick, leading into the office (see The glass door is backedoodennches thick whioh is olosed st night and securedar placed across It, ign bearing the name of the club hongs over tho office entrance.

ange composes part of the club house area. (Members also use the rifle range at Clpresalee airport and tho skeot range located behind the Camporto.)

The roof of the building Is of metal corregated aheet iron It appears that entrance to the building can be gained by raising thia roofing material from the top. Init la boliovod that there is an opening between tho edge of the roof overmunition storage room and the outsldo wallh^et jf veneer haa been taoked up In that space,

storage room is located behind the liar and le

a narrow room running the length of the shooting ranro from which it in separated' wall,The door to this room is locked oat tho room can be reached by scaling tho wall. Chairstables piled against the wall would facilitate clitnbinf.

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:Thellnlted ammunition quota and has hadheila; At presentmall amount of ommuni-.tlon. is-stored in tho clubhouse. This supply consists of about0 shells each) ofndauge shells and0 cartridges oach)aliber ammunition. In addition, therehipment, else unknown,0 shells en route.from Cicala,

There are four rifles andshotguns in the display caae In tho office and aboutunsaok to the left of the

range,.. )

Theotalembera ofre in the capital and "tho romainder divided among branches in Maxatenango, Retalhuleu; Esoulntla, Quesaltenango, Puerto Barrios and Jutlapa.

Mariano PORRAS is the club sooretary.

Attached for/Lincolnoll of exposed, undeveloped film containing two shots of the clubhouse taken by ESPERANCE.

Also attached; for Lincoln are copies of diagrams furnished by ESPERANCE indicating the general location and floorplen of the clubhouse.

ESPEhAHCE has not yet furnished the membership list mentioned in. Wo shall forward it immediately upon

6. Station files contain no information concerning the Karlano PORRAS mentioned, above.

3 for Line, as noted

Clara M. Iloagoy



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