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of the operation with

t-eacb Roman nuseral vill be placed the it ir registerid'in'the Oeneral Plan)

f the Garrison or Quarters, on active duty with the Government,

.as above

commandant of our forces in the respective xone NT?.- taryX Executive Officer, same as above Commander of the Shock Troops (forces organisedxecutive Officer of tbe Shock Troops, as above

STAR.-ORGANIZER of/Interior forces in the indicated zone. Together with III they will be in charge of the organisation and command of those forces, for which they will be given concrete instructionsetermined plan.

assuring the success of this mission;

i'for our people, HIDING IT IN THE HOST SECURE ANDdistributed with the greatest dexterity at the in the same place two cans ofgallonufficient rags and oil three for cleaning and lubricating the arms vith suffioient anticipation according to the day of Ita distribution. He most alsotrong, sharp knife to break tne wrapping. The equipment as it is can be buried or put in the water being, ruined.

Of that acjuipMinV'to assign one arm of each type for giving the Instruction, things that he mast keep in the places of 'instruction; and, In case they ara discovered by- tbe police, thesee burned with gasoline,

eing damaged in order that they may not'be used.



6.- To furnish to tho Instructor tha instruction material and the people. They must be carefully selected in groups that will not arouse suspioion. These groups, as far as possible, should be instructed in one day, without going out to return, ao that once they have been instructed and are SUFFICIENTLY. WORMED ZBXTT DISCRETION, they may go to their ordinary work,

7.- He willonstant service cf vigilance while the instruction is being given and, as far as possible, will keep control of those already trained in order to avoid indiscretions and

8.- lu. JafAnj ut the Instructor he will designate an individual in each group of ten to be leader and in charge of the group, with the obligation of controlling their directions and discretion, so that at any moment he 6an asse-hlfvthr croup^and be ready to act,

9.- "STAB" will inform HI of tho results of the instruction, of the

measures heorders to give strict fulfillment to these instructions and of the way UI can collaborate with hln for the better success of this important mission.

o resolve vith intelligence and decision any situation that offers danger, remembering thatSECURITY CP THE CAUSE IS THE FIRST THIfiO.

IMPORTANT! Tho SABOTAGE Groups are designated with the letters A, B, C,receded by the base of the operation according to the General Plan. In the Capital there villE.TRAL COORDINATOR OF

In each Zone or Sector, the command is performed by: either I, ot III, according to arrangements by the High Command,

Training Program and Tentative Schedule of Instruction

1.- To raoeive and organize the people furnished by STAR. Each group of Instruction will consist ofen, who will enter the instruction place at. and will leave. The purpose of this is that THEY SHOULD NOT BS ENTERING AND LEAVINO for any reason and that THEY NOT HE SEEN AGAIN aroundlace. This measure is for security, and the Instructor and STAR vill take all security measures they consider appropriate in order to cover thisCTCR. In each Instruction group he vill designate one vho will serve as leader and take charge of controlling the directions of his men, their discretion and unity, in order that they may be ready at the moment when they are needed.

2.- He will designatean vho will serve as his INSTRUCTION ASSISTANT, in order that he may help him to make theractical training and as efficacious as possible.

Tentative Schedule to be put Into practice!

a.m. To inculcate ln the person the spirit of sacrificediscipline as an essential factor for carrying out The greatness of our cause and its absolutesacrifice ofut that will be unfruitful iflacking.

Our undertaking is safe; the triumph will be ours, but it is.necessary that each one fulfill exactly what Is entrusted to him and only that, but realizing when, where and how it is ordered.

absolutely secrecyatter of life or death in our organization, and to keep it with absolute security, one must not drink liquor, have confidences, .have relations with women or any irresponsible person who may paejedioe our discretion; all indiscretion will be serious for our LIBERATING CAUSE.

. Characteristics of fire arms. Generalities

. RIFLE: Nomenclature, assembly and disassembly; form of carrying it and using itj shooting positions; motionless, crawling, on the field, in town, etc. Safety. Charge.

. MADZEN machinegun; similar to above.

. DANISH machinegun; similar to above.

. Hand grenades; fragmentation and concussion; nomenclature; safety; throwing; use; (Practise with an appropriate weight)

. Rest and/lunch, WITHOUT GOING OUT.

to. DEOYTROV light machinegun;gun position; firing positions; rapid charge of Use of the spare barrel.

. SABOTAGE: workmanship and calculation ofmanner of operating; form in which the explosiveof the cap and electric detonator and otherthis kind of operation.

J) . Oeneral conversation with the Group, in which the Instructor and his Assistant will answer questions and estimate whether the course has been learned and the practicalresults of the instruction. In thislassification of the personnel according to their aptitudes will be made ln order that the most complete report possible about the ability of each man may be made to STAR,

k)0 to. Dinner and rest.

1) 0. Explanation of the DECALCOUE OF THE EFFECTIVE

COMBATANT. To repeat aU thet refers to security, discretion, discipline and spirit of sacrifice.

ii.- Special instruction will be given in the Manner of conducting oneself in action ln order to attain unity of thought snd effort In the task assigned. Cohesion in fighting must distinguish the soldiers of the Liberating Army, putting aside susceptibilities, ambitions or personal troubles. Obedience must be absolute and courage permanent.


1.- To keep courage firm and obedience alert.

2.- To be exact in reports and cautious in estimating them.


o give all possible aidounded comrade.

$.- Hot to stain the prestige of TIE CAUSE. Not to commit an action that will harm the civilian population.

6.- To understand that SECSECT is part of SECURITY and necessary for success.

7.- To take advantage of terrain features to hide from the sight and fire of the enemy.

8.- To shoot onlyocarJeed enenr/ Not to waste food, fuel and other equipment.

oo coordinate his task with that of his mission comrades to assure their strict fulfillment.

This DECALOGUE must te consulted constantly, it being understood that triumph depends upon its rigorous observance.


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