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Attached please find Rncliah language instructions and Spanish lenruac articles for troaaaittal to Francis fi. iFEA?.rX.

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The bie event of the last week, of course, was tho opening, ou Mayf the secret radio station inside tan target area. For the first week, it is broadcasting00 in the morningb0 kilocycles and00 in tho ovenings0 kilocycles. It ia suggested that you and your friends listen to this station, broadcasting from inside the target, and guide your radio activities by it. Specifically, you will note how the station is hitting oaeme oi' passive resistance. First, it is giving several security lectures to the audi once and then, it goes oa to describe the claacatary means of passive resistance to Communism. It will be very useful for your personnel to follow something of the same pattern.

From what we hear of the personnel at the inside station, they ore very anxious to have tape recordings of Pane ho'5 voice. Up recoaaend that you have Panchowith the assistanceoiceoriginal oanifesto and the two other manifestos tbat we bave sent down. These tapes would be very useful to the people inside.

For the remainder of the nonth of May, in addition to tho regular articles, it is urged that you concentrate in both publications ou exhorting cue reader to passive resistance. Do tne same on your radio programs. Tell people not to read the Comnoinistthen lo resign fromthem not to associate publicly with Communists or to entertain tbco in theiremployees of Ccanainist-run enterprises quietly to slow down thoircivil servants who are hostile to the regime to make ainor errors, for which they cannot bo punished but which can Glow up the whole process ofworkers on the fincas of Communists and government politicians

to feign illness or to do thoir workrailroad men and truck drivers handling government cargo to make mistakes in the routing and delivery of suchthisundred other ways of passively sabotaging the government and the Communist efforts.

As far a" IhtYsUl dol- Kjorclto is concerned, it might bo appropriate to use the "rime to* series now. Ton will remember that it was our desire to use them much earlier. For your Information and for that of your associates, our present recommendation that these articles be^aed has nothing whatever to do with any specific action plan. It simply seems to us that, with tbe psychological conditioning already achieved, that something ae systematic and direct as this aerlos of articles is now needed.

As regards your budget, it has boon studied carefully and, taking

the original proposal together with your comments, found ruasonablo and adequate. Ue propose roughly to split the difference between the figure you are striving for and the tentative figure you have already arrived at. Tour budget for the month of Kay will bo on ovnaQ^ Jelollare. By the time you receiveessage, you will haveelegram authorizing you to 7for the firstays of May.


O. Io viow of Ihh absenceudget for the southern publication, we are planning to hold off for some little while on tho allocation ol any further funds. Ue by no means wish to eabarrasc you by this, but believe thai, cur not doing anything about the natter uay actuallyn your hand in demanding budgot figures. Please advise us if this procedure is satisfactory. Do not hesitate to sendelegram if you wish an Interim aliotaent to be made to you for tho southern publication. Unless you so advise us, wo will keep Pancho waiting until he givesudget figure.

7. Replies to your report

Ue are vary nach interested in Panes desire to arriveormula similar in concept to Juaticlalismo and we would appreciate it if you would explore with fencho and (in this case) with Colonel Mores, if tho opportunity presents itself, juat what idea? Pancho and Floras have along the linesolltical-econonic concept. Do tney really have anything beyond the "Plan de Tegucigalpa?" Tou will realise that you must exercise considerable discretion in probing on this matter. Tou will also realise, of course, howatter it can be to us if ue can get throughipoff on what Poncho's and PIotoh' basic politieal philosophy really in. it will ue Invaluableknow this in future dealings with then.

You may have been somewhat surprised by our messageuetsnl* was being abandonedrogrammatic docuetent. uller explanation for this move will be forthcosdng at eons time In the future. In tho meantime us are interested in Pancho's reaction to this decision.

Tou ehould bo advisod thaiwill ahortly begin extensive

political work sottingolitical commission and doing basic politicalplanning wltb us. This may moan that there will be certain additionsIn the "Plan de Tegucigalpa". For vour information, it iscontemplated tothis work.

However, we request that you gather up ana send to us any political studies andon tho structure of the future govemnent, the conpositioa of the cabinet-agrarian reform,have been made at your location. Needless to say, we muet know here what plans for the partition of power are being hatched in your neighborhood. Also needloee to say, you will have to be mighty dlsovoot in ascertainingana.

In tho meantime, since your Reportou have undoubtedly received our groan light for you to go ahead with the Havana magazines. Ue would liko to state again thateputable outlet presents itself, go ahead and use it. Uf. vould even go ao far as to endorse the principle that lt does not matter whet people say about Pancho as long as they mention his name.

Ue have another proclamation ln your hands, on the question of the compesinou, and wo ore curious lo know what plans exiul lor putting it out.

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nr. probably aware of the fact tbat none of us aro very thrilled by Poncho's proposed book. We aro presently working on some substitute speeches and eaaays which he cait put out under his naoc, so that ho con poseiterur,-Qan and tninker aa wall oa;*reat aill*ar> ietdor. In thec your level beat to pour cold water on hla book, if you havo to do uvir Ir. toe fom oi advocating editorialthua stalling foro It; anything to keep it fro* being printed. Pane ho will not, at scoe future date, ; tbat oc associated hlal thia vacuoua piece of writing.

8. Goartftiita on your leport lib. <A*

As prerloualy Indicated, wa will naveeavo you pretty auch oa your own with tho ball oon a. do not have the aeons for shipping down the cylinder you requested and wauito envisage your making fairly complicated chemical preparations in the field. Wo rocoraraejid, that for speed and efficiency, you dc the beat you can with local todies and exporlraaute and with locally produced items. We much prefer that you not notaething going than that you ueuiovo absolute technicallong tirao after the job ia over.

Tou will have noted iron the newspapera, probably,aaahinfihere haa been" campaign* Streets, nouses and walls tnroughout xk& key city were *aarkad witc tnia symbol; the newspapara picked it up; -iiu policenase; lteally big do. Fro- this you will undara^uxi way ue were anxious not to diaaipaU tho affect ofby your" If you bad coate along with your idea firat, lt probably would have bean adopted. Now the point is that wo be contingent and that we capitalize on our successes, rather thanoaaihly confusing diversity.

Tour idea of uaking recordings cn tape of your dramatisations and aending then to ua, for ovaltiution and recording, aounda very good. We cannot assure you, at thla tima, that we have adequate time and personnel to do the work you requeet, but wo will certainly Cry. In this connection, wo do want to comaiutid you and your frlonds aoat heartily for the thought and effort you are putting into tho radio prop-ana. Thereind of syaton and soriousness to your work that is not only extremely useful at tho aoraent but aiiould stand all the participants in very good stead In the future.

Wo note tbat you request full inforaaTlon ondoa. The theme is really quite aimplei Articlef the Constitution forblda any political parties to aerva foreign Interests. Thus, thesed under present conditions, la an accusation that the government and the Cotaaunlata are Indeedring foreign intarests; if this wero not tho case, there would be no need for people to remind government and Communists by the ?lw rabidaeaction to" campaign has put the government squarelyox: the government la now in the position of opposing people who oppose foreign intervention in Guateaala.

Startingeek uti will be in nail coitaunlcation with youeek, so that your fuars on that matter can be allayed.

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V. or. your report


Attacuod you will find tjio ucualji,vo radio imJpubiicatioaa,

wrangenouttow Tawver tbe soutticaipuoliceuo nave not yat boon eonplcfced. You will be adviaad aa coon aa poaalble. 7ery likely, will help in arranginf thla matter.

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