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IHTOi PB3XCESS, Headquarters


REPi A. r ?


Information given ua in both roferonoos brought bs op toyour preparations for Subject Congress. There are howeverumber of

guestiona unresolved on our Binds, including tbe followlngi

agenda of the Congreea, as given Into the original agenda outlined In however It giraa onlyof one or possibly tae speakers end ones not lndieate wbo will lectureother to pica, suoh aa "The Soviet Threat to Iouth end Education, Labor.

n the first day, or on the report onIntervention in Latin America" on the eeoond day. If the determination of all the epeakere la left until the last minute, you sight not be able to find out whether the choeen epeakere know enough about their reepeotlve toploe or whether their views agree with the overall purpose of the Oongreeo end with KUBABX'e operational interests.

WH, in die patchained the question of whetherwould be representative of their respective oonntrlee end whethernot the danger that Violently anti-United States tendenolee, each asbe ineluded among them. LISCOUI haareat many ranees oflndiriduale and groupe which ere to ba Invited! but we do not knew of

the Information you have regarding tha political atUtuafte and the general reliability of those invited. Would you instruct RBSKBLD toomprehensive report on all Individuals and gro -pa expected to participate, including the strength and political elgnificance of the groupe in question.

Ii. We would also like to know whether the eniaaariee have been given the names of the individuals and groups proposed by the Various KUBARI field etetlons

(continued) / RXBAT


in the Congress? If you have not been given this Information ve vortder how you intend to insure that the delegates suggested by the several field stations will actively participate and will have their fares paid, ss provided in the project outline? Assuming that the emissaries have not been so briefed, can the desired invitations be effected by direct letters orfrom RNSHIKLD?

5* Theor the conduct of tbe Congress, as presented In the attachment to Reference B, does notonclusively how RHSHISUJ will maintain undisturbed control over the proceedings* In particular, how wiULha prevent squabbles between conflicting groups, especially between conflicting groups of WSBURNT exiles? Hew vill he guard the Congress against intruders. Communist agents, hecklers of other political convictions or merely crackpotse usually attracted by large conventions? In view of ths covert operational purpose behind SUMMIT, but also in view of the rather crowded and complex agenda, we feel that direct, tight control of tbe entire proceedings is essential,

6. LINCOLN ie sending Jeremy T. NUTTINGdiscuss,

among other things, the preparations for SUMMIT. We are pouching this dispatch ahead of his departure in order to facilitate the preparation of the required answers.

i 3

JCD/ EFL/ sgw

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