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Attached hereto is the fiftheries of Weeklyaports. Thlareport covers the -icrioc?s4 'ay lt>A.

eluctant to ar"rait woe witheport hut due to :nore urgent mtiarao ce 'tolayed until now.

nciosurt: Report, us notec







'ff'.cer: Cyrus . urnotte

'n thsTVTTTP. net oI

secure -scans for thedvlsln, ant heco-Porth work with anc' be responsible to the new Tfficor. rh*vas successfully carried out and ell concorner; iretr, ths change, 'io other ftirnlf lcvitha we or. our redtha Wat report. Production isecurit7o>".


Responsible Officer: Cyrua ijurnette

Security rood; production only relatival? good. In ourIt wasRX" cons]ole approachLBCSS feasible but stressed the importanceountry approach. He taicw tho subject in Paris several years aroor. reasonhird country approach. Our current problom in thisis to find another cutout. Arthurloft on I nd lt Is doubted that operational security factor* will oer-mit him to return.


Responsible Officer: . Tranter

areful evaluation of the -otential worth and results achieved to date, it was decldod that FSOTflh'V had not and probably would not develop the doslred coverage anticipated under this si'KT'F. task and she was terminated effective Termination proceedings were cordial and it ls expected .that TRArV-Efl willto have occasional socialith her andBoth have offered toatters of intereat toERoluntary basis but no furthor efforts will be made to. contact thom regularly or develop thom for PBSUCCESS purposes.

PT/5 ESOrtlO

Responsible Officer: Cyrus F. -urnette

Aa pointed out in oura agroe with IViCOhil that It would be patently unwise to rungents through theStation if thay are part and -ircel of the CAXM0BRI5 complex, and we bollqve they we without any coubt. 'or that reason theybeen terminated as ofaril fhe final mcetin- with tho* endedordial atmosphere andan easily contact thwn If the occasion so warrants at anyn the future.

p'-gi-ncsss xtst:


PeaponsSbl* Officer: r'arlo H, bannister

"'hiring the period unuer review,e the iK>st valuable ande.-it as. sot o" this station. ontributed in the entirety orivt to tho MI Inform ition .iroduced and pouched. !if.shaa been excellent. s security wason one of his operational trips yut it is believed that tieit of* hisstoicvwd in Jutiapa and questioned (which was prey'ouBly and separately reported) hasnyesult

Assises his activities witch resulted intainin;'CO^ has also aided the station by arrangingr-ental of an operational autoiiobilo in the nameakeautomobile be ins used at present byHA without

ESPERAVCZ'a knowledge of RAZMAiiA or of his activities. ESFERA;:C3 is alsoafe house out of the city. An operationalto replace the rented automobile bolnr. usedZ"ARA, ls also beint. purchased through ESP^RASCE.

the period under review, clearances were also received for

nd t yetsed.

nstructions froa and arrangement with ?to

be used in the r'INO Program unc5er and through CF/iV^R, This will beattereparate report by P'lE.

Onpril anduthorization was received toVCE up er month salary and up to -XPer rconth expenses.

Authorization to paypJper Tionth washasoyal an'1 effective tool for

the carrying out'WiCS's activities and we olan on continued use of this valuable aub-agent. Fie is best for spot assignments and will continue to be used directly by ESP*:RANC!:|


"eaponslble Officer: Cyrus -airnctte

<!or the pastaysh'is been Nochange has taken place Ln his activities in our behalfof the last report. o/ever, appears too help us. On two occasions ho personallyliHRHETT'v to report Items of extreme interest to us here. Thehai: already received the inform.'ition from other sources was not to him as his information servedhock, lan to him whereby we mi; ht sent; and receivecox"uniojtions to and briefly, the plan In

"-esoonsiblc Off Icon -urnett.o

".VI^TDe was agreeable to

as"A. voe t> im-

pression or borood choice Cor thia task, ft la veilth EaC'OILLA and i'or thit ream OR haa DO hoai-tanev In voting,et' -sen. Secureonts wan worked out with hia for tho passing of aoalod conriunlcitionsi-n, :io la t'jrn la workin outSOA secure arran cents for ro-Loylri aealad envelopes to ft la bcli- ved the security o" tiis project is ood, um'a *iic Involved.


Responsible Tficerj urnatto

ortuo in our BOOervices wer" -Msxlssed Isoved to bo unreliable and Mspioy-nent ialj.:htater, -rccorHim. to hin, he waa indurtn, that nerioc" In the interests of the local. *'e suspect he never left towi. Tt Is possible helant cither of ther of the Government andossibility was constantly kept in mine, especially durtrt; the list conversation with him when he waa dis-"ilisod. on't expect trouble fron hl-i, I* forreason,unknown or unforeseen. It becoiwa necessary tc contactin, eTRXETTI can do so without difficulty,


^esaonsible Officer: Cyrus urnetie

One wore advised byf" 3 tlwt VAtVAaAU nam. la possibly known totA and That tha lattor wlllattom'U to inform tho Guatemalan government of VAIVAPA's true work. 4 we sent VATVADA to San Joae" to confer with|_

3pegardlnu this report and with tho original source. 4 weable to LINCOLN with Informntlon copl.-ston and "an Jos* reeonrwndlni' thatot horeturn to Ouatonala forecuritv reasons. are waiting, forte 2rf 'pril,

the security of this project wason out in view of thereceivednow believeontinued ir


icncft Hero wouldecurityurrently, we are nsJtlnr, pluns to have his wife and children leave ton

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