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1- The Importance of nlnarlnE tha D. S. hand In PBSOCCESS needa noemphasis for it le self evident, it is also wall knownertaln amount ofoan be laid over the PBSUCCESS eeene through too past and present involvement of Nicaragua, Venezuela, tha Doodniosn Rapublio, Colombia, eto. However, these nations are all relatively friendly toa Latin American nations go. It would appear highly deeirablo to allege tho involvement in antl-Ouotemalan activitiesation bsaleally unfriendly tcuch aa Argentina. Thla dispatch is therefore concerned with tbe Initial ways and means of casting some of the blame for anU-Guatemalan activities on Poron.

2* Attached are two press releases whlchC 2is requested to plant in papers under ita control or at Ita disposal. The first press releaseeneral one, apropos of Peron'e planned visit to Costa Rica and Nicaragua in June. The second release ia more specific and will take? detailed coordination. To the best of LINCOLN's knowledge, ss plans stand now, BOKKIT emissary, Luis Coronado Lira, whoonfidant of CALLIQIRKS, Is scheduled to be in Buenos Airesay In order to recruit for and publicise SUMMIT. LINCOLN will asoert&in the firm ETA of Coronado Lira in Buenos Alrea ln order to assist c n tbe timing of the release.

3* It la requested thai C ouch clippings of the articles, once they are planted, to info stations ol this dispatch. Info stations arc meanwhileto take what action they consider possible in the planting of either rumors or newspaper etorlea. If info stations have the capacity to plantstories independently of or prior tc t ublication of the attached releasee, they aro requested to rewrite tho attached releases sufficiently in order to prevent embarraaalng duplication.

Poeo z


lu Ploaoo keep LIMODLS advised of the results of your progress. It latnat these stories vill estald wave of charges, counter-charges, and denials. The more closely LJUCDLt] can be advised of those matters, the mora effectively will it be able to assist addressee stations in pursuing thisof involving Peron in enti-Ouatemalan activities.




2-Washingtonuatemalo City


j. Hovnujiio AXtuasxsaMfiiiSQt

olxouloo toonada vez nfifioe estan toaando note de lalelta de Juana Araarloa Central ouronte ol awe dea superficie, la vlelta daoatalaeragaa tiena oono objeto unaviaita de cortesla, pare devolver laa viol taa dc Joaee Anaetacioa Argentina, an el foodo, aln eabargo, parcoe aor oue hey on dofinitlvo >bJotlvo politico en la visit* de PiLKGN.

Se ha lnfacnaatL> qua, on loa reelentes noeos, PiEOa aa ha ocupado oada vacc Intcroa en unda loa proolanaa do lo Aaerloa Central. 'Jm acuerdo con estos LnXonasa PfiROS area eon poalble el in flair grendeaeate en lasonacjoc an la esceaa Latino AnerJoan* si oonalgulara oouoaa Kopdblloae centro Americanaa PtJfcjW paxooo creor, que para trlunfar en conseyulr la adhesion de Centra Aaerloa, ll debe priooro prober auefundo, debe de prober au genuine tendencla ontl-coEunlata. Getos doe objetivoe potties legreree al PERM damiastro MhlUdad en sacar del poder el actual goblenw pro-ooBSinlata on Guateaala* Se ha infomauo, por Lo tanto, qie el printer peso de Pat'N en ea pojensa por oonaegulrreatigio en la Anerlce Centralpleneexfinancier un catenae novinieoto subterrdneo en contra ad actual gobierno prc-coniniata de Qcateoala. noriaieoto, segtfn ae dioo,plancedo para oonBtinar en recover efeotivcraeote al Presidentsue aaoclaUos ocounlatea do todo poder.

So ha infarnado one loa ojnnuloc de PzUfXi aon, que hablendo sooado la aaaness CcBunlata de la /nor loo. Central, la cuil todoa loa btroa palses de la As&riea Centraleteatan do aorexdn,odra poaar cobo alrotector do la Aafcriea Ocnfcrel* Ho ea eobe en que lidorPfflOMr sus bendicionua, nl do sabe la cantided de ^acureoey ntlltaroo quentento fleoretooonte hocer dsponiblos poro el Eolpe. oajor* que varies oxUadao proalnentea de Quoivallean por conseguir clbasteoialentos de

Aunene, oflolalaente, la viaita de oortealo de riuUX en Junlo aeticr finicaaente para Costaicaragua, so oroe poalbleeabien ee dgtengcalvador para ver al lo conslcue costo allado on un frente antl-coatmlBta dirlgido por PEHUH, ao es poslbls declr, ea este aooonto, coao reeocliajarih loslses de la Anerloa Central. Aunquo su dlsgueto cor loe oaaanistaa est* blen eatable-oido, ellos estan ata .or- por clertas obllgeolones dole laa oualoe noeshacoreo. ser quo eata deagano de parte dc Iob palses de la Aafirior. Central de aocooter algo ea oontra del cowwlano an Qua tonal* os lo que ha dado laSlicflque exists elara su lidernto.

Attachment 2


Informed circles are epeculating about the planned visit of Guatemalan exile Luis Coronado Lira to Buenos Aires. Coronado Lira, as is known, is the por&oaal confidant and intimate friend of Lt. Col. Carlosrmaa, the leaderroup of exiles ln Honduras. In addition, Coronado Lira also ante aa the do facto foreign ainister of Castillo Armas. It will be recalled that Coronado Lira was tbe leaderelegation of exiles sent by Castillo Armas to plead tha oauee of Guatemalan anti-ooomunian at Caracas.

Coronado Lira ia ostensibly visiting Buenos Aires, in the power complex of Juan Dceiingo Poron, ln order toorthcoming "Congrecs against Soviet Intervention in Latinhich la to be held in Mexico City fromay toay. It la true that Coronado Lira has been touring various Latin American oountrles on behalf of that Coogress. However, there is reason to believe that hla visit to Buenos Aires represents more than just another routine speechmaking stop for tbe Congress. Informed sources Indicate that Coronado Lira plana to plead Castillo Armaa' causa with the Argentine and to solicit his financial and military support for Castillo Armas.

It la furtber lndloated that Coronado Lira has had some previousthat be might succeed his Buenos Aires mission. an as much in the confidence of Poron as Coronado Lira is in the confidence ofArmas has been acting aa an tntorroudiary and has advocated Coronado Lira's visit to Buenos Aires. It ia not known with whom Coronado Lira will deal while ln Buenos Aires but it ia more than likely tbat he will be able to conduct responsible and promising talks, at least as far as the cause of his patron, Castillo Armas, is concerned.

In thla connection, it oust be pointed out that there have been rumors that the forthcoming visit of Oeneral Peron to Central America may well bs connected with his desire to lead an an ti-Ouatemalan movement. Reports have also circulated that Peron has not yet settled on vhich Ouatemalan anti-oooraunlst he will back and that several Guatemalans, generally aware of Peron's intentions, are vying for his favor.

If these reports are true, it may be that Castillo Armaa hasarch on his competitors by sending Coronado Lira down to Buenos Aires to solicit Peron'a favor. Of course it cannot be determined at thla time whether and to what extent Coronado Lira will succeed. ertain elation has been noticeable in the last several days in the camp of Castillo Armas! adherento here, and this elation may have to do with very definite hopes attaching to "El Gordo's" (as Coronado Lira la called by his friends) journey.

It la believed that the present government of Guatemala la fully aware ofntentions and has also been closely following Coronado Lira's preliminary negotiations. So far, no particular apprehension has been noted in official Guatemalan or Guatemalan Coasnunlst circles regarding Peron. How-over, it is believed that tbe Guatemalan diplomatic service has, or shortly will have, orders to patiier all available information on Pe.-on'e anti-

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