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Activities to Strengthen FDSOCCESS corer,

froo, dotedubjeot "Ways end Hotu

ofCover end Deception for PBSUCCESS Operation"

1. Atteched draftetter To When Itoncern" could be signed by aU #_ Jor by CAUJQERI3 or by both| In tha latter oue, it night bereaent each,llghtly different version of the textor would there bo at merit ln having ore mod the sane letter signed by both?

2. Gere appear to be three beelo methodsxing that lettert

a) Impress tha underlying atory ao strongly upon CALLIGERIS and/or/"that they will either disouaa itutter of people or start onpart to solicit funde of other aupport, aa snggeated in reference menoj

b) Actually naa the latter to solicit support, possibly throughusybody who will presumably talk to too many people andmightouble agentave rw proof of that, but somebodyto perform sensitive duties should always be oonsidared aaenemv agent, at least until the oootrary has been proven)elaorecooomoxU tiona j

o) Plant or "lose* the latter Inay that It la most llkaly either be reported directly to the enemy or to appear in tha press.

there aeons to be no cogent reason why we could not use two or alllase methods simultaneously, toigher probability of success.

3* Method "a" above la discos sad with sufficient detail in reference namenot preaent special difficulties nor require particular preparationsexecuting the draft of tha attached letter. There are, however, twobe resolved concerning the approach to CALLIOERISsuggested in

reference meraoi (a) It scams that we nave told both thus rarthere won't bein raising all tha required fundswhich might makeit awkwardapproach thantory tbat wa ar* greatly worried aboutb) ifthem as to the true purpose of the latter which we ask then to sign, thlatbe relationship of mutual trust and confidence thus far eadeting betvooi

thea and usespecially elnos they will most llkaly boo one aware of ourhe exact approach to be chosen should thereforere fully recornldered.

ii. Method "o" might ba oarried out either by (I) suggesting to CALLIGERIShands the letter to AVTLA, together with specific instructions as to whenand whom not to oontaot (aae also my cotmente

reossibly he ahould give only one copy of the letter to av1la and give an* original (or severalo uaj or by (II) ourultablo person,ontreet agent. nationality or an agent of foreign nationality (pei ana eking Guatemalan lno make the desired contexts with tho purportedf thla is toeak, theon io whether we couldan among the agents close to either ERRATIC or LTBETHINITB IV (but this Bdg! Involve the danger that he would laak more than we want hlnn notos! soa specific person at the moment.

"c" will vary according to whetherprefer that tha latterenexy directly or, on the contrary, that information about tho latter ahouldtha eneny by detours, for instance, by printing Itewspaper. Thala that, tbe ncre care we take to aake the Ices of tho Utter appear "natu:

the smaller are the chanc oe that it will actually arrlro at tha Intended dsatlnaUon Tor ths first alternative, ee mleht either

. (I) hare the latter directly sheenuspected enemy

opy by nail or ooeaunlcate oontants by telephone ao that it Is likely tp be Intercepted by enemyommunloation from sotaobody posingisgusted follower of OALLIQEMS writing or phoningews paper cf fine la Ouatemalar

(IlOooaminlcate it "by mistake" to an eneny addressi foran

posingo mallst, stayingotel In Texas (or inayetter with eoaa Innocent oontants to tha Soviet Consulate in Bee fork, or to T r to any other address known to be connected wi* enemy lntemgenoe) tfts legitimate contents of that letter would require snuestionnaire on Soviet purelans. consunex goods or an Itineraryrip through tha Soviet Onion, foriaa Is asked for, or ths like). Actually, however, ha wouldhotostat of the letter in question or, perhaps better, ths draft of an article in whioh the letter isew hours after posting the letter, the nan wouldire to ths addressee (or longxplaining that he haderrible mistake and put the wrong attachment in his letter, oountlng on the fairness and disc ret! of addressee and demanding laaoediete return of the coopromlBlng paper, forwarding at the asms Use,econd aOr mail/special delivery letter the "correct* attachment.

we choose tha second alternativee eight Implement itof tha following wayst

(I) plaat itut in this case, we have toublication which is not "tainted" with tha suspicion of being influenced by.ublication outsideerhaps aonewber in South America or even In Prance or Spain) President FIGUTHFS of COSTA RICA and hia government -controlled press or tha SOOIEDAD AMIOOS VE GUATEMALAceewniat front) in MEXICO might be considered as fair prospects foreak, purportedly comingisgruntled follower of CALLIGERIS,

(II) have an agent ccemdt an "indiscretion" In talkingultably chosen

newspaper man who can be expected to give theufficient build-up (Drew fearson?))

(Ill) mail itewspaper "bys suggested inIII)abo

way we choose, we aust nake sure that tie leak does not beeas suet. At the very la sat, we ought tohotostat of thes "copyopy" or perhaps only notes paraphrasing the actual letterbe shown to aces of the people to bs deceived, but not left with them for actual

8* Whatever nay be decided along the abovebadt that suchbe hardly sufficient to achieve completely the doalred deception andherefore roonnend that other types of deception, divertingshifting it to the Doainioan Republic, Var.eroala and/or

argentine, (or any other oountry not closely silled tohould be undertake in any oasa, too. an told loso friend snd devotedcoinuatemalan exllo) who eight be usediversion in that- an furnish more information on that latter point.

9. ave discussed ths entire subject with Kr.C s directed, and hav revised the attached draft es well as tbs present aeaorandua after that discussion.

C 3



TO whom ittfXl

Moscow is rapidly expanding its beachhead in Ouatemala into an aotivo threat or aggroseion against the entire hemisphere. Oueteeala offers notafe haven for oorseunlst fugitives frost Justice In other saw rican countries, it interfe tsars snd racre boldly with the political and social situation In other Centralee risen re publico, fcoentlng strikes, training snd srmlng com mint-led guerrillas end osing lta oonsulstes and legations ss advanced ooeeautd posts for subversiveIno ten countries* At tbs sane tine, the Soviets are as lng Guat*pearhead for eeononio infiltration, as indicated byatin American trade conference to be held In Moscow which tbs eoaaeuniet-controllrd Labor Faderatl of Ouatemala (COTO) was ths first to endorse.

On behalf of the orgs lsed antl-coaeiunlat opposition inm- - an urRent appaal for moral and material support to all antl-coareunist

forces throughout the Americas. Ws have been fortunate enough in receiving aire ad;


valuable aid from various sides, sspeoially frcaa burlneso and official proups and paraonslitiss In Mexico, 3an Salvador, Konriurss, Xlaaragua and Veneroela ao well in tlie Dominican Ke public and In Argentina. Hr-ever, sinco tie Corurinisto in Guatemala hava not only tha entire reaovtftea af the gcv.rment st their disposal, receive also lavish eld in money, personnel and arms directly fron Moscow, more support le needed to eliminate this cancerous rrowth in the very heart of the

Tint- la o' the eeeoncei we conaldor therefore the "later-Anorieannl: wilch thc CccTmsanists plan to hid in Guatemala City next September, ae thoeparture for the imolementotion of ourrge you therefore not to heelti snd to giro us your support, in whatever form you oan, as soon ase> that you receive tho bearer of thistar, one of my neat trusted assistants, so he may explain to you those aspeote of our planso not dare to entrust t

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