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cuChistorical review prograP^

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Pursuant to our discussion, the following will be theofthe next period:

alteration and final formulation of thoe asked to avoid allif possible, in order to preserve the integrityased on his thought anyway.

and theoretical organization ofIn tho post-victory period. intention tolegalroundneed for checks and balances is accepted by LHICOIiJ,implementation of the "strait-jacket'1 depends on how6 nd his friends can muster. Questions to ^include: what assets has he in thcmember? oJ the immediate Pancho en toe race aroto Colonel Floros? What politicalforces canne bring to bear against any dletc Loon Panchoart?

of tbe extent of fids has never been clear, ne na:visMng to be "greyenevolent "Me must be clarified, preferably In thehaving oriBit himself to full participationin the political life of Guatemala.

of what secretmade. His reluctance to take the lie-dettctor test,th:'movre responsive to outside forces, than to SK04KES. While no decision

ade now as to Khat the consequences of this other loyalty, if verified, would be, it ahould et least be established.

of an immediate post-victory programand circuses.

Abo ration ofor thc

2. It is recoar<endedbe subjected to tho lie-

detector atsane tine that the new arrivals at the safe sites are.

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