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Pulley Planning Staff Department oa? state

rropesad dl vara! on of SS VDirSBBOcK.

l. Sefcreaea la aada to tha FUtt lapartjaent telegram te thoCoaaalaelaaer'e Offloa la Bona, bail trad to hava beam diapa tehee on oroncerning luatruena to request tha Vest Oeraan governmental swthorltlaa to arraago fear ths dlversien of tho Toyags ofast Oarnaa flag Tssaal presently on the high asaa and suspected ofecret cargo of contraband eras originating behind tha Iron OertelB. Thia State Daparteeat talegraa vas sent on tbs basisopgeatlon originating vith thiaand vith the andoraaaant of various State Departneat efflclals Including lasistant Sesretary Holland.

?. Tbs original draft of tha shore aantlcoad telogrsn, whichby this agency and approved by Hr. alien Dallas, containedvhlch waa delated froa tha State Dapartasnt aaaaaga aa foilouroca ruing ths nature of tha contraband andcargo ahould prove to bo Inaccurate,ovarnusntapt Liability for the reasonable dsasges arising out oftha thought having boaa to authorise the Office efConalssloner to oaks this stateasnt In anticipation of anthis point froo tbeest German authorities. Seine concernedcarlssion of this assurance sight stultify ths entire request,first consulted with Assistant Secretary I'ollanfcteisgraai to be dispatched toauthor-

ising thatba lnforaad that, if ask ad by ths Federal

. epibllcaa authorltlss wbo would as suae financial responsibilityevent test oar information proved inaccurate,could

say that tha Oovernaent, as ths <aker of the request, an old be prsparad to rolahurss tha Federal Republic for tha reasonable cost and expenses arising out of the delay of the sblpaent caused by the requested direction. This aesssge uas sent on our own authority and represented an undertaking on tbe part ef this Agency to as suae responsibility for rsiabursaient to tho Vast Ceraan Oovexment for such reasonable cost and expenaoa arising out of the delay of the ahlpaant In the event that our Infornctlcn should prove lee cco whare any liability night rest 1 the event that theahould prove accura'-c, sod contraband ana ba found In the





e&rgo, no responelbility maa assumed or intended to bo tuwd by this Agoaoy and th* authorisation to tho Hit* Comalsaionar's Offloa llkemie* did not provide for anyof financial roopooal-.

blllty In such vrvrxJJ

mat In rocolpteply from

lodlcatlnc tho approach mas mad* to tba Geraaa authorities, mboa* first question maa vhcthur tho Daltod Ftate* mould ba ml Hint to bear exptnave Incurred ln any da lays resulting from tha loa pact Ice. They maro sdvisod, poraoant to tha anthoriaatloa {rented ia oar tele-gran, and appeared satisfied mlth this decree of assurance* Hovever, thay otatod that it mould be neeeaeary for them to laresticate the mhola qoootlon further in vlev of oartaln other complications and leral tcchnlcalltlee. h< rtly thereafter theCarman authoritlea reported that theasJ -month time ehartarutch firm whose Identity mas faalaf, sought, and that It would probably ba necessary to obtain the concent of the chartering firm to tha inspection.

FRISTl.TTCB Deputy Director (Plana)

cct Assistant facretary Holland



ri -/

Toi Frank

i. C that the state

message to HICOO did get off yesterday.


nisbe 8arrt PRIORITY to whoever we ban In C- _J

ote Stato Dep't No.

to HICOM requesting

action ccncarning suspected shipment contrabandto Central Anarlca.

2, You are hereby authorlaed Jthat If asked by FEDHSP anthorlties who will assume financial responsibility in erent information inaccurate, he may cay that "OS Oor't" as maker of request would be prepared reimburse FSDREP for the reasonable coat and expenses arising out of delay of shipment causes!'Its direction.

T.P. This* i;a.


note State Dep'tto HICOH requesting


FEDREP action concerning suspected shipment contraband arms to Central Anorica.

Tou are hereby authorized Inform C .Jthat if asked bynthorlties who vlll assume financial responsibility in event information inaccurate, he nay say that "tjs Gov't" as maker of reoueet would be prepared reimburse FiiDREP for the reasonable cost and expenses arising ot of delay of shipment causeaf its direction.

Pis advise us of outcome IIICOM approach to FEDREP. This is natter of utmost importance.



Hr.C J

wrgent eonemnlcatlon to HICOG for delivery

to West Oornan Government.

yon pleeee tadca np imaodlately with your top contact*^rcQ,aesioooranication bo sent top secret and top priority

to the high Conalssionar'a office in Bonn requesting th* High Commissioner's office to make an urgent request upon the appropriate German authorities as followsi

US Government hea reason to believe that the SSVest Cemo flag, le presently on the high aeaa carry!ng aof contraband arms an originating behind the Iron Curtainforentral Aae rlcan port. Our infomatlonthat the cargo is falselymanifested and that

the ship isothervise Improperly documented for this voyage. This ship fcak la believed to hare sailed_ (port in Germany)

on orto have touched at Antwerp on or about

. Seedless to say thisatter of tha gravest

concern to the U? Governnent inasmoch as the delivery ofargo of arms woulderious Impact upon peace in the Vestern Kenisphere. It is deemed of sufficient urgency to warrant our requesting the German Government to issoe instructionsoamunication be aent to this German flag vessel ordering lt to proceed direct RCPFAT direct to

or inspection of cargo there by near oat and anat available CarmanpreaantatIra, or In tba alternative, tbat tha GermanauthoriseoTainaant to tak* oneh measure* aaaeoeaeary to divert yhls ship to Crdatobal for Inrpaction af cargo. If our information concerning tha natnrm of the contraband and illegal cargo should prore to be inaccurate, tbe DS Government vculd accept liability for reasonable damages arising out of such direr si on.

that iniight of tho fact that tha MILKS-a* lo now lo San Juan port and bolnc Inspected there, that tho SUto Department sand off Messages to Tho High Co miaa! oner's Office and to the &abasay at The Hague advising thea of thla fact and further pointing out that tha WlLPSBRCOi; proceeded to San Juan In accordance with her own schedule and not REPEAT not as the result of her having been diverted to that port. The aessaee should also Indicate to the High Coaalsoloner's Office and Embassy Harue for their information only at this Mae, that the cargo Is bolnc thoroughly examined, and that they will ba advised in due couroe of what ia found.

The two messages stould concludetatement! "Please Inform

C }

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