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HKKOlAHDtm TO. Cxdsf/Alr Bwpport

PUrlle Pilots For Phase roar Operations

1. In view of Ashes Gseisloc7 it is strongly rsocemmmded that Chief Air Support lrwaedlatsly teles action to recruitilots. pilot*).

t. In addition to above, alsotbs four presentlyoargo kickers be replaced by. personnel (dus to close association with ROSA for past year, It ls believed that tfasos kickara know about tbs Company snd could blow oor story to tbs now replacement pilots."

3. lhe nev air orvwe (fwa- saa each ore*total sight) be hired by Stewart C or Clixiorars. Hon to be contacted by Stewart only. Stewart to be employee of CA1XI0SHI8 representing CATJ.TQmifl to fairs sjsrlnine to work for falsi for sixty days, (to Ray touly).

Iu Qoaraotssor these sixty days pins travel sxpenes required in oonneetion with Job. Any Use over sixty days to be prorated based on IzSOO par snath.

Cuerantss oargo. for dxty days. Prorate as abora for over sixty days plus travel expenses.

Theppcrt personallyilot who hasbssa tbcroughlv trained by hla In tbe artblack flight aerial rssupply into drop so nee. Ths Obisf Air Support can and will personally guarantee tbat this pilot can do the Job. In fact, bo ls considered ths best la tbs business.

Bstlsstsd cost of air crew to perform required miesicoencluding travel expenees.

6. Tbs pilot referred to lnsi Ba has

been security cleared. Hla present location la believed to be Hawaii.


oae sufficient background and experienco toown air crews uuie catting oat Stewart except other wordsC_ ould be contracted to do the Joodirected

byire qualified personnel in Hawaii and fir hie crews directpiaco eolected by ua.

would provide Cl ith the twooka nsosssary srrangeueou with c o on BOKSBSST. hecover story to lndicats that sitorexs belong to CALLIOERIB

21. If above plan Approved, plan to use presently available crew chiefs te perfore gronnd sudnteoadce of alroraft* Theoo two soohjinlos will not fly on aircraft (note one ofhanios la a. FJTEPLBOT If this objectionable nay be able to have C_ring one with hie crews.)

12. In view7 strongly reooonend lapleaentatlon above plan InasdlaUly. Only thirty days remain between now end *D* Day*

Chief /Air Support


A* Proposed Cover Story

Outline of ackground

of Phone Call






1, On or aboutay Mr. Stewart vaa calledonferencetoneeralng the purchase of7 aircraft now

uuoor couw-aofc with i ntatod

that In hla opinion tne price nr. Obnuiiasicing xor nxawas too high and requested Mr, Stewart to reducer. Stewart inforsedbefore reducing the

sale price it would be necessary for am to contact other members of his enterprise ando untilayinal deoielon.

8. Mr. Stewart learned on or aboutayol. Castillowas Interested In purchasing twoype aircraft.immediately contacted Col. Castillo and offered toto his. Mr. Stewart inforsed Col. Castillo ofwithconcerning ths sale of

his aircraft

3. Col. Castillo stated that he would buy the two aircraft froa Mr. Stewart and offered to immediately place money ln escrow,s posit on the sale pending the completion of legal transfer papers. The exact data to deliver these two aircraft to Col. Castillonot However, Castillo indicated that he desired to have these two aircraft made available for hlB use on or aboutey.

Ii. Col. Castillo stated that at the present tine he did not hers qualified air crews to fly those two aircraft and requested Hr. Stewart to provide two air crewsontract basis until be waa able to hire hie own personal air crews. Col. Castillo further stated that he waa trying to make arrangements whereby the aircraft eould be based in Guateaala City but negotiations for the use of Guatemala City municipal airport would take soma time.

Col. Castillo asked Mr. Stewart what the possibilities were ofthese two aircraft atwhere they were presently located and make contract flights for mm fros this sir bass,

Mr. Stewart subsequently checked withobtained permission 3 to fly out of base. C- ave nr. Stewart permission toeimburse able oasis. Col. Castillo agreed to pay these airport charges.

Col. Castillo requested Kr. Stewart to paint tho two aircraft with his identification markings. Kr. Stewart agreed to painting aircraft In accordance with Col. Castillo's desires and Col. Castillo gars Mr. Stewart the Identification markings he wanted painted on the bottom side of each wing.

Mr. Stewartriend of his in an orarsess sir line business and determined that two crews were on leave status and were presently in. These two crewo were contacted end hired to flyeriod ofays for Col. Castillo. This contract was starteday.




amr/im support

SUBJECT i Cover Story foiCL light Operations,

1. Tho purpose of this ooror story lo to provide nd the United SUteo pereonnel located ir I' uexplanation aa to why7 aircraft and the amerlcanare flying in and oat of

t. Thla cover story la only to be need ln connection vlth sny dlaonealona which night arise while operating ln t ia not to be usedterile air crew while conducting

3* Cover Story

A groop of ABSrioan plloteup"r. Robert Stewart attempted toommercial charter airline ln the Philippines. Bob Stewart andurchasedi7 aircraft for their enterprise.

After several months of preparations for ooctract operations ln the Philippines, tho enterprise was rapidly depleting Its operating capital and it waa decided that efforts would bo made to asll the assets of tba enterprise,

Zt was learned by Mr. Stewart and hie associates thatC as Interested ln purchasing two or mors

Wj7 aircraft. Mr. Stewart contacted officials of

end offered to sell their equipment to c 3

informed Mr. Stewart that they

were interested ln buying toe aircraft but would not consummate

a purchase until such tine as they were thoroughlytho aircraft ware In good shape and saleableoffered Mr.ontract for a

perioQ ofays everting on or aboutarch, duringthe aircraft would be thoroughly inspected by

Zf at tbe end ofday porlod



nterprise to iijontraet services for

governaent waii satisfied that the aircraft vas in good condition,they would pure hace sane at tho agreed purchaee price. Tha

3 called for the Stewart 3and perform various 3 0 day

period froaarch. Kr. otewart agrecc to bring two air* craft and provide two qualified flight crave for tho purpose of completing the terms of the contract. Upon completion of tho contract and/or the sale of tbs aircraft, Nr. Stewart and his associates will probably attempt to dispose of other assets of this enterprise.

All personnel concerned with this operation should be thoroughly familiar with the above cover story but should only nee same in fjp) event that they are questioned by local authorities inc. or when they are placed ln an embarrassing position which callslausible explanation for their being in C- 3

The cover story as presented inbove has been 3

" "a hY. Stewarton

this cover story and it has aire any oeen put Into eixeow uj d_ Insofar as the personnel in tho government offices under nam control ere concerned.


Chief/Air Support



MEMORANDUM TO t Chief of i Chief, Air

1. The followingrief outline ofbackground!

an Air Force pilot during tbe lastuhi war ended, C obivilian pilotofficer wiunand vas

stationed la Honolulu, Hawaii.

tZL as recruited as an air operations officerfull-time status with the Hawaii Air Hational Guard. C as offered andobransporttoe However, he continued with hie work

art-time basis as an operations officer with the Hawaii Air Rational Guard.

Tbe undersigned

the time Mr.C_ 3 operations

orncer. His methods end proceduresonducting air ^operations were Instrumental lnC_

3 was recruited by the undersignod for conducting black over-riignts into China and Manchuria, it the time of thleover story was used anduring his Uno of employment, under stood that he waa. employedroup of financial and influenUal business men. At no time during his tour of employment was he^ aware of any connecUoh between thlo organisation and the cover organisation,

received thorough training C_ n the art

of making clandesUne over-flights. He was rated by theaa the best qualified clandestine pilot In the Par East. He received training in low level terrain flying, radar evasion, blind drops intos, homing proceduree, box searches, and all ramifications of clandestine air operations.

Throughb efforts,7 conveyor system was

developed. as Instrumental ln refining exfiltratlon techniques by snatch pick-up.



KWORAND* FOEe Chief ofAir Support

SUBJECT!Call to Mr.Ct "3 Havall on Raj IB

The following is the treneerlptelephone eonrersatlon between Mr. Robert (Bill) Stewart and Mr.Is Bboololn, Bawalll

This telephone call was made from the n Miami Beach. Mr. Stewartet this hotel max made subject call.

Trans qrjpfr. from Memory

Stewart 1 Hello Bob. this is BUIour old buddy Bill, remember? Do yon know whoso talking?

ot you. Oo ahead. nderstand.

8 tew art 1 Bob. do you remember the deal that yound Ted were working on the last time we ware together?


Stewarti . bow would you like another short timeayonths at the meet wltb damn good pay.

Cl * buddy,istening.

Stewarti Hell, here's the deal. are connection* with SOB* peoplepilots right sway to do some contract flying. TonI was stayingrote yon myslast letter. Well,that

c- 3. go ahead, I'm right with yon.

Stewarti Bob, I'a callingotel In Miamion't want to say too much or Bentlon the name of the people or ay nana because someone may be listening and would try to get the Job I'a going to tell you about, understand?

"3 Sure,

understand. Uhate the eooop7

ere's the dope. This outfitnow about is willing

to pay0 to fly for theneriod of approximately



ays. Most of this flying ism an yon and Tod doing vltb no. Ton know, lots of Instrument work. Ihderstand?

C7- now exaotly what yon

6 tow art i They need an especially good and highlyilot -one who can and will do tbo job. nderstand tbe outfit wants these pilots fron approximatelyay touly.



C 3


-C- 3


c_ 3


C 3


that kind of dough lt sounds to ae like the flying must be ln Indochina.

lo. Bob, nothing like that. If yon get the job with thea talking about yon wouldn't travel near that far.

o ahead.

Here'sould like for yon to do. Oan /on locate and7 pilots, including /ourselfa each. Also locate andtore to go along as part of tbe crew. Ion knewo do the dirt/ work, load and unload like we used to.

I know exactly what yon neonn surean find exactly the type personnel yon have la elnd.

This would be en crows toe pine yon in charge. Ion would fill In as an extra pilot when required.

Does tbat meanay not be flying? Is so, whatupposed to do?

lou will be the operations officer ln charge and will do the contract work required to get tho crews. However* if the oooaslon arose, you would be required to fly as pilot*

Sounds good to ns.

The outfit will pay tbeen who are not0 each for tbe sameay period.

O.K. understand.

lou would run the oon tract flights and pay the air crows. In other words, it is your baby and your responsibility. old this outfitad knownumber of /ears and considered you fully qualified to do the Job.


You know you oan count on me.

Stewarti ad rather yon select seed aen who do not know ae. Do you understand? on't want thia outfit to thinkn string jobs to ey Bpecial friaodo. old rather depend on your Judgment and not be known by any of the pilot*ale aeono that you cannot hire Ted.




c 3


and Ted la not here auywv,

I underetand exactly what /on

In addition to0 Can, each pilot and0 for each of the other crew aeabera. the outfit will pay all of your transportation oosts froa and to Hawaii. Bob. this is ooetlng these peopleoo they naturally want nothing hot tbe best pilots to do tbepilots who are qualified Ilka you and Ted are. Tor year lnf ores tl on thisuch better deal than the other one we were on. this outfitnon safer airline,ot acre planning end etc. Take lt froa ae, its,

This all sounds good to ae. a glad to know this new outfit does sore planning. When do we start?

look around and line up the nan to do this Job. Bsseuber these sen that you line up are working. Ion will be the boy that pays them. In facte it is strictly your baby. The outfit will tell you what to do and your responsibility is to see that lt is done in the right way. Do yonan line up the pilot and orew by Friday night?

I feel surean wren though the tine is very short. One of the asaaa going to hare Is baring these aen get

two months leave with so little notice. now tbe aen would be billing and ready toontract such as yon mention.elieve it oan be workedan have aen who would moot your requirements by_ the end of the month.

O.K.ill call you back Friday night and you oan let ae know what you hare accomplished. Be darn sure that the aen you select wont change their mind later. The outfit does not have tine to fool around and look for replacement pilots. Be sure the aen you select are going to work and see the Joe through. If they don't, I'm sure going to look bad and Imc. some friends in the outfit I'm talking shout. are premised then that you could got the Job done. If you have anything lined up by Friday night, I'll wire you the necessary money to pay for the round trip tickets ofen including yourself.



d 3

you reoelre tba aoney by wiro, It willhov of faith Indicating that tha outfit lo going to nao your pilot*.

What kind of contract are thoy going to glvo us7 kill ve havo anything In writing and If so, will the contract be sailed to net

on'tontract before your arrival la required. If you reoelre the money for their transportation, then the worse that could happen vould be for your sun toree trip to tho SUtes and back to Hawaii.

good to ae. lll be waiting for your call

-3 Friday.

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