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incorporated into the povem the conduct of is to be prepared for of Rufus.

Political Msmorsndimn to be Juridical Code of Lavs which will tie new Government. The project the conslderstlon of the Group snd

). Tho re shelloliticsl Councilouncil of State, comprised of five councillors, which will assume the direction of, and the responsibility for, the policy of the country, acting in conjunction with tlie President of tho Republic. Ths councillors cannot befrom their office. In the eventeel Ration or of the temporary or permanent absence of any one of the members of theupplementary councillor will enter on his dutiesubstitute according to hisIn the nosdnstlon.

In addition, there will be five supplementary councillors vlose fine lion vill be to substitute Tor tie regular councillor* In those cases vhicli were pointed out.

Rerulsr es well as suppleaentary me-bers will be named in the decree contained in "J- Juridical Code of Lavs which will be in effect Urourhoit the joriod of the transition government. They shall retire

from their office when tie new Fundamental Charter of Government comes Into effect.

lavs and decrees prescribed by the new Govorrmient will be discussed,

approved andd by the (resident of the Republic and by tie Political Council or Council of State.

The nwftoere of the Counciloncur in the rrescrlption oflaws or decrees, shell be responsiblehole, lopather with tie President ofRepublic, for all actions and commands in vhlch they take part, save that they are free to withhold their vote st the of spiToval as the result of their not beinf in In any oaee, the dlneldsntall sign withet but he shall make his disagreement clear on thp roster of recorded votes, of whichle will lmndittflv ask for an authentic record.

In the event of the pBrmaneat or temporary absence of thc President

of Us Republic, that member of the Council who was assigned tha first piece shall be substituted for Kiaj If ther* should be sons obstacle to his servlnr or if he should decline the charge, the one who follows

r. tie order cfaucceod. d pi.*U

be followed in the event that tre eecond councillor doaa not accept the charge or finds it impossible to oarry out the task, and so on down the line.

There sJ.aUouncil for National Planning composed of fifteen regular councillors and five substitute*. Their function shall be United to the stud/ end preparation of proposed lavs and decrees which are to te passed on to tbe Council of State, and to th* plannlnr of all research and proposals for national reconstruction and for Uv administrative work of the nev Government. All studies, plans and projects put fortli by this Council shall be submitted to tlie consideration of the Council cf Stale, ovor which tie President cf the Republic shall preside; they can be approved onlyajority vote .ralle. In tie event oftie, the President al.all lave two votes. Once approved, the iaw3 stall be ordared promulgated no'j nay take effect as Ue lew of the Kepublio.

The regular as veil aa the stabstitata nenbere who willm tbe Council for national Planning stall be desisted in thej.-itki:<od in the Juridical Statute which villrulde the traneiaon iTovcrment.

The tamboR of lie Council for rlannlnr, BSD be removed fron tr.eir officeesolution preecribed uy tbe Preeldent ectlnr in conjunction will, tlie Council of State. The resolution nrall bejajority vote ami in the caseiePresident ohell km two votae.

To achieve aaxlKun effort, the Council for National Plannlnr shall orcenlae the research commissions which it believes to have la^edenee. Tho coanlsslona shall prepare their proposals for discussion by the Council Itself in plecuai once they hare been approved, they shall be pascod on to the Council o( Stat* forconn! den. tion and epproval, Tbe Council of State, lopr-ther vith the President of the public, shall return tieee proposals for reeonaldaretlon, attachingre to, or they nay thcataelves nafce tin* chanres Which they consider laceeaary.

Tbe iresidaiitall preelde over tie Council of St*tej this Council as well ea that for National Planning sf all establish ti* ruleaeem their proceedings. In no case nay theseringe upon U* Juricical CoOo ofnor upon ties law passed 'jy the new ^wnoaitee which stall cootinue in effect.

- fl -

Io-t, rrnolutions anc orders vfdcJlor prescribed sj;sll

nave rx> effect In lavj infringe upon tj* Juridical Cone cf Laws of Ue new Government.

lavs nov in effect ahall COOttrra* to be legal until repealed by

rraiel of the decree* proscribedanner which haato be

explained. cenisslon of lawyers appointed by the President of thi nepcblie and the Cornell ef ^tat* shall proceed im-ec'latelytudy and revleion of the legislation now in effect! ibi" L'omissicn shall nropose Us projects of refora and repeal whichremp necessary to the policy, ttr ideology and th- plane of the nov Pcrrnvjp-t.

'it.'- ideashere rhalld'.scussed and incorporsted into tne .'jrM'.ctl rode cftatute .hid. ahall be submitted to the

vC-isiceratior, uf thr Croup hifus.

0 snailupPolitical Council asas the rojnctl for Hatlonsl Plannine of. ell be discussed and selected before

t tV :er?3nnel'aye been duly e'.caen.

ist of ca-aiidates for the taefca referred to is attached tohatue tine,uggestions which PulNxs vill Motor, the Council* shall be drawn up. aneist

cad'.daies for the Judicialnd the other officers of the

Administration ii inn"


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