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<om hief of Station, ^uatei ibject: Operational -

Material from Graham L. Page

There are being transmitted herewith various documents which have just been received from Graham L. PAGE for relaying to

Lincoln. Due to thelsasnt we aro unableretypa these documents and thsy nro beinj,s

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Subject's rrzvistSt. AjscrUin;;

f five sssistentes"ia stcj

only to tha orders ef tha Jefe do Is Zona Jftlitor. ftc acaistentes are civili. ?nd receive no special psy for their jot. Tfteir'sppointive office. Thi are authorized to crrvy -rns and heldredentials. "Ticy cornot be arrested except cn orcors of the Jefe- Zona Milltar. Their job ia to act in conjunction vlth theubject, according to ES^'JIFX,litsjlt anti-co* mnist. Hjl-cexx Subject clairi* that his associates feel

' ecaup tion is that



tX In linenderstanding reached betwoen PAGE aid NUTTING during the

* a

lntter's MSBurnt sojourn, tho initiation ofpriming project, designod


to firm tp tho Alignment of/garrison personnel witho be

approach to

node dependentatisfactory kiEiiisjuml the SE0AN7 coeplex,assuring

nam its dovotailing with PAGE'S activities In ftrx the sane field. It is PAGE'S understanding that Un latesteceived fcyrttactfluM free Lincoln fail to provide such assurance. Noops will therefore betaken along the lines set forth In tho original pricing inn tractions.





i:;siv=LVIXup dn during meting between h. It appears that ^ "has beer.considerableto brinj-onsejoisowever, prefer if the approachi^de/socconc else thann fact, heether eriphatic

plea thatbe kept out of it.LEX should

irect oueotion as to whether^ the oonsejo is in touch

should we adr-it that this bo tho case. c try to

close xncivilian"friend, but is unable to ^uj^^si


a candidate for the job. He also raised the question why 3KILEX could not be talkec toSPRIME -lilitary reprsentative. (Field Goiment: This ideaeffectively scotches* by PAGE),

are currently ens Ling aboutuitable intermediaryapproach toiew olfcelingsonve ere prepared to^long with him in excluding the use ofloasl during the developmental phase. SSOjJITtE hinself feelshe should, despiteso as toboth are being handled inov,assured PAGE that he hid no msgivings whatsoever about under taking

r- cole approach. oUO-.en urr.'er consideration to enlistsupport ofiiod he proves amenable to operational control.

ES^UTJlS's wife ic scheduled toocial coll

onay and 'lo,.'Oloprr.jr,ta riiould proceed apace frot- thcrucn. In thoeview ether potenfidor theaii:, roblcia ofard nut to




l.Aa reported to you, Subjcc- was contaoxod on the evening of Hoy lBth, by one

a brothor-in-lav or*ro knotc to

KS^UTRE as engaged In conspir'-torial activitiestiE's

ntil the lest contact ESQUIRE was not euare of their

^ffilintion with CAIXIGERIS. About four months ago ESQUIRE snd the ftforerantionod

dob-.tod tho advisabilityiquidating Hanuel PEIIECER. The project was

r-rerred to "higher outhorHy" Mid word cane beck that nothing should bo

doneculti be foundersonal grievance against aaiiJiiu

ines in thoe resides in Oustera*

City and ia, Recording toeavy drinker. By contrast,ober and responsible individual who, however, in

all natters defers Uthe finethe

area. Another recber of this particular group is one

(ESQUIRE la not quite sure if this is the correct nana) ,lawyer in theC ^Agei approcinately

-3 onh, told ESQUIRE tbat CAILIGERIS wanted to see him. Ro disavowed all knowledge of the reason for this request. By way of authenticating hirself, C -Stated that ho hid been sent by SEKJHTIC (known personally to ESjUDiE who, however, is not aware of the neturo of hisSQUIRE toldfillers that he know nothing and had ka nothing that could possibly bo of any use toxxtcrkM furthor remarked that presumably sonoone had dropped hia nMxs in sone convcrsntion over subordinate patters and that sododji had said "lot's get bin upfccy finally ported with the understanding that ESQUIREriend of his wuld "check" the ratter. Subsenuently ESQUTRE

to leaveh foxJ get in touch with CALLICEHIS. Hev* at bad transpired 3ncfind cut vhcthor the ncttcr

bonfsod torc of this natter and to ecblo

SS^.UTRft If hin pro onoo vxz should turn out to be of ovovuriding importance.

tcr ease,

stated, "Vou'c betterecause after ell

is theSQOZKE, an reporting this incident to us, requested that


we inforrc SALLTCiBIS ot once that ka was working for bin in an oll-absorWiig nr useful purpose would be served by hia leaving Guatemala, in fact

a setback reight result fron his going to C

ESQUIRE Is naturally

not to get on CALUGERIS' blacklist.

A.n cotrwenting an this interlude,ESQUIRE on the way hohitself and promised that nr iters would be set straightannerto all pzs-ties concerned. PAGE further co reran ted on tho lack ofsecurity precutionsro fleeted in the mechanics of tho iippro&chupon the gratuitous blowing of SEMANTIC. PAGE took coneto gettinrend ESQUIRE promised to abstain fron all

further transactions,touching on hia operational work with us, involving C J1GE also observed that tbe consejo uoulcataHaaax atter of course, give serious consideration to &ay recuest for help originating with CAII.IGERIS, end uould instruct ESQUIRE accordingly if it 3hould turn out that ho was the nan for Job andthat the Job could be done without detriment to his primary duties.


n answeriroot questionnrodtbb^iHi6:

put to hln by ESQUIRE onh, avowod that Subject is one of thotwo persona" he talks to freely, According tohere shoulddoubt ln our nine's that Subjectull-fledged associateand that he is fully read in on all transactions between the

ja latter and the consejo. You may recall that In fashioning our Initial approach to C t was decided to wnmt him against any precipitate moves andthat this message was on the point of falling flat when our unwitting, brought up the namo of Subject, convincing

whoever had issued the warning seeminglyot. Wehive alsoit was presumably Subject who remonstrated withtt for not

putting sufficient pressure uponto ally himself with our cause. C tatod that he would entertain nohould tho consejo decide toirect contact with Subject, but remarked that he saw no actual reason for this inasauch as wo could equally well deal with Subject through hln.

2. Tour attention ls drawn to the fact that both ERRATIC and CAIUGERIS claim Subject as an adhoront. (see SECANTe hove no indication what if any moves have boon initiated by CAIJJGERIS to enlist Subjoot'a services. We furthermoreery clear understanding of Subject's military trole, specifically whether he ls in effective controlroop unit. For the purpose of further developing the coosejo's relationship with Subject, wo wish to recommend that you prepare an evaluation of Subject's PBSucocss potential, preferably in conjunction with CALLIGERIS. Nothing said so fir indicates what


and how strong Subject's feelings regardingrillrt be presumed to be. Itwell be that he is less preoccupied with the outlook ofosition of political power, than cithor SMILEX 01

rom the point of view of establishing firm operation^ control over Subject, itof groat help if we could pass toeneral brief, indicating that thefully conversant with his "military potential" and outlining to him whatwill be expected to discharge. If it i3 contemplated to put him in touch withit say be advisable at this stage to aike tbo necessary arrangementssecure and fully authenticated operational contact. Ue should further liko to bothere are any specific issues on which Subject should be presumedregarding which ho should be briefed. We see no objections from this end, undmany advantages, in operating Subject through

ajptjapaxnoarx It appears significant that Subject emphatic ally disavows all knowledge of an alleged attenpt to contact the United States Embassy through the intercession of Dr P. Ue reserve Judgement as to whether we are facedovernment-instigated provocation movo,untll the results of the Station's investigation are in. There enn be little doubt that tho activities ofnd possibly of Senor STAHL warrant skxkx serious scrutiny.


rrrriTrr mmriinrimmimronwtpiwmii.row

ijrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr yp/

c nfo Date:dvises against risking an attempt to

enlist the support of Subjoct. Ho claims that Subject was sent to

pecial personal job for the President end tbat his aflsignrentemotion. Ho is convinced that Subject would do nothingside. He io an unconditional servant of Mrn k< giving,stressed that he was not prompted by any personal aninorlt;

altho the past history of his association with Subject nightMr BIG/oryp/ coved heaven

and earth to haveChief of

view was that Subject would not take any orders from bin, but would strivethe top man himself and he told this to Mr BIG/cryp/ In veryThis got back to Subjoot who ever sinco has beenowerfulconsiders him an able and effective officer, but without

personal following. Hejis definitely on anti-co-mcnist, but his feelings about fcc Mr BIG/cryp/ are strong and sottled.

In the light of the above information, wo ahould like to bo advised whethor the Importance of Subject warrants the obvioue risks involved in approaching hir. It may be worthwhile to elicit the viewIICERIS concoming him and tax get his evaluation of Subject's "revolutionaryf it should be decided that bis alignment with our cause would materially contribute to its success, plans could be laid here allowing for the contingency of conproBise. Pending ym reolpt of your instructions, no further steps will be tsken here.

Regarding the St Thomas project, you arc doubtlessly aware of its politicalt is Guatemala's answer to what they consider the entrenched position of tho United Fruit in Puerto Barrios. Inasmuch asbrunt of this

project x* is bornonited State*t night

bo worth taking under consideration whether this enterprise Jiould not bo

ns an nnswer to

tf-porarily shelvedwtt rampant, discriminationAmerican concerns and individuals in this country,



land the Ams Shiprunt

X. 'Je regret to report th tnc advance warning of tho shipment of

arms that onme tothe other -dnv. He ccroly Inferred thit sort thingln the windextended his stny in Puerto Barrios,

t e rather dismayed that this shipment should havo slipped thru our fini-ors and promised to do his level best to check upon the destination of tho ams. (Info Date:.

AGE instructed ESQUIRE to givethe following story, "In strictest

ccVidenco: The consejo had advanceof this particular shipment. In fact

the question broached/ w. i ha thought about tho wisdom of supplying the

Guatomalan Army withas borne from thia knowledge. The interception of

the shipment had tarfssl been undero^considerotion, but it was finally dooide

that the propaganda ^fcot of iron curtiin arms being su-plied to Guatemala would

/and ita Latin toerlcan associatos

hovorofound impact upon public opinion in tho United States/that the risk

of countenancing Its delivery was well worth taking. The ooncejo was not particulc

perturbed about the immediate effects upon the executionsof its plans, inasmuch as

the bulk of the aras would undoubtedly reach the Army. If, on thoother hand, lt

should be sidetracked to thehis should acrely serve to strengthen tic

Amy'a determination to cope with any oonmunlnt-instiggted uprising.



ollowing mi aocM-neons topics wore ecrrarcnted upon by C Jin the courseeeting with ESQUIRE on

roaocionuttal benefit society, organised byIG/cryp/ andA Theh class of the Eccuola Pclitecnlea contributed funds to take care of wid', worthy cases etc, among thamaolves. At one time it had n'u^ eighty ambers.Proaoci.cns not identical with the socrct association whose first loyalty belongs to "The Army".

gain* stated that, ftf by some cciijcldence the Army Highspedficrlly to) is put aside,

the situationiveable. (ESiUTEE stresses that this is not abut his interpretationeries of remarks made byon the

SQB7SE inferosnce the three

aforementioned Army loaders have boon removed, ho, SMTLEXintervene decisively in Anry ..

eiterated thatactual propaganda without Insults chcu

addressed at the officers' :orps. There should bo an appeal to reason and basic

patriotism. Thebattle lines should bo drawn on the comuniat Issue. C a

still working on his treatise. He decided to withdraw tho first version on the


grounds that it too un' lcta>eably bore the imprint of hisideas arc might hove resulted ead giveaway

4. tated verynot be

bought at nny price.

believed that the Intervention of the Amyivilian

depend on vherc and howtt -I: develops. Ee doubt; idicthor tho Amyitself trying to cuoJI tn uprising in Esquintln,etc. simultaneously,that the government will have

to antijip'te major acts ofthat, after the

assassination of ARAKA ho had asked for permission to organize nkoc and head an assault against the Guardia do Honor. Forty officers were assigned to bin. Only between twelve and fifteen showed up.

^coes not believe that tho police will act aggressively, butand run for hiding. Ofthe police command will try topolice effectives insldethe quartel.


following evaluations torn Exxxxrizrxna? officers (mostlywere supplied b>

on impressive type. Uaj ofSchool.

Uouli do anything to further his cwn ends. Woe Gobernndor.

know him. "uat belineArinks too much.

very good person. Friend of Mrould not start anything.

officer, Escuel;'. gradu-^o.

was qu'llod by c j ried of Colonel APANA's.

be't Uink he oan doA cuiet guy.Veula act if nocosscry.

P.csslcrick nan. He works for theo Mqpot. Don'tanny initiative. Alsoouldn't liko to do anything.

xi unconditional adherentAn :nti-

corrniiist who vould do nothing.

olmoI^KWTERRCOA. Estadootential enemy of Itrriend of SSTRAY's.

oubts whohe governmentare of the Junta. They only know CALLICERIS. So fai c hinks that there are no specific plans in being for coping with either an insurrection or an invasion. Tho rovemrxait cannot afford to te disperse its forces until tho onenyfs strength and sisposltion become known.

ext meeting between ESQUIRE and chedulod forA.

has toldhat beong talk with ESqOTEE and that tho

ideas submitted wore ro utterly preposterous and unrealistic thaturther exchango of views was deemed unnecessary .

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