Created: 5/23/1954

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acer* froa Ooatenela tWtaa that too subject mO* He cnanent oney that ba had brought0 froa CALLXOEXXS or tha CALLIGOtis organttatlon. Tt la requested that ran qaary OAmcBXB with rsepect to thla aatter. th taa reference it waa atatad that CALUauuS had beae advised to here ae further- dsall&sa vlth tha subject*

t. i lso eald that ba Is worried about tha peesibtllVr that there are rocne-Wilf planes in Onatsnaia, taasataeh sa ha la gala* to "lead flights trrmr Hoadaraa whan tho tlaa coaae". ItsperU of ewe* planea, acoonpanled by Cjoeh pilots, cootloua taeal red in Owetewala, but all investigations have been ncgativa, Loosl pilots aro stated to be greatly perturbed and tneenasd over tha reports, Sereral hare bean heard to protest that no foreign pilots as



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