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Ghlaf of Station, Guatemala KIXXWW



1. Aa noted inf the enclosed contactlldtHATU, RSiXNCE hasat of parte needed by Radio &etrna3ional to replao* thoee deetroyad in tha gooo-equadew weeks ago. If possible, please procure those items and forward thesi to us by theftaateet available means for passing to tba radio station via ^uas Indicated to tSoQCX that ba will be deeply grateful far samls^anme. cos gratitude taking the font of fullest cooperation ln the Batter of helpful to tba antl-cieasi.iiause. Regarding the /additionalncrease the signal strength of the station, wm faett-iaat'lJittJ te decide. Probably the replacement part*easure of control. HoveTer, yea nay hare planswculdftsucsffir^aeSrable to channel the additional equipment tc the station. JUsee adriae.

E. Tour psrtleular attention ie invited to the oon tents ofhrough IT. The attachedellpplagsfrom the t9 Hay Issuefor Prtasa Libre tend to support the Ttewa expressed by WSBCE.reaction, statements regarding the arms shipment wan fararable tb the Guatemalan Coven meet, and the strength of the opposition Use parwCQj ndermined (to an unknown degree). On the basis of informsUoo received to date, any .cstemign involving direct or Indirect threats of armed inUrfmoJlau^sttBt be earefully done to avoid unfavorable reaotlons. the government has1 OsaJOnetratad Its ability to exploit such threats to its benefit* Fortunately. 'tJsfrjBiK' drop that waa carried out on the night ofHay has tialiwl llUml ls)JU<ii> ami from th. arms oontrovorsy.-aad greatly stimulated tho saggingthe opposition. Paragraphonfirm*nd support* the anti6fi'"tWcmaendsd therein,

*. tbe aatl nfmsmiiilst oongress in Nexioo, mentioned in paragraph IB, is receiving good oovarage in the pressas you will note upon receipt of correct pape

a. RAZKaXA waa instructed to provide sufficient stoneyver additional easts forthe newspapers mentioned In paragraphince the only alternate open to us is the already overloaded poeoh channel.

George L. Tranger


SDBJKTi Meeting Between CARTER and ALBKR70

eeting occurred between Oacax H. CARTER and

ALBERTO on Wednesday night.ay.

::. Attached are tbe lints,Eedlo

f replacenents for the parte destroyed in the attack on the radio station, and of parts whioh are necessary to raiee the potency of the station teilowatts, oalng tha equipment which the station now has.

3. Also attachedaper, "fere Sabot earprepared bylocating ths

studios end plants of the local raolo stations*

CARTSR reports that Heotor Gonzalez, ex-chauffeur of Luis Arenas,overnmentand le In Honduras withn p.

6. Many arms hare been seen being unloaded ln ths past day or so et the vi materia and tlende "Laocated In the Cells Heal de la Pedrere*

Teeterday mo mine.ay, Arbenz invited the independent newspapermen (directors of the independent newspapers}eunion. Arbenz told ths directors that he waa Toryof thsof Guatemala because of the attitude which it had taken In regard to strong attacks against Gnatsmnla bolnp made In the United States.

Arbenx asked them for ad rice as to what he could do to aro id the danger in whioh Guatemala now finde Itself, Although he did not say so. Arbenz gave the impression that for the time being et least ho might even be willing to keep the Communists moro in the background, if necessary.

8. 8. After Arbenz dismissed them, tho newspapermen sew Willie Toriello* He was extremely courteous to them, and talked so "confidentially" that Karroouln Rojas dared to say tothat he* MR, believed that Art una who is of Swales blood, cannot feel the Guatemalan probiecBeal Guateaalan does, and because of that leads the country into trouble*

9. It Is CARTER'S belief, supported by hiswith sons of these newspaper men, and by reports received froa through-out the country, that thacreated on the outside (United States* Hicaragua, Honduras,nd directed against Guatemala at the present time is- and is In reality destroying th* opposition* toonas that which appeared In tho Chicago Tribune*by Senators*ll tend to draw the Guatemalans together* to make then forget their ideological differences, and to remember only their put riot inn in the face) of what they think could be an Invasion or attack against Guatemala by Honduras, Xlcarggua* and/or the United States*

A month ago there was an extremely favorable clitaate within Guatemala aa regarde -the opposition* But now- with the armshe blasts in the tJmtted States,here is considerable confusion among the pueblo In

If there must be propaganda blasts in thet should be pointed oat time and time again that the outside world is not directing its attacks against the people oftress the factifferentiation is being made between the vaot majority of antpeople of Guatemala, and the group of Comnunlst leaders

who hold the reins of powexV '

12* If the government had somebody who was extremely quick on ths propaganda field* before now the government would have seised its advantage and begun pressing home to the people the danger of an attack against Guatemala on the part of Hicaragua and Honduras* There is nothe government will not begin to sing this song. In the face of this new and much greater International

danger* the Guatemalans will forget Castillo Armas and his campaign, and unite for the safety of the patria*

Oar propaganda on the outside should make every effort to counteract this threat, or ths heroes ofwill not be Castillo Armas and company, but Arbenz, Toriello, Jfortuny, etc.

Perhaps some "big Shots* in the U. S. could make the statement that there Is absolutely no need for U.ntervention or any intervention of any kind from thebecause In the long run, the world has confidence in the over-whelming antl-CoBramlst spirit of the Guatemalan people, and can rest assured that tha Guatemalanscan and will correot the situation* Th ether this be true or not. It might serve ths purpose of easing Guatemalan fears of outside attacks by other'countries.

IB* Again, there ts an impression In Guatemalareason the United States is blowing so hard atagainst Guatemala is net so much hoe ease Of the danger, but because the United Prattpressured the U. B. government to take actiontho U. y. Co. propaganda has been effectiveU.opulation in arousing them againstmews articles talk more of the seizure of fruitfruit company wrangles,han of- hence the U. S. in reality is only trying to

16. Enrique Purinello do Leon in talking with(sad giving the impression that of coarseknew more or loss what had arrived with thsso he wasn't telling them anything hethat no airplanes had been Included vith thethe shipment did include plenty of light,cars (oarros de esaltoachineheavy artillery, rifles, plenty ofplenty of all kinds of ammo, including plentyasses for

Parlneiio told them that previews to this arms shlresent the Guatemalan any had only enough aanunitloa for less then two hoursghtlngi that they vsread position in regard to arms. The rifles they had had vsre all used, and there veref them* However, now they have enough rifles to an all the men the government oould cell togethereneral mobilisation. (Thefigured this would he someen.)

18. The POA and CKTJA received ordere from PAHCHO to give Beudmna propaganda to the entl-Communl st oongrsss Ino placo ads ln the papers, eto.

The post office refuses to accept the newspapers which the CEUA malls to Honduras and Salvador (local papers, such as La Horn, SI Xmparcial,nderther condition thanfee. This in spite of the fact these newspapers are registered asecond. class correspondence". Originally it costay to mail these papers to Honduras and Salvador. Then ths price, because of government harrassment wont to moreay. Thin ruling will make the price go even higher. Do weay of sending this papers rapidly, end more> .-

Originally, It was the intention oforales, the Honduran Liberal Party candidate for the presidency, not to attack ths United Fruit Company in is csjapalgn. Tho Guateraalan government and Goasounlst. party sent emissorlesia, end have persuaded bin that he has nothing to gain by such an attitudethat the UFCO favors either Carl as or Williams, hut under no cir-cumstances ths Liberal' Party, and Villeda Morales galas nothing by keeping quiet about the company. On the othery strongly attacking it, the Liberals stand toreat many votes, particularly among the strikers,

of whioh there are thousands. The Guatemalans haveassist him In this" canrpalgn of attack against the


The next meeting between CARTER and ALBERTO is scheduled for Thursday night,May.


2 turntables, one right and onepeeds,nch Rekocut.


2 sockets for the same

2 filamentolts atlower to cool botheutralizing condenser

0. input.

S pickups General Electric8

olume controls, lowhe Daven Co. mod. RC orhms. Newark K. J.


Boforo the Driver


2 sockete for these tubes

1 filament transformerUTC)




4 sockets for the same

4 (UTC)

1 driver transformer; fromorids of the tubes fi

2 sockets for the same, with blower (these blowers can be big enough to coolubes, by means of piping that is located ln the modulation and final sections)

2 filament transformers0 volts

1 modulationhms, plate to plate,hms.

modulation choke for same,mps. ripal

tuboa aXgjMaFK

2 sockets for same, see specification of blower, above

ginal (continued)

2 filament transformers0ica50 volts

3 mfd.0 volts

Jenningsdenser mod.olte.



.eter, 0 volts





1 overloadmps.

contacts tomps.

Power Smrplies

1 powerolts0. input.


4 sockets for same

4 filament. tomps.



4 sockets for sane

4 filament. tomps*

humbuoklngmps,hokesmps. each.

1 Stainless, Inceetooke International3 Eastt. Hew . T.

adio Station

Moat poopla Dollar* that the studios, where tho artists act or records are played, are the most vital partadio station. But It is not so. The moot Important part is the plant, or the place where the antena or the trnnsmioBOrs are located. Almost all small radio stations have the plant and the studios together, and employ horizontal antenna, which are easily noted on top of roofB, supported by two moats. Toith the operation of one of theso mixed radio stations (otudlo and planthe easles action Is to over-throw the antena. either by pulling out the masts, or by unhanging the antena at one end whioh always rises or lowers by meansulley, end pulling out the othor end which stays up.

It la easy to take the traced see re off the airs

taking out ther little apparatus,quare shape ofnches (although somo fire round, and end in annd has noted ths frequency with whioh the transmissor operates). Ones the cristal lo token out, tho tranemlesor cannot

If what Is desired is to destroy the equipment permanently. It Is necessary to break the msJmcs tubes, and more Important, burn the trensformefs. This osn be achieved by disconnecting or closing the "interrum-torss de fnersa" switches and connecting one end or pel of the transformer to the ground or the ohmssla of the

Is necessary to havo particular care that no switch Is oo (prendidoecause thohave voltego capable oferson. They also have condensers whioh even after turning off (cortada) the energy, have enoughharge for several hours afterwards. The surest method Iseavy wire which is connected to the ground or to the chassis of the apparatus previously and afterwards nuking contact with the poles Of the If nothing happona then connect thiswell and current will flow. ammer one can proceed to destroy thewhich is inside the (its) box. Or one can oonnect th* two poles tohort circuit. Orrenade there.

e) When one is dealing with stations with th* plant separate from the studios, one proceeds asbove, or one proceeds to overthrow the antena. All the antenas or station towers nre mountedorcelainhiscan be broken, {first, ascertain that tho

Btatlon la not on the olr# because the radio-frequency oan burn fatally) Thocan be brokonime bomb, or with blaotaaohino gun or rifle, Inay that tho tower by its own weight falls to the ground when tho "aielador" supuortaken away. When one is doaling with towers with"four lege, it ie necoeosry to break et least two of theefore the tower or the antena oome to ground.

The following radio etationo have studio and plant separatei

Radiotudiosh Calls and 7th Avanioa, The plant is at Oampo do karte,'north side at the foot of the towers or antenas. Sound Is send by swans of telephone lino from the studios to the plant.

Radio Internedtudios at 6th Avenlda Bur Ho.nd the plant Is in Colle Real de Petapa andalle do la Roformlta.

Radio Huovotudios at 6th Avenldaltos, and the plant is att the ^ide of the Coca Cola plant on the highway to Amatitlfin. lock from the polloe garlta, thereransformer of the smpresa electrica at the entrance to the street whioh leads to the plant.

The antena le easily visible becauee iteet


Radio Li Vor, delaatudios atvenlda. Tho plant is on ths old road to Mixco,hey do notelephone line, butthe sound by meansrequency modulated transmlsBor. Ruining this transmiesor which is installed in the studios and the other whioh they have ac auxiliary, this station cornss off the air.

All the rest of the radio stations have Btudioe and plants together.


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