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Chief of Station,


1. Attached la an envelope ooatalnlng throe of the lapel buttons obtained In Mexico by the individual mentioned Ln paragraph 2of C

t fro*regarding C

activities. elate to tbe organisation of pixjaganda" teaw in -the towns mentioned. Pdghliehte were cabled to you alonTwithuent information that chiefa hare been .elected in all the towns except Quiche. efer, to an article in La Boraated

investigate Para-rapa IS concerns the possibility, previouslyoppositionists not associated with CALLIGfTtJS night atwtr

n**3 submitted the followingdata source is

who ieeniber of a

"The coverameot ic convinced that it cannot preventnvasion therefore attest* willo kill the leaders before

o Honduras on Ka> 20 4 to plan the aseaeelotion of CastilloCapitan Fernandet, Fecalra, and Coronel Flores.

Enrique LOPFZ and one BOHALTEK (fnu) nay be govorrownt ageate. They are believed to be in Honduras. Tha

1 ffg*nlWdia He writes to hie father regularly.

oportadlv under

Cdlda RCTES Barriosbeen enlisted by the Ouardia Judicialinformation from thebrother*.

gr0UDat the Caaa

Presidencial headed by Carloa BARRIOS Pefta. It baa baen formed


Par* 2

becausepparently do longer trust*and CRUZThe group la cosooMd of airty

'According to rumors In tie Palace, the clandestine rtdio Is believed to bo located in the baeencnt (aotanoe) of the Cathedral. For* believe it toortable station of hlRh(that Is moved fro* place to -lace).

/"Source states that the goverruaent ha.pecial grocp prepared to kill oil known anti-coBnunlst* and other oppositionists at the first .ilgn or an uprising.

"Theknows that Castilloai twobis disposal (one in Honduras; ooe in.

fovernaent receive* word dailyonduras mardiaj the activities of Castillo Amas.

army ie reportedly divided icto two groups-: the older officers, coa the younger officers. The older officers are del*rained toJunta* as soon at sn> action starts and then tryeal with Castillo lou anc the 'Americans*. Theofficer* areV>dly decided not tohot or else over to Castillo

sdetailed euwwr. offor

dccSrinc U Mo Hi

coi-rinced that ii" the recowwnced course of action ic

nothe overrarnt will accomplish thehing in theutlined Lbf this encloeur* and leave us wit. no sound basisroranandin siiered eupprcstion of thetc. lb"ithcourse of actioninded In thisuthave atJudCL l,wntatloc Dending consultation with yoyerr.ine if yoo prefer to twnfc on for reasons not known to us. advise eoonctt.


rz 3






Hagr-rdins the proposed closing ofipcrotatcs that he believes it would be r. eerlouD error totronc article, forcing tho governwont to close the paper.

It la hie belief that theeaction would not bo to close, physically, the paper. Rather, on tho chr.rges of conncctlcn th Castillo knots on tho outuide, the Geverrcocnt wouldthe members of the f_ end even the imprenta, "ID" Vain wouli* have the effoct of oliuttidevn the paper because of loch of Toonnel (and scere off anybodynd yetv* rnooirt would not have touched the paper.

It would also ^recent the governnentogical, position beforenledefending itselfubversive

view cf jxict chorees C

the arrest of these racrjbers VMlld notovebut cWU alno beto the securityothers. The nolice would work hard

to break these pri scnersf then arc juEt youths) nnc through then the trail would lead tc

1. trcng articleioted and ti:<sn thesable* be gotten out of the country. If the resronsnblc who sif/ns fcr the article is not at hand, thend the coreitc can legally be held responsible.

prefers tc "fcrce" the clotinc. in the

follcwinf- manners brir* out in the next issue, orfollowing that, the announcement that

io belnf forced to close because of threats against tho paper, the cocnlte, and tiie inprcnta. sue will print copies of these threats. To cake sure that the paper has "evidence" aa strcnr rs poBsible,C e sending letters through tho mall, threntenine dire consequences if thecontinues to be Tirintca.

This tyye closure winkVlmmWar for the :roupt as well ao serve to putand its supporters in the position ofdefend thetaieJvee iv^inst charges of roCtrlctingof the

7. Thisclosure will have to cccurhor- time, because with tho in^rep.eeva rmacrrttunst the appesitioc, the Ccbth cf Oscar

c^lch everyone attrihuteo tc the police, thehave toon mule ore. In at tho onealtlon.

hose nillinc to

contribute time nrd effort to brin^ins out the oaner and shnricj the rcni^nsihility for it crc boccminj; ieoo<ach day*



SOBJKT: Meeting Between^ ^ond

meeting occurredon Thursday night,ay. , - -

opies oi c Hkore paoaed to C 3 Aloo one marking kit for useampaign in writing on car windows.

In connections with the underground system to be set up, chiefs bare been selected in the following townai Guatemala, San Jose, Coban, Zacapa, Jutlapa, and Quesaltenango. (Leaving Vtazatenango, Quiche, and Puerto Barrios which still have to be studied.) These chiefs are to appoint their own deputies, and select whatever other personnel they will need. Data and otheron the personnel is being obtained.

Six mimeograph machines have been spotted to date in Guatemala. These will be purchasod as noon ao

Isosition to get them all aa nearly at thei-xroe ns possible, and personnel have been selected to make the purchases.

sought outC o find out if

any word haa Deen received conccrninc niB going, or his not going, to Hew York.

The father of the Rivera youth io going to Hondurasew days on businesa matters. t_ ill secure data on airplane flight,hich cansent to pawcho so tbat somebody can contact Sr. Rivera and he won't go around making public inquiries.

One of the medical examiners (attempt is being made to obtain name) who examined tho body of Oscar Luna reported

that Luna was dead before he waa put in the water at Lago Amatltlan. He baoea hlo opinion on the fact that the body bore marks of blows'on the neck, over the wye, and that the spots which foncdy_erson is dead were on thendicating that the body had at one tine been ntretched out on lte back. Then the body waa recovered from the water, it waa face down.

Furthermore, the police admit haTlng seen Luna Sunday morning. ody will not float after it has drowned until aroundours later. Uls body wasand recovered later during the day Sunday.

The article which appeared in "La Hora- of Wednesday of this week, relative to Sal aad case delay,

waB placed by the croup. Hone of the prisoners in reality are lacking lawyers. It le Just that those who have not been able to provide their own lawyer haveawyer appointed for them by the court. This naturally results in leck of interest, poor work (intentionallytc. The group io trying to obtain another lawyer to handle these cases, and perhaps hasten the matter.

10. The person who visited the prisonera at Salami recently states that the situation there hasreat change. The judge (Florcs) is no- very attentive and pave the visitor permission to have more time to see the prisoners. .

s pretty badly off at Salama (mental),

the visitor not to say anything

n. C Jis going out every

day to workJail office. This privilege has been

granted byFlores to placate the prisoners. The

prisoners,part, requested the visitorresentottle of liquor.

Tne prisoners earnestly request that nothing be publicized, particularly over the clandestine radio, about them there, nor about the change in thettitude, so as not to bring down any punishments and make their situation *crse.

They report that the clandestine radio is heard very clearly in Salami, pnd all theisten.

The people of the group in Salama are very wefcl, and anxious that action begin as soon as possible.

requests that PAKCHO bet 3ithe support of theof State and thatertain amount ofand presumably this armament could be used ln

an uprising previous to

Tbe gossip going around among those in the group in Salami la that tho alrplanoa of PAKCHO orelace in Nicaragua called "la montana del Le6n" or something similar.

A seRorof Saloma, who la the ex-director of the Penltenclaria de Guatemala (city) requests that he be mentioned to PAKCHO. He wants to go to Honduras, is insistent in this, and says that he can be useful. He is friendly to the group, and is known to PAKCHO.

Taking advantage ofbirthday, commentaries regarding Salama have been submitted to the.

Sunday,uis Caltan and Hanuel lionroy. Secrctario General of the Orion Campesinand Secretsrio of PRC (Gaitan) arrived at San Hateo, Antigua, anC other -laces in the area, calllnf together tlx people and tellinr them that they now had arms and that they wanted all those who were in agreement with the -overament and willing to defend it, tc sign upook whichnd lacnroy had. They also promised to give money to those so sifninf.*. nens signed. They then asked if there -ere any prisoners who ranted to sign up. tfellinr them they weulc" be given iRased! ate liberty. Isaul Csrcla Jimenez (Ir.drcn) and Ernesto Peres (striking and wounding his parents) and several other prisoners (names unknown)their release, by signing up,

Kcnrcy and Gaitan told the signers to be ready at all times, and that cars would be sent to pick them up.

21c. iionroy and Gaitan also said that any student or person who looked liketudent passing through these places in excursions, trips,hould be searched -forcibly Ifnd if they refuse, or propaganda is found or their persons, or paint,hey should be beaten up or lyncbed0 Those taking part in this type activity need have no worry over possibly; consequences, becauee the government would back them up in any action ap-ainstti-Comnaini ate.

22. These two government representatives also said that all the enti-Communist canpeeinos In the area should be watched, and controled, so that the day hey receive word, the anti-Cotamuni sts can be scleed and

25, Thereroup of persona, recommended by

(who is knownwho want to go

toen. to

he wants these persons.

The XxnprjutE cartoonsi th theradio are coming out in volantes and should appear within the next fee days.

The next meeting Between C- "'end C n scheduled for Saturday mornine,ay.


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