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Provocation Plana

be follcvinr. tentative suggestions are subadtted for your consideration and possible further study. They are based on these basic assumptions!

E-Dayeeobed tritfeMOO. days since weather conditions, politleal eonsldaratione and Increasing security riska do not peratit further postponesento,

It Is unlikely that the Project object!re can be achieved by the mans originally. primarily by CAIXIGERIS* Invading forces.

It is desirable that the everts which lead to theof the Guatemalan Gcvemnent should at the saneeither divert responsibility further way from the Otiited States government or, on the contrary, provide justification for United States or even international (Panaoerican) Intervention.

subnlt that under these clrcuastancec,ompact seriesboth domes tic and foreigni.e. inside Guatenela andattributable to Guatemalan government and cowiunist forcesaayhave the desired result. The additionoreign ;ro vocationproportions appears aiandatory since only action outside GuatenalaJustification for "interference vith the internal affairsn the eyes of international lav as veil as in the eyes

of Quetenelan and international pjblie opinion.

nost believable case oforeign provocation vould seen

toimulated Guatemalan aggression against Honduras. Recent development? there, tief not Guatemala-provoked) strike, recall oftemalen consuls for interference in that strike, today's revelations by Soajoza'e "spokesman"all combined will make virtually any forthcoming hosti


believable for aanyr,l in Honduras


I.. XkN proposed provocation in Honduras vfgbt be bailI up around

botA. of Soviet origin explodes under Calves' car, just one 'aftflrgot outinute before he got Into the

cart the would-be assassin is to be arretted and vlllheembcr ofenborship book ine vas introducedeading POTortunynow "ill- M) sitterythical Soviet officerbetter, to one cf the actually reported foreignInvolved In tho armshoappaallng to hladealisn to aaslst Inof ibodhzras by killing Gel rec. Sow roubleapaa sportoviet, Polish orvisa, might be found on

group of Guatemalans Is capturedonduras borderthe GiatLualan border, but on Ponduran territory,Soviet arms, with military mops, etc. ember of the

group'vlll adnlt that they axe advance eceutsorce about to cross thehis should be coordinated ith actual norenents of Ouatemalan troops in the sane general area to lend credence to the story,)

plane vith Guatemala air force insignia should appeardropping leaflets which announce that the Guat troopcliberators, calling upon th- *or'a?r$ and peasants toforces cf dictator Calvex, etc. he sarw announcementnade by radio over the wave length of an official The leaflet* may bo printed in the? form of *edition of the soul-official Gnat PJario da Centre America.

able from tha Soviet Ambassador In Mexico,the presuaabls leader of the Honduraoatlonal Palace, Tegumight conveythe succeBsful liberation andoviet loan andeducational and cultural help" to build up ain Honduras,

5, Action elonn the above lines might be supplemented by vhutaver local action the situation there permits, for Instance, provoking the local coaarjniats Into rioting before government buLldinns, or tho like. The details of the entire plan ought to be discussed thoroughly

^CAIXIOERIS, before action Is decided upon.

possibility cannot be excluded lhatprovocation attemptabove type nay succeed'"too well", that is, that the local conaunii to and

other encodes of the regime, already- -araed and otherwise emjourmged by- Guat,

aay consider our provocation the signal and may proceedr&ircv'ihsi.apparently weak and vavering Qalvec regime. It will'

to arrange . amphibious or airborne force to stand by Bnfflcientlyread- to interveneonent's notice if the aituetion should get out of hand, his intervention vould then be lepitiiatc aid under the OAS trjtAiel assistance pact since. troops vould enter by request ofrom there, ito possible, to havo the troojis advance into Guatenala, still as aid to the defense of Hohduras, if this is desired.)

eries of provocations should be set offstarting several days before action in Honduras begins* -Thisbe initiated vith' inoidents like they" "

Setting fire eitlierFCO-owned finca, or to the houseeal thy Guat land cvrer, findinp the shelloviet-node Incendiaryanalmearby.

Kidnapping some people vho are witl-cowaunist androminent, perhaps even pretending narderi for"infltanoe, the wife end children of en Anerlcen business nan dlsne night find bloodstained vomen'e clothes at the shore of'a nearby lake or swamp and some clues indicating that the Burderess and/or kidnappers were com-ranisrude Inscription "Death to all Capitalists" with sickle and ha-jwr on the wall of the house, or the like.

hurchemetery,ational shrine like the Cathedral in Antigua, for instance, by painting Lenin'sis Opium for theould fit in with our black leaflet fros the "fighting Godless")

lack communist leaflet, giving the ideological Justification for the above acts, proclaiming people's terror

against domestic capitalists and their church, allies ac- well as against foreign imperialists and interventionists.

a fev days of the above haveufficiently strongofomxunlst terror, counter measures would set in,blowing up POT offices, attacking hornet of conmunist officials,nerve, var"ee instructionspart JJ) to If technically feasible, the forcitle liberation of theve strong symbolic,ffects. This might at tSe

esjiic time hove valueiversionary msnoeuver.


inside Uuat swat be properly coordinated vith oventsaainbove. It light be beat toaytwofterlnn1 ng of areata in HcoriuJfls, "Tbatle-lnrxlghtprovided by the black broadcaat au^caatad In para uhicbimitate Irbena1 voice or readstatement attribatad'to Mail bo the signal for the assasainatloc ofthe othersncVidlngthat list*)

an in no posit lor. to Judy* to vj.lch extent it will stllito carry out originalplans any furtherbut theeTentsln tho present aeaio, if aeccQpanletf byproperly exploited by ell remain lny PBSXCC9 aasota adroitltiation in uiilchmall force could orcrthrowaasualac of course, that the Quatriendlyleaat neutral attitude tovarda



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