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can be done except by external action, it belied the repeated assertionhe Army is anti-Communist and will not permit the Communists to gain control. It is impossible to recall any other country in the Hemisphere where the Army

has been so soft and Ineffectual Ineneral danger to tho national

welfare; in country after country, the armed forces have exerted their influence

at the proper time to turn back Communist Inroads, and they have not waited

for the inter-American system or the big brother offor


as very depressed and said he feels he must get out by the end* of this month. He has the opportunity for another Job beginningnd

does not want to pass it up. Laurence asked him whether he would openly loave


his position and denounce the Communists at the same time, aa he had long ago offered to oment, said that he has two brothers, three sisters and his parents in Guatemala and wondered what would happen to thesy be thon eald that he would adhere to what he had promised before and that he will resign publicly, denounce the Communists, including Arbenz, and call on his countrymen to rise up against them; he will say or write anything we suggest, Lawrence told him that ifew others felt id and had the came courage the problem would long ago havo been settled.


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