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Sourooi romrom Oscar Humberto TOLEDO of the CO TO

historical review programsanitized

Instructions reoelved byCommunist Labor Leadera

who traveled to Mexico lntoay



Guatemalanerson baring contacts in labor olroles (C)uatemalan

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1* It waa amoertalned on SO4 thatax mi am andJirgiUo OLTEBJU.of toeOeoeral de Trabajadorea de Qnetemmlm (CwTO))travel ad to Tapaohula, Kaxloe,oepril and returned to Qoeaaltenaoao, Ouatamala onpril. The purpose of their trip, vol oh bad been ordered by CTAL ftenoral feoretary Vloente UKHARDO Toledano, waa to reoelve lnetruotlona for defeating "react! one ry" and "interventlonlet" maneuvers on the part of edemamrea oppoaed to the ARBEHZ regime ln Ouatemalm,

8. On4 it was aaoertalned that the lnatruoUona referred to, whioh have been passed to Ceamtuniet eellm In Puerto Barries, leeapa, Cblqulmmla, becnldtla, Cuyapa, and preraubly eleeabere, were ae follow 1

Halted /root of workers and peaaants nut beall possible means.

agitation among workers and peasants auat beconflict* aaist be exploited with the ulUawte aim ofto cover ell Industry and cceestroe. If no currente found to create them by preealng for further pay reime/'Tring*

Central Committee* of the COTO and thede Campeslnoe de Ouatemala (CmOCf) must receive fall rapport fromand file and ln turn most give their own full support to peasantconnection with the application of^Agrarian/Reform.

he spirit ofagainst foreign monopolies (United fruit Company, IMCA,eriall ear and intervention by. SUte Department ln the Internal affaire of Guatemala most be kept high.

The United Front auat become the main political forceworkers and peasant* under the direction of the Partldo Gaatemalteoo del Trabajo (POT). Its first electoral battle la to take place during the forthcoming campaign for tbe election of Deputiea to the Netional Congreaa,

rlwbws RYbAT


where too POT (cosnranlst party) mist succeed In electingof thoo.

Tho principal leadere of the Various labor groppa must maintain conatant unity with th* (heads of tha POT and mat alao express publloly end constantly their adheranoe to and eupport of tha ARBSHZ government.

0. Both the POT and the other labor groups mist constantly aaaa:of infiltrating their leaders into the governmental structure, the batter to control the government's aotlons.

HI Eaoh member of tba workers1 and peasants' organisations must keep constant watch over reatlonary activities on the part of both Guatemalans and foreigners. If possible, acta of aggression or sabotage agalnat tbe government then ba attributed to local and foreign reactionary.

I. All members mist be Indoctrinated with ths neoeasity ofovernment of the working olssses, wholly Identified with the workers andovernment truly of the people and for the people, which will arise from the United Hub Front.

J. Laat$ and mosthe workers and peasants smst be prepared to take an active partomsterfirevolutionary movement aimed at tha overthrow of the ARBENZ government, which must be exploited to enable the popular maoaea to salsa power.

ource Comment!^

-Informant did not state whether the oounter*revolutionary movenent was being organised by the labor groups and the fecasnranistor whether the latter meant to take advantage of the movement which the opposition has been preparing for some tine

Aeld Comment!

There have been other reports concerning the intentions of the(communist* ln the eventounterrevolutionary movement. Available Information indicates that they would attempt to defeat any such movement and probably attempt to seise power themselves.


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