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kzt-o: On Command Posts

I. There will toe two command posts in the field.

A. The general CP, consisting of Pancho The Majoron Ricardo, Juan Jose, Manuel

ection should consistessage center (couriers t<

see para U)ection to keep books on tactical logistical deployment (see 2nd nemo on drops).

3. The advanced CP, consisting of Col. Fox,,> and u,ryptographer,rotective platoon ofifles,ings, will travel with the HANK group.

TT. The above accomplishes two purposes:

the two possible leaders for preservation purposes

morale of men by having one leader committed alongside.

advanced CP would assume full cceraand in the event of abortion ofof forward movement of Pancho's CP less DR, JJ,O's as outlinedV.

general command post will be formed as follows:

A. he present command post should be depleted of gear, thecommand post moving to the HANK staging area.

On this date Pancho and Staff will depart on the much publicizedother Central and South American countries for the purpose ofand solidifying anti-communist forces". On this date, phillipe willfo. Ricardo foi

By cmsarmor &house , .

(probably the one selected for the incoming radio operators sent by ABE) will have been stocked0 day stay byeople to serve as the general CP.

ancho and entourage will be pulled during the layover atdaywith Don Ricardo will reenterapprox

to assemble at tne safe house above.

V. When "Ingo reports (verified iy t'^P't) that Aurora has oeen securede capital city ij under tactical control,uM.oriues by ralio, Puncho will proceed to thelown byrom Toncantinill land at Auroraeception party set up by "in&o. ilere the command radione x'ornierly utilized by

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