Created: 6/8/1954

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Peresatter last night fron

f eferring back to the original Peres teletype, vo interpret tha current let tar as saying that tho case of rifles, ssnanitionand unassembled artillery places the Guatemalanurled to iapllcate OF Co will be *diacovered"nd U

, tha Ouateaalan Arm-

officerr who was Poren'e orlglnil infornant. L 3olnlms tohara written frca Bsnanera, the DF Co finca where Peres was Agricultural Superintendent, Ha also apparently claim C J

1ray-planted aw

cache in uT Co packing cases.


tna letter to Bra. Perot, who has rsnsinad in Guatemala, Kro. Peres gave one copy to an unidentified OF Co nan In QuatenaOa. andeeond copyrland who was flying to New Orleans. It waa this second copy the friend delivered to Pores last night.

uoting Mrs. Pares, said that Ouatemlnn KTSr PereJ^ Eananora*ithln tha last few daye look-


Dear Friend i

Aa wa bad arranged earlier in earill be there (Banansra)une with ay otovnrde to sake arrangements for tha distribution of the eaaea of whiskeynpagne so that tha stewards vill be vail trelned for the party that will take place between the 6thh per our previous conversetlon.

as elected for such anill let you know la plenty of tins snddo nofef) have the pleasure of seeinges-sin sincerely your friend.

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