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Ting EROs Into place;

organisers into place j

pro gran elaed at the Amyj and

Internal naterial needs by air drop*

above steps conform essentially with the views of LXHCOLfl. however, toasis for acre precise ccoparlaon,doe sly related to Internal WSBUHHT ope will be briefly listed. be noted that Has, through tbe cable traffic le already on noticecoves. Bringing then together in one place, however, should ba useful.

A. Ct,

(1} Thereotal ofrganisers to beoordinator for thaor areas other than theenser, Oooe, Bond, Hank, Prank, etc,o the Gravy areas surrounding the capital. Despite the partial roll up of the Internal organisation, CalUgorla1 staff in WSHDOFS has been able to provide each organiser,xceptions, with the naaeontact believed unaffected by information obtained from SEMANTIC. xceptions ore all nan assigned to the capital

wbo loft onay before tha SQUHTZC Incident waa an issue. There ie no evidence that these nan have bean lost and Calliper la believes that the coordinator for tho capitol who baa now been thoroughly briefed will be able to locate then. This coordinator as well as the remaining organise re have already started toward their assigned posts or are ready to do to. 8. Radio Operators

One radio operator left onay for his poet at Career, The SBUWTIC episode, however, ooourred before delivery of hie set and other gear could take place so that efforts are still being mads to enable him to become operational. The remaining six RRO* are individually ready to go but details regarding the delivery of their seta, establishment of Initial oontaot, etc. are not as yet resolved ao It will stillew days before they leers*

C, Sab leaders

There areab leaders in all. They are slated to go in very icon in order to recruit the additional personnel needed to make op each teaa, which, of course, varies In relation to the target assigned. Each Sab Leader will take with hla material sufficient for hla assigned task or tasks. In addition to thepecial Sab Instructor was despatchedune to Bond, D, Special Teams

On Ii June u, psj with enough equipment for Instruction purposes were despatched to the Caesar area to do some organising and instruct loo. Two additional members of this group have been



held In WShDGFS es couriers. These were not members ofut were made up of men who exf iltrate..

In the near future two teemsen each are being sent to Mexico arriving on or aboutune for entry Into the western part of WSBURNT for opeoiflc sab adssions. Tbey plan to be at their targets onune* K. Shock Troops

This anyisnomer at the moment but it le intended to convey relatively large groups,an each, with specific missions of attacking or blocking particular areas or enemy troop movemonta. They have begun to move to their staging sites on the Honduran border andeek should be ready to nova with such gear aa tbey can carry. Tha tlaM a* whioh tbey will sore will depend on factors within USBURHT. but they will beeadiness basis. It Is not necessary to draw on these unite for tho harassing teams elnoe these can be formed from individuals who have exf titrated end were not counted on as part of the original planned number. (See "Hornets". Hornets

These are teams, probablyan each, made up of individuals who have exf titrated into WS HOOPS on their own and without orders. There are roughly ISO of such individuals. The teams will consist in so far aa possible of individuals from the ease locale, will be trained quickly on almple elements of harassment, and then esnt back after the preparatory steps cot forth in the foregoing



paragraphs have been completed. Although consideration ehould ba giron In positioning these teens to their hone areas, emphasis will hsTe to bo placed on the rear or western areas of the country. Their mission will be to hound the Communists, do seas simple sabotage but to ley off soldier* unless actually attacked. 0. Air Support

STSCARP now has7 aircraft with crews at SOMERSET; on*i7 with crew att Tonoontln in Tegucigalpa witht SOMERSET without pilot} and hopes to8 Boon with pilot and possiblyith pilots. All ground pereonnel as well as armorer are hired or spotted. In addition If desirable STJKURP can hare athough there Is no plan to take advantage of this at the moment.

A capacity now exists, therefore, for leaflet or supply dropsimited scale and ln the near future daytime leaflet drops will be possible or escorted supply drops. il. Movement of Materiel

At present very little materiel has been sent from WSH00FS. Someuitcases with pistols,, Ammo, and demo, gear have been carried into WSBOIOTTons of equipment have been sentuno) black through DTFROGS on the way to WSUURHT. As already Indicated some gear will enter with Sab. Leaders and more with the shock troops if, as and when they enter.

In addition there ore Bone farther planai

(ajone flovn by WS HOOFS Al* (Col.o H. Otepeque farm where It will be picked op aod brought Into WSBURNT overlandi

ons under cover of an Amy arna aovaaent to la Cedhaoat, already purchased, will wove it for transshipment or pick-up off or near the mouth of tho Hayagraa River, Just oast of Bond.

Flying loads of0 lbaL Zlripe within WSBURNT.

(d) haa carried pome

gear and may carry eona more on eubeeanont trips. He bas

a diplomatic passport.

(a) ons from South CoastFSUHHT coast. No boat haa aa yet been obtained for this operation and It la unlikely that it will be foes ibis. ractical matter it can be seen fron the above that air supply, as suggested ln the Bisaell paper, is the only method wbich canufficient amount of materieleasonably short period. This method Is considered perfectly feasible and the capability exists. 3. Before recommending actual steps to be taken,eration must be given to the necessities of the situation. In this connection it ia believed that an smatlng unanimity exists as to moat, If not all, of tha main points aa far aa LINCOLN, Its field stations, tho governments of


DO?LUSH tad WSHoOFS, thegroup and the ambesslse In WSBURST and US HOOTS axe concerned. Also, the fiaesell paper, if representative of Hqe. thinking, seams to be in essential accord. The basic premise is that earl/ action la vital or the CALLIGERIS group ehould be forgottenew long range KUBARK or ODACID approach should be substituted. Early action will be further elaborated below but in general it means as soon as reasonable operational readiness can be achieved, which granting air drops can be within the nuxt week or ten days. The reasons for such early action are i

inaction will permit tbe regime to continue

its Internal roll up unopposed, which will not only weaken potential resistance bat depress resistance moraleangerous degree.

effort to reorganise internal organisationpresent form wouldong, complex buildingla out of the question so far as retaining external assets

Is concerned and provides no assurance that the time involved would not permit regime consolidation ratherreater capacity to overthrow.

the evidence points to the fact that thela as ripe ao lt will ever be for forceful action. campaign, leaflet drops, to mention some of ths PP factors,knowledgeovement was underway has caused aand anticipation. The arms shipment plusforced on the regims have required lt to clarify asthat the issue Is Communism or non-Communism. Failure to

act during tha paat three or four weeks haa already begun to create doubts as to tho existence of an affective opposition which have been emphasised by an Internal roll-up ao far unopposed* Continued inaction

would be fatal,

Tha only existing assets whioh nAlJ.TQRPTB haa to Mobilise internal action now are substantially ready ln WSHOOFS,ailure to use then would result in either their loss orholly abortive unsupported effort on their pert,

a. hvennlng the ccaplete failure of the CALLIGERIS assets* still action is urged. Such failure would be due either to an inaccurate os Una to of the internal situation, inadequate performance by tha

TJ.IflKhgi elaoente or both. If the estlaato is wrong, then little

can bs done. If the local citiaonry doesn'thange, no outside

effort of lOBAJil proportion will do the trick. If poor performance occurs, this Is inherent ln the quality of the people and won't be changed with time. The aen are trained, have been brought to the right psychological pitch and have, frca every available Indication, the noet favorable Internal situation now.

fe Proa the point of view of tha OAS conference It le strongly felt that action le essential. Itairly safe bet that WSBUBHT willhite Paper or its equivalent accusing at least. and probably. plue others, of intervention, aupportlng an invasion, foaonting revolution aaong other things. Moreover, itretty aafo bet that such allegations will be supported by considerable circumstantial evidence, if not more. What such evidence

alght bo ia uoknown bot It would be unrealistic not to BMuee it* existence. With this lnuiet WSBlBaT would neon the neediplomatic, legal type diecussion of the evidence or at least formal denials. If some turmoil exists ln WS BURNT or If, mirablle dictu, Arbenz is no longer Mr. Big, the Issue is much elmplor. Evidence of internal dlaaatlafaotlon Is the beat proof that It la WSBURNTEJS not outside re who are the problem. "Take the beam out of your own eye" beoomeo an appropriate retort end the situation rather than augment should destroy the Commie allegations.

effect of pre-election campaigning andwill soon be felt. When it gets worse whichould wellolitical football or atsupport might be withdrawn. This would be the and,move had not already occurred.

reins alao are underway and aa baa often beenwillerious problem by early July If not sooner.

.,. Granting tbe aooepted need for action, what should it bet Essentially we are In accord with the five Blsaell suggestions. An addition exists which Blsaell could not Include ainoe the facts were unknown at LINCQI* and Has. until after he had written his paper. This la the evidence ofrace who will make up the Hornets, Consequently It la unnecessary to use the men now assigned to Shock Troops for this purpose sod the Shock Troops can be held ready to enter when the moment appears appropriate.

5. LDicoiA'S proposal to carry out the Missell guidance la as

folioVP I

a. Send in organisers, who ln fact have gone.


in Sab leaders who in fact bave pone,

in SROb who are substantially ready to go.

the Shock Troops for action when given the word.

in tbe Hornets who should be readyays.

out all plans for sending in gear that arethan air supply.

Have air oupply ready to function which should be byune.

6. authority should then be given LIN Com to undertake such leaflet or supply drops as it considere appropriate. Leaflet drops would probably be few but ehould be ready to do depending on situation, including authority to make daylight drops from8 if the plane is obtained, la in good shape and can be properly rigged.

7- Supply drops cannot be fully anticipated but at the momentlans loads in seven different areas are contemplated plus additional drops if trouble start*. The DZs have been selected (different from those known to SEMANTIC) carefully plotted and drawn. Tbe gear has been packed and tho chutes are at SOMERSET.

8. Authority for supply drops ehould begin not later thanane. Whether or not drops will then be made will depend on weather, existence of reception coxaalttees and other factors which can only be determined at the tine. Drops may then continue for each of four nights. Thereafter, Internal reactions will largely be the guide. If favorable, the shock troops will be despatched and the total effort under way.

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