Created: 6/8/1954

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historical review program release as sanitized

Chief of Station, Guatemala Oporational

KDGOWN Operational Report (ESSENCE)


letter sent to ua aa an encloaure toreparatory Co-silt tee for an Organisation of the Militantas turned over to ESSEHCE ae statedrevious report, but he has alnce stated that he waa unable to make distribution before the SEMANTIC compromise temporarilyuspension of operations. Thla matter will be handled as soon aa possible.

You probably have noted that copies of Issue No.f El Rebelde submittedrevious report contained the following articles furnished by Lincoln personnel: La ley de emorgencla economics es una ley comunlsta; Pareque se hlzo el plsto, nucha Como so ganfia causa del coraunlsmo; Guatemala es un pals de credlto socialists; O'oa,ilates del nrundo. ESSENCE has atill not determined the whereabouts of lsauo No. IB of the paper; as far aa he knows It ia atill In the printers or at the Casa da la Llbertad (CEUA headquarters}. To dateof the black elements of the ESSENCE complex la proceeding alowly but satisfactorily, but nothing haa been accompllahedthe overt unit*. CEUA ia temporarily adrift due to the arrest of Gabriel KARTIHEZ del Kosal. We will keep you advlaed of progress in this connection.


3 "ho resideses oeen selected aa the chief of the underground team at that place in com.'lianee with Required supplies and equipment hive been provided. Thisotal of five teams completely organized. rally reported that Uulche' will be organizedatter of days. The delegates from Zacapa arrived in the capital during the hectic daya imrodliitely following theTIC compromiseSEKCE could notcontact with them. For security reasons It probably will take some time to re-establiah contact and compfe to organization of the team at that place. Contact with potential team personnel in Mazetenango and .tut la pa haa also been brokentemporarily for security reasons. Youopt Informed on this matter as progress is made.

4. Attachedelf-explanatory contact report fromelating

to his meting with ESSENCE Note that tho Hold

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paeudoiyib^oa. cr.anred fro* AT,3Ei?T0 to :'AiUO.

i'MAj-VIC reported that tiieT0 was inclulydin nouie of the papers seized by eovarnraent amentaKVM wasto discontinue use of tnat paeudonym on his reports. ovgrnmentANTlG.jMEg. auarg of. the_trug_

Georce L. 'Yar.rer





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