Created: 6/2/1954

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and record sheet

INSTRUCTIONS:esignations should be used in Iho "TO" column. Under eachine should be drawn across sheeteach comment numbered lo correspond with tho number in Ihe "TO" column. Each officer should initial (check mark inmfftoent) before further (ouiinj. Thii Routing and Record Sheet should be returned to Registry. Q, JUJJ


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Nuabor of Pascal aport Kada by:


Nunber of

Appro-redrT^D. PLATOOH

By copy to

uatcmala City

-1 i


Source Cryptomi None

Subjecti Guatemalanof Info:

Seeking Ho re Funds

Data Received:

Place Acquired: Guatemala, Guatemala City

Date of1

Source: Member of Partido Guateaalteco de Trabajo (POT) (C)

Appraisal of Content: 2

1- Tt In mnnrtad that Vbo plans of local Communists toentral American Youth Festival have been altered, and -the* the proposed conference hasi^J movedNip from October toU. The reason behind this shift^ that the Partido Ouatcraaltaco de Trabajooccupied vith the current state of affairs, particularly with the activities of the clergy and the opposition. Therefore,ecent meeting of the Saker-Ti group, which comprises most of the prominent Communist youth leaders in the country, it was agreed that the October conference should be postponed. It was also pointed out that the October date might be connected In some way with the Guatemalan revolution, and that it is important that tho conference be regardedentral American affair.

2. Because of the activities of the opposition and the aiiU-Communists it Is argued byleadersrogran of reinforcement must be pushed. The party budget must be expanded, and consequently the dues of those members who are in arrears must be collected, the faceeed for more funds, the yarty directors have received news that tho volume of resignations has been Increasing. During the first week ln, forersona were reported to have left the Party. This state of affairs, coupled with the increased pressure of the opposition on the ARBENZ reeLme. has alarmed POT leaders.

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