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opooad the discussion by givingbrief resume of his activities

io Washington on Tuesday) atatad tbat he had talkedand

that the attitade In Washington at prasant is pratty good.

There isery strong feeling in Washington tbat ARSSHZgoj hov does not matter. There were no daeialona as to what abould ba done froai here on(suggestions should como froa PBSXCESS) but Jast that eoaathing shoold be done. They will be valtlng for our ruconsandotions aa 'to future activities.

help froatheat all but aa far as other activities

are concernao, he feels it is up to us.

stated that operationally ve needed to look the situation ill our actions must be centered around the fnutaiulan arny. eport fron- tated that following that there would

be goneral dlscuaslon oo that report. interested in tbe operational

plan for the sooth of June, nost particularly the courae of action to be followed during the nextays needs to be decided and set op for I'M, PP and certain specific FI targets.

began by discussing the recent loss in tbe target,country and

opinions of personnel in tba field as to what it entails. It is cot likely that army identities will be disclosed nor is it liknly that thereey list of civilians. The worst that could happen would be for the army identities to be disclosed and the army to take action end therm ba no re-contact. Several other possibilities "ere discussed.

that the lastundlas of cargo were ready

atatad they ware going in on tonight'shs orgaolsers are

briefed and ready to go. The wan who has gone to Guatemala is briefed onsabotage situation in Guatemala City. He knows tba aabotage setthe city and is eupposed to organise that. troops are assignedto leave; leader and staff were to remain at hooae to start briefingexcohtiro officer and platoon leaders are to leave Tor tho Tineasorganlzera oould be started tonight by cabletand his staff are


Generalthoughts ofbrought out that "RUFUS ia sure not

aa has never delagatad authority| It ia alaoat too big forhadand the other AneVicans aettaff.his

S-Jj for sabotagend le helpinget up an lotalligencaneeded at this point to help on tactics.


At first Ithat there- evidently no cooperation fro*end

It vaa thought tbat ho was purposely stalling. Further dovolopm-inte broughtit vas Merely that he had not been told whet to do and vbe-nwhere

the gear waa wanted. It want immediately. Inons verahealmost on thaby tba next afternoon. Ko uncsual'trdubloB cr

difficulties vereust the normal run.said he voold fly

5 tons of equipjrcnt any day we let them know ve wanted thea

On Plan 6 The boat purchase price iand if

ve do not burn it, we can re-sell it. He was going to La Colba to look at It.

They are waitinge con ran to return. The ami is at tho nouth ofat Pto. Barrios. It ia proposed to unload the oqolpn-fnt off the coast-

In discussions of the groups, relatlvo sixes, etc. it vaa pointed our thatmay be mors than we can possibly ara. Ifdrop at night, tbebe seen but the arms might be ncssed up by dropping.has set aside

8 cases which will fill up the available parachutes. is packaging and thereeserve supply,is all right


Outavo access to radiojcf- "

en who recentlyout of Guatemala did not do so underthen out. re nowby one

platoon the shock troops to Jutiapa. As of today itec are going to the fsr -e. Theseare being gro.padsn groups and are to be taught to vorkeam CALLICiftlS thought that if these last named groups could be bach in and starting tcays before the actual day, it would really confuse the issue. Ksn arc to be Sent back to their own area.

rford has been sent In to knock off the recruitln; and stop sendingout.

S(hock troops can be organized and in position to go; we are capable ofIn there, capable of handling emergency within li days. Coban is thewhere they feel concerned at all. There is an organiser to go in there,organiser is not knownknows none of thea). There is an

organiser forn fact, forf the target areas.

Sab loaders will bo briefed during this cslnfr week. There are people paving with suitcases. Hone of the volunteers have boen turned back with arras yet.

about the methods of communication in

this was explalmd to him. Hessages(cablc) are passed in ator'.le

formre Terencealthough an indication is aade to the reference

throughto tho tort.

Under the deception plan RCFUS will net it up so that be will obviouslyPanamaJi. lie will go to thermbassy9tft&rBm5rndisa

6 and5 he willPanama. He will, in

addition, arrangeour throogn other countries.dvance All members of the staff apparently will breait up.

Rovever, RuTUS wiU go back with hia staff by black flight and will mootothera at a Tho only onai out ln on thie plan vere

mSFUS. The American operators will bo at the aafehousa where thla

take place.

Statue of the( Jsignal plan waa queatlonned. ( hen to thedays age. RDTVS knows these aro his eo-acunlcstions with the

government has not been told thatadio and abould ba.Whethert_is would be identified with RUTHS or would be an official radiosaid it would be laid on through It was

also questioned as to BBSS's explanation for the radio.

There has baen no word on the ROs yet. Two radios havo gone in, one is in Quezalter.ango. The two vnicn were sent to the unbassy arc still there.

the statesent t'wt inays the 'J.S, could paralyze

1 i economically.

e leaflethe Cuate-mlan eevernearnt saidnoto it was but that it oust haveell-equippedsince Guatei.iala did not even ^et tieir fighter planus off tho ndexcited about the leaflet drop.

he tninks it isn't punching back quickly enough.

diicussed and tha possibilitysing him,) Cessna, etc.

/ Surinc lisable )was received re this subject andt,.oseill land his maintenance man and private strip across

the way for Cre Cessna.

intorssiedne reliability of ground signals in operation

Tncy ara ot wary reliable.

isnov in will ins to9 or anything vi want hln

tc9 u',e.

was asked if ha had heard anytilng of Calderon Cuardia's nego-

tiations witT ?eroz Jimenez in Venezuela.

General discussion ofssets,ide and potentiality followed. It vas agreed that thevould do as they are directed but would not be able to carry out toolan.

tnat Messrs.prepar?

s rssta) draft of suggested or conta-aplaUd activities for tho nextays and turn them in before leaving today. This would be the period throughune.

h>.checked on the spates or the terror broadcast and said it wc.-l

be readyays if notice wire iven. It can last frowinutesours as desired.



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