Created: 6/10/1954

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following eoclsions woro approved at Hoatiqimrtorg on and wore chocked by Playdon with Aacbaai

oiapatch of all organixero, all hOa,and Hornets,

dispatch of MANCIO againstnd U.

The authority to make supply drops at such tines and places as ore deemed appropriate by LIB CO IN recognising that conelane loads would be die patched li oonoceutive nighte starting Thoeo drops would be7 aircraft, would be American crews proeentlr employed on behalf of


Ii. The purchase ofSnd If possible of 2if received by him.

Toe uec of such fighter aircraft for leaflet drops and if necessary for escorting supply drops.

Although authority was given to load the guns on any of thetrict prohibition woe Issued against any air ground attack and air to air combat was United to casesi&hter ie attacked and combat is unavoidable one where on escort missions, such boabat la essential to protect tho pl^no escorted. Any pilot disobeying these Instructions Is to be sent hone with no further pay. Katexiel such as boabs and possibly napalm may oe stockpiled at FJ HOPEFUL but not moved to f'dKEREET.

Headquarters approval nust be obtained for useground attack or dispatch of the materiel fron UQJftW to GOHfaftSfcT for use.

6. The Cessna UiO and theon be used as doomed appropriate by LINCOLN Including such-overflights as inty be approved provided that such overflights are flown by cither C he Columbian plLot recently recruited.

The shock troops may be released for action either in support of internal activity wliich may come on its own or at such tine deemed appropriate* by LINCOLN in order to trynrk ir.trinal aetic

ix is.viimi

*;UTracy Earncs

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