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ProgressBSUCCESS for tiialiU


The following events of operational significance occurred during the reporting period:

Guarantees have been suspended in Guatemala forof thirty days,igorous press censorship has Reports indicateumber of anti-Communistsarrested in Guatemala, while others have soughtand were granted safe conduct to some neighboringthese persons was SECANT who is now in El Salvador. RAZMAKA are at present in hiding in Guatemala.

interrogation of the ALFilEM crew was completed in Habanaweekt The results of this interrogation will be the subjectseparate report being prepared by Nr.WW).

SAHARA is now in progress.

black flights were completedduring theof which also flew intc c CI Two flights departedAir Force Base on Ui June destined forand miscellaneous items.

D. MALLEK arrived in El Salvador on UiV

0. Shock troops and radio operators have crossed the border intoand the dropping of arms and supplies has been begun.

unsuccessful in making contact with Venezuelan President

rBREZ Jimenez and/or other interested parties in Venezuela in the interest of PBSUCCBSS. He fared somewhat better in Colombia where he was able to talk with influential members of the government. It had been contemplated that upon completion of his business in Bogota ho would return to Caracas and make another effort to see CALDERON Guardia or PEREZ Jimenez. The time required to obtain the necessary visa, however, precluded his making the trip. Consequently he will proceed to Honduras to confer with CALLIGBRIS.

K Program was halted temporarily by the departure of Grahamfrom Guatemala. After several days conference at Lincoln,that he would like to return to Guatemala and re-examineof his program and present capability ofof the Army tooup or compliment the effortsi.e. CALLIGERIS. However, the Guatemala Station is ofthat his returning once againourist at this timBand unwise.

J. Lincoln currently plans to accredit WELLRAHK as thewith President OSORIO of El Salvador. to make contact with OSORIO throughP ave beento

K. Some concern has arisen both at Lincoln and Headquarters over the reckless manner displayed by CALLIGERIS in dealing with members of the press. He has issued statements relevantay which are held to be both insecure and unwise, KUBARK representatives in the field have admonished CALLIGERIS about this, but they are not convinced that he will desist.

L. Station SANTA FE is complete and operative. Lincoln has requested authority from Headquarters to activate regular broadcasts from there into Guatemala. Lincoln's theory is that: a) this will complicate Guatemala's DFing program; b) it will improve coverage of the target. It should allow propaganda toerception audience not yet tapped.


JACOB D. ESTERLDJE Att: PP Report of Support forhu.



SUBJECT: PP Support by WH/rW foriit

1. Detailed information and suggested plans, including pegs and special themes, were sent to key WH stations on the following operations:

of Opposition Deputy ARENAS from Guatemala Congressgovernmental "words and deeds".

upon Soviet intentions in Guatemala and theof Guatemala" in the Soviet World Plan.

Rican action against Guatemala before the OAS Councildue to aggressive actions of the Sociertad de Amigos

CASTILLO Flores' plan for mobilizing and arming thethe CGTG.

of Constitutional Liberties in Guatemala.

valuable speculation, quotes and comments from keythe hemisphere regarding therras shipment,

2. As predictedK/fw study, thereeactivation of the semi-dormant Sociedades de Amigos de Guatemala in La Paz, Bolivia; Habana, Cubaj Montevideo, Uruguay; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and Mexico City, Mexico.

reports the QKOPERA Congress as attempting to pass

a unanimous anti-Communist resolution. Jorge MaNACH,intelliectual and pro-Guatemalan speaker at an earlier,meeting of the Cuban Friends of Guatemala, came out atcondemning Communist usurpation of the Socialist goals ofcabled Uruguayan newspapers warn-

ing them of AREVALO's backgroundommunist agitator prior to ARE-VALO's speechontevideo university.

s making initial plansoviet defector toour of Latin American countries under the auspices of the SUMMIT organization. Opposition to Soviet direction of Guatemala's affairs would be emphasized*

that KUGCWN mechanisms have been quiba active

re uuavemala and the suppression of civil liberties have been given headline treatment in all papers for two days.

making arrangements to give maximum possible

coverate to tne jsurfHIT Congress upon the return of that country's Publicity to date has been light. Attempts are being made to arrange an interview between AREVALOontrolled agent during which leading questions will be asked for newspaper exploitation. Posters will also be used to expose AREVALO during his visit to Montevideo.peech at the University was attendedersons andwide play only in the Commie-line El Debate; remainder of press gave bare or no mention to speech. The Leftist weekly Marcha and the Comunist Justicla are the only papers not friendly ton Guatemala. The suspension of civil liberties was front paged in all local newspapers. C pecial biting editorials in El Paid on the Guatemalan situation. At the suggestion of f_ a Manana published an editorial lauding the democratic way Costa nica solved their difficulties with the UFCO, without resorting to Communism. The Costa Rican Ambassador respondedong letter expanding on the same theme which was publishedpecial box on the editorial page.

7- Pending the arrival of full KUGOVN backgroundarranged for editorialization of overt develop-

ments along lines suggested byreports press

coverage on Guatemala continues to be very good.

reports that the SUMMIT Congress was front-paged in Diario de la Marina. The article consisted of statementsILA Sanchez. Twenty thousand reprints of the "pastoral" letter by Archbishop ARRELLAKO of Guatemala are about to be distributed by the Havana branch of AKOURETTE-B.eries of small newspaper advertisements based on "punch lines" lifted from the "pastoral" letter is also being sponsored by that unit.

[that an interview with UR1BE Misas on the results of the SUMMIT Congress with strong anti-Guatemalan statements wasin El Colombiano.

10. reports thatotal ofrticles referring

to Guatemalaio papers studied,ro-Guatemalan articles appeared in the Communist Imprensaro-Guatemalan appeared in papers normally anti-Red, u3 anti-Guatemalan articles with foreign datelines,ditorials are anti-Guatemalan Five of the pro-Cuatemalan articles in papers normally antHted were based on statements of Guatemalanto Argentina and Bolivia. ALLEVIATOR'S daily radio activity continues.


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