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with Henry Cabot Lodge.

view of the continuing adversend In view ofCouncil nesting scheduled for thia afternoon, Iquestion of the advisability of ay calling AmbassadorMr. Barry and with the other members of our PBSUCCESSMr. Bissell. All agreedhould call him priormeeting in order to make two or three points clear to him.

reached, Anbassador Lodge by_ telephonetatement of which the following is the gist! Iwo had, of course, been followingagnifying glassof the situation in Guatemala and that we believedcoverage there was very good. aid that weobservers strategioally situated within thc countryreporting regularly to us and that on tho basis of all ofI felt safe in stating to him that tho claims andthe Guatemalan Government of heavy aerial boabardaent wereaid that we had received absolutely no confirmation

of any bombing andelieved our own reports were substantially borne out by the reports of the Enbassy. aid that, accordingly we concludod that the Guatemalan claims In this regarduggested that If appropriate occasion arose it might bo well to expose thorn. aid that there were considerable evidences of the fact that the Guatemalan Government was deliberately concocting and fabricating evidence of bombing,ave him the details of the burning of the Hendoza house, which was reported by eye-witnesses, including neighbors, to have been done by thepolice.

3* Ambassador lodge said that he had not heard this story and that it was most interesting. However, he said that he had soon one tologrora from the Embassy, of today's or yesterday's date, speakingomb having been dropped upon the military side of the Guatemala City airport. He said that if even one bomb had been dropped, it would probably be wiser for him not to sake an issue of the bombing or lack of bombing; and he further statad that he would hope to be able to pursue the strategy of staying on tho sidelines unless the Guatemalansirect accusation of Unltod States governmental involvement.

Saturday's press, as well as Sunday's, contains for the most part versions of the facts favorable to the position of the Cuatenalan Government.

)i. epliedad no thought to suggest to him what his strategy or tactics should he, but only to provide him with informa-tlon to the effect that up_ to now we had received no reports of any bombings, cither in Guatemala City or, for that mattor, elsewhere in Ouatemala.

5. ext stated that my other point was to call to histhe amount of emphasis being laid by the Guatemalan Governmentand by the entire International Communist propaganda network, upon the invasion aspects of the Guatemalan affair. aid that on the basis of our Information this appeared to be ot the veryurposeful andxaggeration, in view of the fact tbat there has been seething unrest within the country for many months and that this has been rapidly caningead during the past few weeks. Ambassador Lodge expressed interest in this and inquired when the tension had begun to rise to its present pitch,aid that lt had built up most rapidly during tho past month and hadort of climax when the Guatemalan Government had issued its decreeapproximately two weeks agouspendingguaranties, including freedom of the press and freedom of assembly.

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