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Honduran Commlst Aotlvltles


1* Attached isaeaorandun containingnotes regarding Sondurao Cceuranlst aotlTitles, to euppleMnt the date contained In referenced reports.

2. The information in the_*tt ached BecoranduB vaa furnished orally byf F Copies of thehaTe been furnished to tne Lnbaisy and to the Aray Attech*.




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ha expeneea of tha group of hVnduran Communiats who visited Guatemala Cltv in3 ware paid by tha Partido Ouatcmelteoo del Trebejo. While In Gueteoala. the Honduran Coa-aunlcte dlaeuaBed la detail tha situation in Honduras with tha Qua tea* lan Coanuniata who made reaommendLtlons aa to tha ration which should ba takenduras. Tha Honduran Communists neomlsid theaaaa id ant leal with -instructions-. During the wis it of tba aonduran Cosaunleta to Ouatemala, tha need for strikes to obtain bettor conditions for the Honduran workers was dlecueaed. At that time, tha Guatemalan Comamnlati "recommended" local striken to achieve gradually batter working conditions for tha woritore. In April I'M, BlgobartO pact la net In San Salvador with mmabera of thauAtomalteoo dal Trebejoeneral strike of vorkara waa agreed upon.

1. Daring tba early phases of tha strike, the Communists were la ooopleto oontrol. roup of Communists waa In BI Prograao during the early phase of the strike, advising the Cceaninlst-eontrolled Central Strike Committee. Three meeberi of the Partido Onatemalteoo del Trabajo. hex SALAZAR and ttarlo 8ILVA Jonane, Guatemalans and feature UtfOS, Honduran, were elao present la Hiduring tbe early pert of that period. Tbe reel Communist leadera in HI Progreao during that period were Rigoberto PADILLA and Dionialo BUAMaro. ery important Communist influenae la the decisions reached fay the Ceamrtmiets et that time wee /mam ahauelondwraa who had been In exile In Ouatemala for some time and who returned to Honduras under the assumed name of Juan ORDOFtz. All actions of the Coaaranlata, suoh aa8 end Cesar0 tmafia, en the Central Strike Committee, were agreed upon in advance by tbe Communist group Inrogreao. Tbla Communist group held regular Meetings, moat of whioh lasted far Into tha night.

3. During the early phase of the etrlke, tbe Communists in Kl Progreso mere oonvinced that the opportunity bed presented Itself foratabllah'.ngdictatorship in Hondurea. The Coomunlats aerloualy bellered that thie eould be eccompliahed. They expected to receive additional arms from Guatemala, whioh did not arrive, as well aa money which the WFTO promised to send Tie Hexico, which elao did not arrive. When the Communists In BI Progreao learned ofonduran military aaalatanee agreement, they considered that this development negated their possibilities ofo.-aunlst dictatorship at the time.

4. The action by Government authorities at the beginning ofrresting Cesar Augusto GOTO Deafta and other Communlatt completely broke the Communist oontrol of the atrlke. Some of the Honduran communistB In El Prograao went Into hiding while others want to Guatemala.

9. On* of the principal recosnendttions aade by the Ouateaalans to the Honduran Co&auhlsti in Junewee that thetta-pt to gain control of the Partldo Denooritloo Bevolucionario Hondurefto (PDRH) and the PDRH be aadearty "of the working close". Sinoe that tl^e, tha Honduran Comaunlst* have bean very active in the PERK. ouni at fraction of approximately thirty aeabers has been endeavoring to guide the PDRH along tha llnee reoooaended by the Quatea*lan Coaauniste.

6. Ouateaala has been the country to whleh the Honduran Coaaunlets looked for guidance and support. They ere now looking to Hezlae. It isthat most of the Honduran Coaxunlets who war* la exile in Ouateaal* will go to Mexloo. It la also further expected by the Honduran Ccaauolsti that with the defeat of Goaauniaa in Qua teas la, tha International Coaaunlst aovenont will turn its eyas to Honduras which is considered "rip* for Coaaunlst development". Honduran Oosj snmlsts have received word that they say expect th* arrival In August Of Coaaunlsts from Mexico who will give th* Honduran Coaamnlsts further Instructions. It is expected tiat during the next two or three months Honduran Coaaunlst aotlvlty will be negligible, but after that "cooling off period" the CoRauniats will bocoa* very activ* In endeavoring to sake Honduras, ratherateaale, th* Coaaunlst stronghold la Central Aaerlea.

7* Vhil* the nuchar of allltant CoaauMsts In Hor.duras la saall, th* Coasunists realise thatwell militant nincrtty canreat deal by chaaplonlng popular causes. Forha very email Comounist ailltant Minority was able to organise and coaslaaaly oontrol the general strike of workers during the strike's Initial phases.

8. Tbe aost important of tbe Honduran Cowaunlsts war* believed to so located es follows as* i

llgoberto PADII,LA, in hiding, believed to be In El Prograao area, rose PIHKWL Domes, In hiding, fugitive froa Justice, believed to be In BI Progreso area. His wife reportedly Is endeavoring to arrange

for his travel to Mexico.

Uonlslo BEJARANO, last known whereabouts, Guatemala.

'entura RAMOS, laat known whereabouts, Guatemala.

'4$mr Augusto COTO Daana, In prison In Tegucigalpa, charged vlth "rebellion" for his activities in general strike of workers.

lector SE VILLA Chirlnos, last known whereabouts, Guatemala.

uan Hanuel ZUNIGA, last kr.own whereabouts, Guatemala.

ranclsco RIGS, whereabouts not known. Reportedly in hiding. Authorities looking for hlo with warrant for his arrest on charges of "rebellion" for activities in general strike of workers. Last known whereabouts, Tela.

Quatavo AHPARA Sulnaa, In prlioa In Tegucigalpa, charged vlth

"rebellion" Tor bla pertlolpetloc In student deaonstratton

ofunoBodolfoe lis, In prlaoo In Tegucigalpa, oharged with

"rebellion" for his per*lalpetIon in student demonstration of

Oscar KCMCADA, In prison in Teguolgelpa, having been arrested on4 in connection vlth the vtudent deaonstratlon. Tn* Carllstas reportedly are protecting hie: from being oharged vlthnd It Is expected that h* vlll b* reloaaed on ball. Other Cooaunlstsove auspicious of Oscar UOffCAP* becauae of the reported Car*lata lntereit in hlB.

Antonio FA JAMn jail In "uerto Cortes, awaiting trial, for

participation In incidents in Puerto Corta* onntonioast known whereabouts. Guatemala. Raaon ROeA Flgueroa,ast known wheraabouta. Guatemala. LoonTODIO, in Tegucigalpa, repartedly endeavoring to

arrange travel to Mexico. Joe* liarla PALACIOS, who had been residing In La ftsperansa, has

been in hiding in the Teguolgalpa area, and la reportedly

endeavoring to arrange travel to Mexico. Francisco CAKDowT, In Tegucigalpa prlaon. awaiting trial for

in connection with activities in general strike

of workera.

Juan B. CAKalXS, free on bail in Puerto Cortes.

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