Created: 4/6/1955

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U. riafSn GuTnon. Numerous operationsdiscredit Arbenz and hie pro-Coramu-

niet gOTemnent. His departure fron Mexico for Switzerland was strongly exploited throughout "HD and in selected berorean countries. Headquarter* guidance, instructed addroaseo stations to portray his travel as on attesipt to avoid extradition and subsequent ounishmcnt for the atrocities committed by his henchmen and for the theft of public funds. Guatemalan diplomatic rapreseotativet in various countries were inspired to make derogatory statements coincide with his arrival ln Europe; press articles speculated that ho wss eoroute to an Iron Curtain refuge| other inspired articles, leaf!eto, and posters portrayed binraitor and fugitive vho had doserted his Communist comradee in Mexico.

15. Other Que tao al an Exiles. (Pars, lb. In original draft) changeAdd the following to frlglnal droit.). The travel of Carlos Manuel Pellecer and Hicsrdo Rewires de loon from Argentina to Czechoslovakia was exploited in several keycountries by means of press articles and leaflets. Selected stations were instructed to ploy up their travel as indisputable evidenceink between tho Arbenx regime and theconspiracy. Tha stationsalso asked to propagate the idea that these criminals should bs denied reentry into the Western Hemisphere be-cause they would (after training behind the curtain) engage in renewed subversive activity and promote internal strife in the area. (Paran original draft is adequately covered in naras. Lbbovo, and should be deleted)


6 April0

DCWH, confer ring just now witha ays by all moans you

shouldboos thing along tho lines maicexou unaer pars.fpril DRAFT, and by all means inolude sonethlng about attempts to ha rape ARBKHZ*

If you want to Incorporate it into para Id, or tomething14, uggest you work it all out withand/or the

Meal Desk.

probably be ln charge when tho final draft ie typed

up. now anything about sTB/lfasloo operations during the Rosenberg trial nor about haroeaaent-cf-Arbens operations, eoe left out of further work on paras.

Suggest you make your draft double-spaoe, DATEPRIL, and

retain the paragraph numberso the typists oan find their

way around.

. C 1



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