Created: 11/4/1955

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*ho foilo-rfln, j be uso.ul Li connection with Ihe, pmp aro Lioneply lo Mr. Bolln the *uDjeCt of Gustcsialen axllest

Wn/*r* objective* vith respect to jurt exllee in Herlco (and olsevnore) heve been to disrupt their plana and activities, discredit thaa ln tbe eyes of the people of thenations, lanoblilse than and render their action* Ineffective (reforenceiC

Inatroctiooe to Interestedot loop have cautioned then tc avoid actions thst eight create gratuitous publicity snd public pyapathy for tbe exlleo or csst then io tbe role of aartyrt (refertmeeif >

3* ull-scale campaign against th* exUes in Mexico at thia tine la deaaed unwiss for tha following reasons:

Curreot operations to contain tho exiles and render than Ineffective are sufficient to cope elth the situation except se noted ln oarsgrooh h, belov.

b. As long aa we can contain than in Mexico, there Is no apparent advantage in hounding then to another havan where thay night ootaln creator iecurlty and becomedangerous.

c Intensive attacks against the exiles In Mexico would alnoet certainly result in the formation o: cooauniet-sponsoredcoamltUes, aubllc protests, losonstraticns,hroughout Latin America, calling for an end to "Tankee persecution,1 The not resultsbo to strengthen rather than weaken tho exiles.

d. When the highly eaotlonal aod historical question of esylua ls Involved* the exlleo will alwaysertain snount of public syapsthy even though It seams quite apparent that they are guilty as charged. For thla reason, intensifiede wouldoint of diminishing returns in short order. Contaln-aont is agoal in this situation.

reeoonsee to Intensified attacksleed to another full-scale, area-wideths anti-cceaiunist revolutionUof ooamuaist propsgande tbat ltby. Tbo leas said the better.

Black* operations In Quateaala, particularlysuggested by Mr. Holland, would be Thestemalanfor exsnplc, be Incited to bloodyactions that would provide hostilewith harmful

lu Ihe question of defections should be carefully studied aloes it eees* to have both PI and pp potential. Proa the latter point of view, defectors in piece oould disrupt snd confuse the exile aovamenti actual defectors oould write authoritative exposes designed to discredit the former arbena government, oooflra ooemunlEt aechlnetiona and strocltlee, reveal coonplans snd thereby disrupt Implementation, and otherwise publicise derogatory aspects of the exile aovaaent.

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