Created: 11/2/1955

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^Gelbinast Gernan Engineer


fim) Celbin,;

(probably identical with subject of reference) Ss employed ss an engineer at the beona-erke Mai bar Ulbricht" in the Ceinan Democratic Republic. Hisivity in the Organic Departnent under tho personaloffDrjAplauhut, Is of editor ieportance. It is evident that he *oold like lo Decooe active in the more inpo riant experimental and research projects and, because of his cotpetence and good moral character, will' probably be assigned to the Research Division in the near future. ' ;

political activity is quite limited; he docs, however, "givelectures on life inhe naio'these is that in Americanot speak his aund freely and, therefore, contends that in thehis personal freedon was restricted. However, in deepesthas admitted that Coavinist theory ia quite different froa actual At least in the runner it nanlfests itself in the GerrwanHepublic. He Isitiien of that country and isas stateless. He is known lo havetaber of theParty and Is regarded by hisrkers as anan American, he neverthelessery goodititen of ther^cratic Republic. He has

non beer, provided with very good living quarters and scess to be enjoying the role of expectant father.

at thahin rith the It is not clear uhether he is supposed to have beenwith tho Rosenbergs orit was throogh hisparents are not of Geroan background but slea from either Poland

h. Gelbin brought nueh valuable unclassified technical literature with hla and is, therefore, very popular cilh Leunauerke researchers who are in great need of up-to-date technical literature.

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OelMnLitUll, dnhri bUdc hair, bran riaoslexperienced technician, MUttl.


of actual plant production

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