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SunJET; Progrees Report en th* Tnplortstlnnf the Boport to tho President by tho Preoldent's Board of Consultants oo Foreign Intelligence Activitiee

1. Tho President, after coualderatlon of tbeeonnen thereon, hae directed action aa Indicated belov, of the following aendatlon of the Preoldent'* Board of Coooultents on Poredan Intelligence Activities:


give proper high level direction to the Ccramunicotion Intelligence Activities and to insure that their tremendous capabilities can be exploited to the fulleat, we believe that they ahould have the directingle Assistant Secretary of Defense. Ve therefore suggest that one be designated for that purpose."

"Refer to the Secretary of Defenae aa Executive Agent and tbe Director of Central Intelligence, as Chairmen, UBCTB,LD 5o.or study and report thereon to the President!"*

approving the above action the President has directedeport thereon be subnitted to bin aa soon aa practicable and prior to taking final action.

he above natter baa been discussed on several oceaalone with Reuben B. Boberteon,eputy Socretary of Defense,avehie letter to the President on this subject, dated

3* n ln complete agreement with the emphasis placed by tho President's Board on tbe importance of the CCaOST effort end tho urgency of Insuring that lta tremendous capabUltlee be exploited to tho fulleart.


*. Th* ultlamtafortM. must be yle-ced upon th* amoagaaaot of to* latlooal Beimlty Agency it.*', f. Tt- Department of Dafeos* aa Sxeeutive Agent and QBCXB with ita charter to t'.ra poller direct!re., each ln their reapectlTehould play an important supporting role. Th* crux of tha matter la toba management and per* ecu el of the lational Security Agency at the big)possible level of efficiency. Tbe national security Agency must Include on Its ataff personaigh degree of Ingenuity and sopMstieation ln this rltal field, where aa modern techniques are developed, the attackending to become lea. effective than thef defense.

5> Th* recent step that has been taken pursuant to theof the Brovnell Committee (datedn providing acivilian Deputy to the competent military officer who ishaa helped to meet the problem raised in Recommendation Bo.the President's Board of Consultant.. TM. Deputy Director ln

opinion isaliber and competence coop arable to that vMch one vould be likely to find ln an Assistant Secretary of Defense.

6. The question as to the manner In which the Department ofout Its mandate for executive direction of tbe Batlocalisnatter for comment and recommendation by that De-

partment. The undersigned as Chairman of LECIB, however, haa advised Deputy Secretary Robertson, ln reply to hi. inquiry, of M. generalwith the expression of views in the letter ofthe Board',a to the dealgnatlon of an Aa.latent Secretary of Defense for CCMUR matters.

7- Tho Deputy Secretary's letter ofeccesnenda-tlon with respect to the representation on the Intelligence Advisory Coaoittee of tho Assistant to the Secretary of Defense (Specialho in the past haa been the advisor to the Secretary and the Deputy Secretary In matters relating to CCaftST. TM. officerull memberIB and hence partlcipatea in any policy decision QBCIB reaches vlth respectv activities. TM. Is of course wholly appropriate and should be continued. The question of tM. officer's representation on be Intelligence Advisory Committee raises certain Issues not directly germane to the Board's Recommendation Bo. 7- ena* lataMlabaent la already represented on the Intelligence Advisory Committee by th* senior Amy, aavy, and Air fore* Intelligence officers andettlor officer of th* Joint Chlefa of Staff. All the foregoing have intelligence ataff orgaMsations and all of than with th* exception of the intelligence officer of th* Joint Chief, of Staff have Important intelligence collection



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