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BOCK I.Draft Outline)

ior.-lncvltnbUlty of Cosnn^fj

he Cooaunlst aatf ii in profound crlaia In tho USSR and Rt! htr*. In both power can tore coaramlra la visibly falling aa aa moo 'trloe, deep ita Chava sonant of human and material capita . It la alio failing Inwardly aapollUcal faith, aod nose ccr. aplcuously In tba DStt and olsswfaara ln tba Eastern European aatolllta oyston. Its grip on tha incallactuals and Managerialba truei 1 ad "Trvtchildrw ef ths Ksxxdat-Leninists loosonld struggle La thereforeew phase. Walls tbead hins continue to press the cold war ln Africa, Asia and Latin Acnrlca, tba case faraw Is (altering at tha Bad Roans.

ha chapter will take up ulna major eleamtai

Intend to openescription and analysis of

Xhrusti cv'fl :ws ?pesch This vas tha speech, soon dlscLosad

Co tbaii -vorld, ia which Khrushchev ravnalad tha scope snd

depth b& tba Stalinist Terror andeturnha pr -led effect of tha disclosure was to uncork thebottla.

reactlona to the disclosure, hock chat want

throuEh tho coeraunlat world. Togliattl In Italy calledLeninist interpretation" of tba proposed da-ftallnlsatloo program. Hao proodsed

thatundred wmi" would Haa.

tend Inroy and tba eaeporate and snMatarlly successful af twyt

to rocorlc tbo bottle.

*. Tly? AeepCTlna ecoooiaic crisis, flrat Lb Had Chin* and Chan ft "^. rief analysis of tbe atate of things in Russia end, an' tlwi apparent reesoa for tbespecial It lo <

3. llwypPT-iluenory of various reporta on tbatnd of the Soviet Intelligentsia.

Thoconomic madn tbo satellites.

Tito internal fltrug?ls over how tbe erlaia te to ba auund. In the irusbchov'e isolation of the Stalinists (the "Anti-Party"

- people*' Th* fintoot Xn Red Chios. Tbe Slno-Soviet split.

fl. "V- lOtr-inhchcv cannot ran tbe cork beck lata tbe bottle. Thethis eriela aad the earlier ooea whichn controlled by mans ourdars, by tba arrest or deportetloD of all lions, by wallff Clio Soviet people froa tbe world end from one another.

9. he new firuatjop. wana for the tfen. Slaca icrosorve the last cbeptsr of tba bookiscussion

Of tilt lines of action which the Heat might. In our Judgment, aost ly pu=GoB, wa shallhere only that tba etruggle haa tokennudi HWfl favor*bla turn than aeened likoly after tboputa!! . Qv-ti likely, la the Cfaurrhlllssa tame, tba and ef tbe beginning of that strugglen slant. Ibe dochrust Is ebbing; the ease for world' rrrmuli directed froa the Soviet IMlon haaxpoeed aa fraudulent. DsvortbeLsos, greet powerdaoaeroualy

inds of dictators. Heretoforehave visualised tha atruaals In ai Sons thought It would provide, tho equivalenthmlears Wax. The evidence oov is that the eltnax nay cods In che near future.


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