Cash for Clunkers transactions of CORLEY DODGE, LLC

Jeep Compass 2WD

Dealer address:
1000 HWY 491
Gallup, NM 873015834
phone: 8636823

New carOld car
ModelJeep Compass 2WD Jeep Cherokee 2WD
Drive train and engine2.4L, 4 cyl, Manual 5-spd, FWD, Regular 4.0L, 6 cyl, Manual 5-spd, RWD, (FFS), Regular
Price$22,035 $4,500
Model year2008 1990
Combined fuel economy25 mpg 18 mpg
VIN1J8FT57W48D 1J4FJ38L6LL102097
Odometer reading------- 243834
Vehicle categoryCategory 1 Truck Category 1 Truck
Transaction date: Jul. 29, 2009
Disposal status: CRUSH / SHRED FACILITY
Disposal facility contact information: Ron Bourdage 505-870-8770
Sales type: PURCHASED