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Players fielding stats for: American League in year: 1988

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Players fielding stats
Armas Tony11318250104211062
Bichette Dante213078688420
Boone Bob1211112784506668913960403
Bosley Thad26381084112040
Brown Mike182676066440
Buckner Bill11031101
Buice De Wayne3201244600
Clark Terry151528281300
Cliburn Stew40125261202
Cook Mike30110000
Corbett Sherman3401371710
Davis Chili154308810060221382
Davis Doug3396611000110
Dimichele Frank40140000
Dorsett Brian73991930131220
Downing Brian132
Eppard Jim173377797432
Finley Chuck313158352411
Fraser Willie3432584212033
Harvey Bryan5002284210
Hendrick George243911721719610
Howell Jack1521423805982491719
Joyner Wally156148403113691438148
Krawczyk Ray141732600
Lazorko Jack1031132700
Lovelace Vance3040000
Lugo Urbano1060000
McCaskill Kirk2323439121832
McLemore Mark63521500108178653
Miller Darrell53401237240185181826130
Minton Greg440237111503
Monteleone Rich30130100
Moore Donnie270993400
Noboa Junior9616582417
Petry Dan2222419202502
Polidor Gus2520612315419
Ramos Domingo831042800
Ray Johnny10418447063443282564
Redfield Joe11240101
Schofield Dick155154405527849213125
Walker Chico1724827592141
White Devon116220586672314184
Witt Mike3434749193222
Wynegar Butch261543494821110980
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CSCaught Stealing
DPDouble Plays
GSGames Started
IOTime played in the field expressed as outs
PBPassed Balls
SBStolen Bases
WPWild Pitches

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