Tyranny Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Tyranny

  1. Big Brother omnipresent leader of a totalitarian nightmare world. [Br. Lit.: 1984]
  2. Creon rules Thebes with cruel decrees. [Gk. Lit.: Antigone]
  3. Gessler Austrian governor treats Swiss despotically; shot by Tell. [Ital. Opera: Rossini, William Tell, Westerman, 121–122]
  4. Jones, Brutus former porter sets himself up as dictator of a West Indies island and rules the natives with an iron hand. [Am. Drama: O’Neill Emperor Jones]
  5. Necho, Pharaoh oppresses Jerusalem by exaction of harsh taxes. [O. T.: II Kings 23: 33–35]
  6. pig mean, sadistic tyrant; epitome of human horridness. [Br. Lit.: Animal Farm]
  7. Queen of Hearts dictatorial ruler who orders subjects’ heads chopped off. [Br. Lit.: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland]
  8. Rehoboam bitterly repressed his people. [O. T.: I Kings 12:12-16]
  9. salamander Francis I’s symbol of absolute dictatorial power. [Animal Symbolism: Mercatante, 19]