Twins (See also Doubles.) Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Twins (See also Doubles.)

  1. Alcmena’s sons born in single delivery but conceived by two men. [Rom. Lit.: Amphitryon]
  2. Antipholus identically named sons of Aegeon and Emilia. [Br. Lit.: Comedy of Errors]
  3. Apollo and Artemis twin brother and sister; children of Leta and Zeus. [Gk. Myth.: NCE, 125–126]
  4. Bobbsey Twins two sets of twins share adventures. [Children’s Lit.: Bobbsey Twins’ Mystery at Meadowbrook]
  5. Castor and Pollux sons of Leda and Zeus, placed in heaven as constellation Gemini. [Gk. Myth.: Zimmerman, 52]
  6. Comedy of Errors based on Plautus’s Menaechmi, with two sets of twins. [Br. Lit.: Comedy of Errors]
  7. de Franchi, Lucien and Louis one twin instinctively feels what happens to other. [Fr. Lit.: The Corsican Brothers]
  8. Dioscuri (Castor and Pollux) Spartan brothers. [Gk. Myth.: Avery, 408; Leach, 314]
  9. Donny, the Misses twin principals of Greenleaf boarding school. [Br. Lit.: Bleak House]
  10. Dromio Dromio of Ephesus; Dromio of Syracuse. [Br. Lit.: Comedy of Errors]
  11. Gemini (Castor and Pollux) zodiacal twins; [Gk. Myth.: NCE, 1056]
  12. Katzenjammer Kids early comic strip featured incorrigible twins. [Comics: “The Captain and the Kids” in Horn, 421]
  13. Man in the Iron Mask Bastille prisoner learns that he is the twin brother of Louis XIV; conspirators planned to substitute him for the king. [Fr. Lit.: Dumas Vicomte de Bragellonne in Magill I, 1063]
  14. Menaechmi comedy, by Plautus, about mistakes involving identical twins. [Rom. Lit.: Menaechmi]
  15. Mike and Ike short lookalike twins with derbies. [Comics: Horn, 492]
  16. Perez and Zerah born to Tamar; conceived by father-in-law, Judah. [O.T.: Genesis 38:29–30]
  17. Romulus and Remus suckled by she-wolf; founded Rome. [Rom. Myth.: Wheeler, 320]
  18. Siamese twins Eng and Chang (1814–74), the original pair, were connected at the chest. [Medical Hist.: Brewer Dictionary, 828]
  19. Tweedledum and Tweedledee identical characters in children’s fantasy. [Br. Lit.: Through the Looking-Glass]
  20. two circles symbol of twins; in particular, Castor and Pollux [Gk. Myth.: Jobes, 343]