Sword Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Sword

  1. Almace sabre of Turpin. [Fr. Lit.: The Song of Roland]
  2. Angurvadel of Frithjof; blazed in war, gleamed dimly in peace. [Norse Myth.: LLEI, I: 323]
  3. Balisarda made by sorceress for killing Orlando. [Ital. Lit.: Orlando Furioso, Benét, 75]
  4. Balmung mighty sword belonging to Siegfried. [Ger. Lit.: Nibelungenlied]
  5. Barbamouche Climborin’s sabre. [Fr. Lit.: The Song of Roland]
  6. Colada El Cid’s two-hilted, solid gold sword. [Span. Lit.: Song of the Cid]
  7. Damocles, sword of sword hung by a single hair over his head. [Rom. Lit.: Brewer Handbook, 257]
  8. Durindana (Durendal) Orlando’s unbreakable sword. [Ital. Lit.: Morgante Maggiore, Brewer Handbook, 309]
  9. Excalibur Arthur’s enchanted sword; extracting it from stone won him crown. [Br. Lit.: Le Morte d’Arthur]
  10. Fragarach the “Answerer”; Lug’s mighty blade could pierce any armor. [Irish Myth.: Leach, 415]
  11. Gram belonged to Sigmund; broken by Odin. [Norse Lit.: Volsung Saga]
  12. Gramimond Valdabrun’s sabre. [Fr. Lit.: The Song of Roland]
  13. Hauteclaire Oliver’s trusty sabre. [Fr. Lit.: The Song of Roland]
  14. Joyeuse Charlemagne’s sword; buried with him. [Fr. Lit.: Brewer Dictionary, 594]
  15. Marmorie Grandoyne’s sabre. [Fr. Lit.: The Song of Roland]
  16. Merveilleuse Doolin of Mayence’s remarkably sharp sword. [Fr. Lit.: Wheeler, 241]
  17. Mimung magic sword lent by Wittich to Siegfried. [Norse. Myth.: Wheeler, 244]
  18. Mordure Arthur’s all-powerful sword, made by Merlin. [Br. Lit.: Faerie Queene]
  19. Morglay Bevis’s sword. [Br. Lit.: Bevis of Hampton]
  20. Murgleys Ganelon’s sabre. [Fr. Lit.: The Song of Roland]
  21. Notung Sigmund’s promised sword, found in ash tree; later, Siegfried’s. [Ger. Opera: Wagner, Valkyrie, Westerman, 236]
  22. Precieuse sabre of the pagan, Baligant. [Fr. Lit.: The Song of Roland]
  23. Rosse Alberich’s gift to Otwit; frighteningly fine-edged. [Norse Myth.: Brewer Dictionary, 936]
  24. Sanglamore Braggadocio’s big, bloody glaive. [Br. Lit.: Faerie Queene]
  25. Sautuerdu Malquiant’s sabre. [Fr. Lit.: The Song of Roland]
  26. Sword of Justice held by the personification of Justice. [Rom. Trad.: Jobes II, 898]
  27. Tizona dazzling, golden-hilted sword of the Cid. [Span. Lit.: Song of the Cid]
  28. Zulfagar sword of Ali, Muhammad’s son. [Islamic Legend: Brewer Handbook, 1066]

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