Flattery Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Flattery

  1. Adams, Jack toady to his employer. [Br. Lit.: Dombey and Son]
  2. Amaziah fawningly complains of Amos to King Jeroboam. [O.T.: Amos 7:10]
  3. bolton one who flatters by pretending humility. [Br. Hist.: Espy, 343]
  4. Chanticleer cajoled by fox into singing; thus captured. [Br. Lit.: Canterbury Tales, “Nun’s Priest’s Tale”]
  5. Clumsy, Sir Tunbelly toadies towards aristocracy. [Br. Lit.: The Relapse, Walsh Modern, 102]
  6. Collins, Mr. priggish, servile clergyman; toady to the great. [Br. Lit.: Pride and Prejudice]
  7. Damocles for his sycophancy to Dionysus, seated under sword at banquet. [Gk. Myth.: LLEI, I: 278]
  8. Mutual Admiration Society circle of mutual patters on the backs. [Br. Hist.: Wheeler, 254]
  9. oreo cookie; pejoratively refers to obsequious Black with white aspirations. [Am. Culture: Flexner, 49]
  10. Ruach island of people sustained by insincere praise. [Fr. Lit.: Pantagruel]
  11. Tom, Uncle Stowe character came to signify subservient Black. [Am. Lit.: Uncle Tom’s Cabin]
  12. Wren, Jenny wooed by Robin Redbreast with enticing presents. [Nurs. Rhyme: Mother Goose, 23]