Shrewishness (See also Irascibility.) Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Shrewishness (See also Irascibility.)

  1. Caudle, Mrs. Margaret nagging, complaining wife. [Br. Lit.: The Curtain Lectures, Walsh Modem, 90]
  2. Dollallolla, Queen even King Arthur feared his uxorial virago. [Br. Lit: Tom Thumb the Great]
  3. farmer’s wife makes hell too hot even for the devil, who sends her back home. [Am. Balladry: “The Devil and the Farmer’s Wife”]
  4. Frome, Zenobia (Zeena) Ethan Frome’s hypochondriacal, nag ging, belittling wife. [Am. Lit.: Ethan Frome]
  5. Galatea 19th-century version: nags Pygmalion. [Aust. Operetta: von Suppé, Beautiful Galatea, Westerman, 285]
  6. Gargery, Mrs. vixenish wife; keeps husband in thrall. [Br. Lit.: Great Expectations]
  7. Katherine “intolerably curst and shrewd and froward.” [Br. Lit.: The Taming of the Shrew]
  8. Lisa, Dame Jurgen’s petulant wife taken from him in gratitude by the Prince of Darkness. [Am. Lit.: Jurgen in Magill I, 464]
  9. MacStinger, Mrs. widow; miserable to everyone. [Br. Lit.: Dombey and Son]
  10. Momus personification of censoriousness, constantly carping, grumbling, and finding fault. [Gk. Myth.: EB (1963) XV, 685]
  11. Peninnah continually harassed co-wife Hannah about her barrenness. [O. T.: I Samuel 1:6]
  12. Proudie, Mrs. aggressive, domineering wife of Bishop Proudie. [Br. Lit.: Trollope Barchester Towers in Magill I, 55]
  13. Sofronia Norina, disguised for mock marriage, pretends to be virago. [Ital. Opera: Donizetti, Don Pasquale, Westerman, 123–124]
  14. Tabitha Mr. Bramble’s virago sister; bent on matrimony. [Br. Lit.: Humphry Clinker]
  15. Termagant tumultuous Muslim deity (male); today, a virago. [Medieval Lit.: Espy, 125]
  16. Xanthippe Socrates’ peevish, quarrelsome wife. [Gk. Hist.: Espy, 114]

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