Sexuality Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Sexuality

  1. Flowers of Evil, The thoroughly explore the possibilities of vice, depravity, and sin. [Fr. Poetry: Baudelaire The Flowers of Evil in Magill III, 399]
  2. Hite Report surveys men’s sexual habits and performance. [Amer. Pop. Cult.: Misc.]
  3. Ideal Marriage Van de Velde study of the physiology and technique of marital sex. [Pop. Cult.: Misc.]
  4. Joy of Sex, The popular 20th-century sex manual. [Misc.: Dr. Alex Comfort The Joy of Sex in Weiss, 239]
  5. Kinsey reports pioneer explorations of sexual behavior based on interviews with 100,000 men and women. [Pop. Cult.: Misc.]
  6. Masters and Johnson published a study of sexual performance under laboratory conditions. [Sexology: Masters and Johnson Human Sexual Response in Weiss, 214]
  7. Morel, Paul his Oedipus complex makes erotic fulfillment impossible. [Br. Lit.: D. H. Lawrence Sons and Lovers in Magill I, 913]
  8. Psychology of Sex, The seven-volume Ellis work revolutionized attitudes toward sex and sexual problems. [Pop. Cult.: Misc.]