Sex Symbols (See Beauty, Sensual; Buxomness.) Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Sex Symbols (See Beauty, Sensual; Buxomness.)

  1. Conrad dazzling, sexually irresistible pirate, typical Byronic hero. [Br. Lit.: Byron The Corsair in Benét, 226]
  2. Lace, Miss 1940s armed forces’ pin-up girl from comic strip. [Comics: “Male Call” in Horn, 475]
  3. Petty girl airbrushed beauty, scantily clad in Esquire’s pages. [Am. Lit.: Misc.]
  4. “10” fantasy of the ideal female sex object. [Am. Cinema: “10”]
  5. Vargas girl originally appeared in Esquire, later in Playboy; created by Alberto Vargas. [Am. Art: Vargas]