Naïveté (See also Inexperience, Innocence.) Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Naïveté (See also Inexperience, Innocence.)

  1. Agnes young girl, affects to be simple and ingenuous. [Fr. Lit.: L’Ecole des Femmes]
  2. babes in the woods applied to easily deceived or naive persons. [Folklore: Jobes, 169]
  3. beardlessness traditional representation of innocence and inexperience. [Western Folklore: Jobes, 190]
  4. Carlisle, Lady Mary couldn’t determine true nobility. [Am. Lit.: Monsieur Beaucaire, Magill I, 616–617]
  5. Curlylocks nursery rhyme heroine exemplifies innocence. [Folk-lore: Jobes, 398]
  6. Do-Right, Dudley Canadian mountie do-gooder. [TV: “The Dudley Do-Right Show” in Terrace, I, 229–230]
  7. Dondi foster child; confronts world with wide-eyed innocence. [Comics: Horn, 217–218]
  8. Errol, Cedric seven-year-old believes the best of everyone. [Am. Lit.: Little Lord Fauntleroy]
  9. Evelina 17-year-old ingenuously circulates through fashionable London. [Br. Lit.: Evelina]
  10. Georgette Ted Baxter’s pretty, ignorant wife. [TV: “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” in Terrace, II, 70–71]
  11. Little Nell meek little girl reared by grandfather. [Br. Lit.: The Old Curiosity Shop]
  12. Miller, Daisy innocent and ignorant American girl put in compromising European situations. [Am. Lit.: Daisy Miller]
  13. Miranda innocent and noble-minded daughter of Prospero. [Br. Lit.: The Tempest]
  14. Myshkin, Prince loved for his innocence and frankness, lack of sophistication, and kind heart. [Russ. Lit.: Dostoevsky The Idiot]
  15. Schlemihl, Peter archetypal innocent; sold soul to devil. [Ger. Lit.: Peter Schlemihl; Fr. Opera: Westerman, Tales of Hoffman, 274–277]
  16. Shosha narrator’s mentally backward and utterly artless wife. [Am. Lit.: Shosha]
  17. Tessa childlike young woman who thinks herself wedded to Tito and obeys his command to tell nobody of their supposed marriage. [Br. Lit.: George Eliot Romola]
  18. Topsy young slave girl; completely naive. [Am. Lit.: Uncle Tom’s Cabin]
  19. white lilac flowers indicative of naivete, callowness. [Flower Symbolism: Flora Symbolica, 175]